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A Brony Tale (2014)

Vancouver-based voice artist Ashleigh Ball has been the voice of numerous characters in classic cartoons such as Care Bears...

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The Synopsis for A Brony Tale (2014) 720p

Vancouver-based voice artist Ashleigh Ball has been the voice of numerous characters in classic cartoons such as Care Bears, Strawberry Shortcake, Cinderella and more. When Ashleigh was hired to voice Apple Jack and Rainbow Dash for Hasbro's fourth series to use the My Little Pony name - My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic - she had no idea she would become an Internet phenomenon and major celebrity to a worldwide fan-base of grownups. Bronies are united by their belief in the show's philosophy. This documentary gives an inside view of the Pony fan-world, and an intimate look at the courage it takes to just be yourself...even when that means liking a little girls' cartoon.

The Director and Players for A Brony Tale (2014) 720p

[Director]Brent Hodge
[Role:Herself]Phoe Of Equestria Daily
[Role:Himself]Mike Bernstein
[Role:Himself]David Beckingham
[Role:Herself]Ashleigh Ball

The Reviews for A Brony Tale (2014) 720p

Abhorrent documentaryReviewed byPRlNCESS CELESTIAVote: 1/10

There is so much to explore about the artistic, creative, politically engaged and friendly, real nature of the MLP fan community, and artistic collective. This documentary is not reflective of the brony community, nor the fandoms affiliated with interests of the world of my little pony. It does not matter if you're from Anonymous or a member of the furry fandom, friendship and harmony is a philosophy that united us. But this fake documentary destroys this aspect. This documentary focuses on a few, selected, fragile people nobody heard about in the community, and they are used to represent this community. I do not label myself as a brony but remain a true fan of the work of Lauren Faust, still I know them well, and I can affirm with no ambiguity that the "bronies" from this documentary are mostly actors, or briefed for this shooting, and I accuse Madness Films rightfully to have made all this up in order to depict bronies as socially inept people falling in the autism spectrum. This is not a good documentary, you can not make a documentary about the pony fandom or the bronies. You have probably never watched a single episode of the series, nor even understand the philosophy of the fandom, nor its pre-FiM history. You know nothing about the internet culture, speaking of 4chan, bringing in psychologists... In what kind of world you live in, to make such an abhorrent documentary? You could have worked with artists and animators to animate a movie of this length with that budget! I am disappointed by Ashleigh Balls's and a few bronies for participating into this slanderous and destructive video, funded essentially by fans who expected something true, what you failed to accomplish.

Bronies: look at how original I am, I watch a little girl's cartoon!Reviewed byDark DoomerVote: 1/10

Facts to know: I love this cartoon, I love the art community and fanworks around it, being a part of it is really and always a great experience. but then there's bigmouthes with an ego the size of the moon who want to make the fandom a part of their lives, and take everything about it seriously. That's not the state of mind of MLPFIM's philosophy to begin with, and from what I watched, it's like the brony doc : awkward teenagers dancing and bragging about their "redefining masculinity" bullshit. This is so awkward, one must have courage to still look at a little pony after watching this. I'm sorry Ashleigh.

UpliftingReviewed byalex239-545-53158Vote: 9/10

Despite not being a Brony myself, I found this documentary to be extremely uplifting. In keeping with the good vibes of the fandom, it tries to accentuate the positives without mentioning the more sinister connotations that detractors have associated with supporters of the show. And while that means this isn't a balanced cultural analysis, it does make for ninety minutes of feel good entertainment that made me smile, if only for the reason that the show brings together people who might otherwise feel lonely and marginalized. Don't underestimate the importance of that. As a documentary it was very well made. The will she/won't she go to the conference storyline with Ashleigh Ball was a bit contrived but gave the film some forward motion and structure. The cinematography was surprisingly good and they captured a lot of interesting, varied footage from around the country on what must have been a fairly meager budget. The way they weaved in news clips, interviews with creators and fans, scenery shots, the analysis of the psychologists...it gave the film variety and it never felt stagnant or boring. The scenes with the ex-military brony added a sense of deepness and soul and were definitely the emotional centerpiece, especially the interview in the car on the way to the convention which was actually quite inspiring and didn't feel forced or scripted. The art direction was cool and stayed true to the show, with bright block colors adding to the positivity. All in all it was a very natural, enjoyable documentary and at the very least will serve as a fitting historical reference point for this bizarre yet strangely inspirational fandom.

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