Mae Busch

Mae Busch, Actress: Sons of the Desert. Mae Busch can certainly claim career versatility, having successfully played Erich von Stroheim's mistress, Lon Chaney's girlfriend, Charley Chase's sister, James Finlayson's ex-wife and Oliver Hardy's wife! She was born in Melbourne, Australia, in 1891; her parents were in the theater and when she was 6 years old the family moved to the United States arriving in San Francisco in 1897 before ...

Sons of the Desert (1933) Poster

Sons of the Desert (1933)

Sons of the Desert (1933) 1080p Poster

Sons of the Desert (1933) 1080p

Their First Mistake (1932) 1080p Poster

Their First Mistake (1932) 1080p

Their First Mistake (1932) Poster

Their First Mistake (1932)

Chickens Come Home (1931) 1080p Poster

Chickens Come Home (1931) 1080p

Chickens Come Home (1931) Poster

Chickens Come Home (1931)

Come Clean (1931) 1080p Poster

Come Clean (1931) 1080p

Come Clean (1931) Poster

Come Clean (1931)

Foolish Wives (1922) 1080p Poster

Foolish Wives (1922) 1080p

Foolish Wives (1922) Poster

Foolish Wives (1922)