9 Deaths of the Ninja (1985) 1080p YIFY Movie

9 Deaths of the Ninja (1985) 1080p

Nine Deaths of the Ninja is a movie starring Sh? Kosugi, Brent Huff, and Emilia Crow. Two anti-terrorist agents are assigned to free a busload of American schoolchildren in the Philippines who are taken hostage by terrorists.

IMDB: 3.51 Likes

  • Genre: Action | Thriller
  • Quality: 1080p
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  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 94
  • IMDB Rating: 3.5/10 
  • MPR: Normal
  • Peers/Seeds: 20 / 27

The Synopsis for 9 Deaths of the Ninja (1985) 1080p

A group of drug runners/freedom fighters has kidnapped a busload of tourists in the Philippines and is threatening to kill them all if one of their partners is not released from prison and the government doesn't halt its anti-drug policies. To stop the criminals, a trio of specialist soldiers are called in. Even with all their training, will they be able to stop the terrorists when they begin killing hostages and turning loose their squads of attack midgets?

The Director and Players for 9 Deaths of the Ninja (1985) 1080p

[Director]Emmett Alston
[Role:]Sho Kosugi
[Role:]Blackie Dammett
[Role:]Emilia Crow
[Role:]Brent Huff

The Reviews for 9 Deaths of the Ninja (1985) 1080p

The best Ninja film of all-time!Reviewed byNickDeckardVote: 9/10

Firstly, this isn't the worst ninja film of all-time...if you want to see proper Ninja badness try any of Godfrey Ho's works of genius! (Ninja Squad / Ninja Terminator / Ninja Dragon / Golden Ninja Warrior etc etc) - They have production costs that make this film seem like the most expensive production of all time.

Secondly - this is the funniest Ninja film of all time. I suspect that the cast and crew of this film were not completely sober the whole time - in fact, most of the actors(not Sho Kosugi!) seem drunk/out of it/stoned. Watch it and see! Sho Kosugi is under the impression that he is James Bond....from the opening (extremely cringey) credits you can see this...its quite funny to watch as he seems to be the only actor taking this seriously. Sho Kosugi doesn't really do hardly any actual martial arts in this film which is a bit weird considering its a ninja film.

Third - Alby the Cruel. Now this is the best bad guy of all time! He has a pet monkey. He drives round in a wheelchair (even though he doesn't need it). Hes an escaped gay Nazi (I think the film makes this clear). Hes totally demented. His private army are a bunch of lesbians lead by the most demented woman you have ever seen on your TV (watch her crazed face and eyes - she is definitely on something during the whole film - its that or shes the best actress in the world ahem). Hes like Dr Strangelove - on acid. Every time he is on the screen Im almost crying laughing....and this was when I was sober! You want more? OK - how about the all-American hero whose nickname is 'Macho Man' and is a contender for worst actor of all time. How about their boss who is so wooden he must actually be the worst actor of all time - I think he must be the money behind the film as there is no other explanation as to how he could get on film (I checked into this - and my suspicions were correct!). The blonde 'communications expert' is the eye-candy of the film - shes very nice to look at but while you're watching you will notice how she seems completely stoned all the time! See how her eyes are barely open even when shes talking and the fact that she slurs all her lines! Its quite amazing...

Even more? OK - how about the "7ft pervert" (quote from the film) who gets released from jail and keeps laughing all the time? For no apparent reason. He is so bad he bursts kids balloons for fun! There's also a Peter Crouch lookalike with bad teeth who is pretty funny too.

I don't know how to stop talking about this film! I got the Korean Region 0 DVD - its in proper 2:35 format and the picture is really good compared to the old USA 4:3 one I had. Definitely get the Korean one if you can because its way better than the USA one (you can find it on Ebay easy enough).

I've been re-watching all the old 80s ninja films and they are all funny to a degree or so. Some even are quite good in a no-brainer action way. But - none of them are as entertaining as this one. Even if you don't like ninja films (in fact, if you hate them that might help!)you will love this unsung gem...

Have I convinced you yet? Are you ready for the 9 Deaths of the Ninja?

Ninja Girl getting an Arrow in her BackReviewed byblocherdVote: 9/10

The most interesting part of the film was when the lead character had to practice in a forest of other ninjas! One of the Ninjas he pulls off the mask as is revealed to appear as a teen age girl! He refuses to kill her and proceeds to walk away, she then pulls out a knife to go after him but unknown to the girl that his master was watching over him with a bow & arrow in hand, and the master shot an arrow squarely into this girl's back, and she staggered with it for about a minute before she finally collapsed! It seems so seldom to see a female character getting wounded in the back! I just wish that the camera could have shown the girl from behind showing the arrow sticking in her back!

The NadirReviewed byhaildevilmanVote: 1/10

Thankfully, this finished off the Ninja films that were all the rage at the time.

This was one utter piece of tripe. It had no business finding itself among the Sho Kosugi numbers that were coming out yearly. The plot was a carbon copy of the previous ones. And the acting was so wooden and/or OTT it wasn't even amusing.

The action was barely passable. But it wasn't anything that hadn't been seen over and over again already. I felt like I had seen this many times before.

There is a very good reason why this video is found in cheap bins. Also why most outlets have this in the used/for sale pile. Translation; "Please get this out of here." Toss it.

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