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13 Beloved (2006)

After losing his job, his car and his money, Phuchit,

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  • Genre: Comedy | Crime
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The Synopsis for 13 Beloved (2006) 720p

Pusit is having the worst day of his life. He just lost his job and is in serious debt. That is all about to change when he receives a mysterious phone call with a tempting offer. If he could complete 13 tasks, he will win 100 million Baht. Pusit agrees and the game begins.

The Director and Players for 13 Beloved (2006) 720p

[Director]Chookiat Sakveerakul
[Role:]Sarunyu Wongkrachang
[Role:]Achita Sikamana
[Role:]Krissada Sukosol

The Reviews for 13 Beloved (2006) 720p

InterestingReviewed byTdSmth5Vote: 8/10

A surprisingly excellent production from Thailand. This movie tells the story of a loser/loner who just got fired, had his car repossessed, is in credit card debt, and has an overbearing mother who needs money and suddenly gets a call inviting him to play in a game that could make him rich. The game consists of 13 challenges, the completion of each entails a money transfer into his bank. If he completes the final challenge he would get a very large sum of money. But he has to complete all challenges and not try to find out who is behind the game.

The challenges range from mild to disgusting to violent. While initially the movie doesn't seem to fit into the "Dimensions Extreme" line because for a good while it lacks gore, nudity, violence that are required for a good horror movie, this one is a little more psychological and a lot more story-based. Also at some point you start wondering what the point of all this is and then the movies gives a hint, a glimpse into out character's childhood that will be important for the end of the movie. Speaking of the end, it has a couple of surprise twists and explanations. The man's childhood and family will be key and are related to the final challenge. In addition there is some sort of revealing of who's behind all this that isn't entirely satisfying, but the point here is to get the audience to imagine...what if...and what our price would be, if it is true that we all have a price and also how far we would go for money.

The movie succeeds in creating a very likable character that you root for. There's an obligatory female who falls for him and tries to help him, rescue him. And you will also dislike the cruel villains in the shadows. The movie, however, is not a noir film despite the hopelessness of the situations. In fact, there's a good dose of humor here and there in terms of how other characters react to what is going on and how our friend deals with the crazy things he's asked to do. This movie looks very good. Unlike American movies that rely too much on artificial colored lighting and effects like grainy looks or discolored film or disco-type lights, this one looks bright, crisp, and naturally lit. It also sounds good and has good subtitles. Recommended as a different type of horror/ psychological thriller that is effective and funny and makes you think.

Saw meets Eagle Eye meets Fear Factor, Excellent Result!Reviewed byNitzan HavocVote: 8/10

This has been the first Thai production I've ever had the pleasure of watching, and I'm still somewhat in awe. I usually have a difficult time connecting to foreign films, which is a serious problem for a Horror fan (as some of the best horror films come from Japan, and some of the sickest from France). For instance, during the film I found myself laughing embarrassingly from time to time because of the way the Thai women sounded when they spoke. However, much to my surprise, 13 Game of Death turned out to be a real hidden treasure, a diamond in the rough.

As an audience, I found myself rooting for the hero from the start. Poor working-class fella, trying his best to make a living while financially supporting his mother and sister, had just been dumped by his successful singer of a girlfriend, and lost his job. Some fine script-writing and editing made sure his despair and anguish were visible and relatable. Then - a mysterious phone call changes everything.

What I found the most impressive about the story was the variety of the missions the hero was given. They were spread all around the ethic spectrum, and challenged different parts of his humanity each time. Yet, regardless to the morality (or lack thereof) of the missions, I found myself completely supporting the poor hero, hoping he'd succeed, and excited whenever he did, as if it were my bank account growing with each mission.

The ending was a little disappointing, a little depressing, and a little anti-climatic in my opinion, but I only say this because I couldn't help comparing this movie to the Saw series, which in my book was the best horror anthology ever.

All in all, this film had been a perfectly balanced combination of Saw, Eagle Eye and Fear Factor, and was one of the best thrillers I've ever seen. Very highly recommended!!!

Good Idea, Bad MovieReviewed byprincebansal1982Vote: 3/10

This movie has a very good idea. A normal man who is desperately in need of money is given a chance to earn a huge amount if he goes through a series of increasingly difficult challenges. But the movie is let down by inconsistencies and plot holes and bad execution.

Inconsistencies are everywhere.The main protagonist is given the task to make three kids cry. He does so by taking a toy from a child. There are two female teachers present there. On witnessing the incident, they chase after him and then tell a guard to chase after him. Then they go to a police station to file a complaint and behave in a hysterical way. They demand a gun so that they can shoot the guy. Seriously ! all because the guy took a toy from a kid. The madness doesn't ends here. Apparently the Thai police think that since the guy has punched a colleague after he was fired and then beat up a beggar, he is some sort of huge threat. So they announce it on T.V. Wow, if that is realistic, then Thailand must have no crime to warrant a reaction like this.

As I wrote earlier it has a good idea but the execution makes the whole thing unbelievable and contrived. You are acutely aware that you are watching a movie. And some minor actors do a bad job which doesn't help matters either.

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