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A Delicate Balance (1973)

A Delicate Balance is a movie starring Katharine Hepburn, Paul Scofield, and Lee Remick. A well-to-do Connecticut family is upended when the grown daughter's godparents, seized by a nameless terror, decide to come live with them.

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The Synopsis for A Delicate Balance (1973) 720p

In Connecticut, Agnes and Tobias are an upper-class married couple whose relationship has been uneasy for many years, since at least the time their son died; but they've managed to find a certain comfortable pattern of uneasiness. Agnes's sister, Claire, lives with them and insists that her perpetual drinking is not alcoholism but willfulness. Their daughter, Julia, poised to have her fourth divorce, has come back home. Unexpectedly, her room has been taken over by Harry and Edna, best friends of Tobias and Agnes. Seized by a nameless terror that propelled them out of their own house, Harry and Edna have decided to stay.

The Director and Players for A Delicate Balance (1973) 720p

[Director]Tony Richardson
[Role:]Katharine Hepburn
[Role:]Kate Reid
[Role:]Lee Remick
[Role:]Paul Scofield

The Reviews for A Delicate Balance (1973) 720p

The Gentle TerrorReviewed bywlawson60Vote: 9/10

There is no music in this superb autumn melody. The words in the mouths of the characters are by Edward Albee and that is music enough. Katharine Hepburn plays Agatha, a close relative of the actress if I ever saw one, Paul Scofield is amazing playing the mild volcano of a husband promising eruptions that when they come they are so civilized that, irrigate rather than decimate. Kate Reid, took over from the extraordinary Kim Stanley and as sensational as Miss Reid is I can't help wondering what Stanley would have done with "a" alcoholic like Claire. Lee Remick is the perfect offspring for Hepburn and Scofield. Selfish, tenuous, childish, rich failure. Joseph Cotten and Betsy Blair are the catalysts, they and their fear, their plague coming to contaminate the contaminated. For film and stage gourmets this is an unmissable treat.

a tremendous tour de forceReviewed byfilm_ophileVote: 10/10

What a tremendous production! I had avoided seeing it because I thought it might be too brutal. It is certainly merciless in the dialogue between hateful sisters, but there is much more to the film than that. The writing is so very many-splendoured; some of the lines (Katharine Hepburn has the best ones) sound like Shakespeare and Albee even makes a self-referential joke about that after one of Claire's declarations.The cinematography contributes greatly to the liveliness of this stage drama; it is never dull or boring. Mesmerizing performances all around; terrifically complex and deep questioning of life's meaning and the value of love, loyalty, friendship, family. An unqualified 10 for me. The DVD has very interesting contemporary interviews with Albee and the cinematographer, and text from a very helpful review.

Boring and torturousReviewed byHotToastyRagVote: 7/10

In Edward Albee's play, Katharine Hepburn and Paul Scofield star as a married couple whose house is descended upon by Kate's sister, Kate Reid, their neighbors, Joseph Cotton and Betsy Blair, and their daughter, Lee Remick. They must find "a delicate balance" between everyone's problems and temperaments, as they hash out deep seeded resentments. In reality, the audience will need to find "a delicate balance" in order to keep their sanity while the movie is running.

In a nutshell, Kate Hepburn is condescending and biting, Kate Reid is border-line insane and voices her fantasies about everyone in the house being killed, Joe and Betsy are scared and emotional for no apparent reason, Lee is a problem-child and hates her mother, and Paul just endures everyone with very little dialogue. It's a typical example of a boring, wordy, depressive play from a famous playwright that no one will actually enjoy seeing but theatre-goers will feel compelled to sit through lest they miss out on what their friends are talking about.

I couldn't get through this horrendously boring play in any longer than ten-minute increments. If you're in the mood to torture yourself, you can give it a try, but I wouldn't recommend it.

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