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61* (2001)

61* is a TV movie starring Barry Pepper, Thomas Jane, and Anthony Michael Hall. Roger Maris and Mickey Mantle race to break Babe Ruth's single-season home run record.

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The Synopsis for 61* (2001) 720p

Aiming for one of the most famed records in sports history, a pair of very different baseball players hit home runs at an impressive rate. , a reserved sort, is much less popular than his hard-partying New York Yankee teammate , the player who many observers think will be the one to challenge 's record of 60 home runs in one season. But in the summer of 1961, Maris surges ahead of Mantle, making a run at Ruth's mark.

The Director and Players for 61* (2001) 720p

[Role:]Barry Pepper
[Role:]Anthony Michael Hall
[Role:]Richard Masur
[Role:]Thomas Jane
[Role:Director]Billy Crystal

The Reviews for 61* (2001) 720p

Humanizing the great race...and making it one of the great baseball movies.Reviewed byplanktonrulesVote: 9/10

I am not a fan of most pro sports. So, the fact that I loved this movie so much says a lot about it. The film was very lovingly and sentimentally made...and, believe it or not, it was directed masterfully...by Billy Crystal of all people!

"61*" is a film about the famous 1961 season in which Roger Maris and Mickey Mantle (both of the Yankees) made an attempt to break Babe Ruth's record for most home runs in a season.

While this could have come off as just another sports film, it excelled for many reasons. First, it humanized the players and really emphasized the pressure on Roger Maris...much of it due to the ugliness of the Yankee fans. You really couldn't watch the film without your heart breaking for the guy. Second, all the details looked great...the uniforms, the color and, especially, the casting of guys who actually looked like the actual ballplayers. In particular, Barry Pepper looked like a clone of Maris...and Thomas Jane really was nearly a dead ringer for Mantle. Overall, an exciting and lovingly made tribute...one not to be missed by ball fans.

Fantastic, especially for Yankee fansReviewed byQuinoa1984Vote: 7/10

61* is a movie both powerful and memorable, and while sometimes a little melodrama might get in the way in spots, through and through, 61* is an entertaining tale of Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris and they're race to see who would score the most amount of homeruns in the early 60's. However, the film contains more, including showing what the two giants of baseball were like off the field, and how they're celebrity effected them (for Maris it was scary, but Mantle knew how to handle it).

Huge Kudos to Crystal for his first soley directed drama and also kudos to Pepper and Jane who so acurately and awesomely portray the two leads it's excellent. Note- Yankee fans will most likely find a lot more in-jokes (Phil Rizzutto and Mel Allen as the announcer's and Ruth's ex-wife for example), but it is still watchable and reccomended for anybody looking for good movie-making. A-

Must seeReviewed byjim_p1953Vote: 10/10

As others who have posted comments about "61*", I too am not a Yankee fan. I read a book several years ago called "Dynasty - When Rooting For The Yankess Was Like Rooting for US Steel". It was a great book, but didn't exactly leave you with a warm and fuzzy feeling about the team from the Bronx. Billy Crystal's movie, however, left me blinking back tears. It is nothing less than a love story to two men and a team that is truly legendary in a sport where the term "legend" is too easily used. And he showed Maris and Mantle as real people, warts and all. Barry Pepper and Thomas Jane were brilliant as the M&M Boys and Billy Crystal takes us back in time by giving attention to the tiniest detail. An aging Tiger Stadium was magically transformed into "The House That Ruth Built", monuments and all.

I grew up rooting for the Cleveland Indians, not an easy task. Back then, as now, the Yankees were our hated rivals, but even so there wasn't a kid I knew who wouldn't have given everything to be Micky Mantle. Despite his greatness playing for a team that could beat my local heroes more often than not, The Mick was one of those greats that just transcended partisan sports. It was easy to see why nearly everyone was rooting for him to break the Babe's record, and not Roger Maris. Billy Crystal, truly one who worshiped Mantle, makes Maris's ordeal seem almost mythic, but from all I have read, he exaggerated very little.

"61*" is possibly the greatest baseball movie ever made, and that's saying something. Watch it and relive what may be baseball's greatest season.

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