A Letter to Three Wives (1949) 1080p YIFY Movie

A Letter to Three Wives (1949) 1080p

A Letter to Three Wives is a movie starring Jeanne Crain, Linda Darnell, and Ann Sothern. A letter is addressed to three wives from their "best friend" Addie Ross, announcing that she is running away with one of their husbands...but...

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The Synopsis for A Letter to Three Wives (1949) 1080p

Lora May Hollingsway, who grew up next to the wrong side of the tracks, married her boss who thinks she is just a gold digger. Rita Phipps makes as much money writing radio scripts at night as her school teacher husband does. Deborah Bishop looked great in a Navy uniform in WWII but fears she'll never be dressed just right for the Country Club set. These three wives are boarding a boat filled with children going on a picnic when a messenger on a bicycle hands them a letter addressed to all three from Addie who has just left town with one of their husbands. They won't know which one until that night.

The Director and Players for A Letter to Three Wives (1949) 1080p

[Director]Joseph L. Mankiewicz
[Role:]Linda Darnell
[Role:]Jeanne Crain
[Role:]Kirk Douglas
[Role:]Ann Sothern

The Reviews for A Letter to Three Wives (1949) 1080p

wonderfully written gemReviewed byMartinHaferVote: 10/10

In the late 40s-early 50s, Joseph Mankiewicz was on a roll--A Letter to Three Wives was followed by House of Strangers and then All About Eve!! This is an incredible record of success, as two of them went on to Oscar Glory (Letter and Eve) while the third is about equal in quality.

I won't discuss the plot in any great detail as there are twists and turns I wouldn't want to spoil for the reader. The story begins with three women receiving a letter from a mutual "friend" who has just informed them she has run off with one of their husbands. Some friend! Anyway, the movie then backtracks and examines the three marriages in order to help the viewer decide who they think just abandoned their wife. It sounds silly, perhaps, but the acting and writing and direction are first-rate.

FYI--1. The voice of the "friend" is Celeste Holm. 2. There was a remake done in the 1980s starring Loni Anderson, Stephanie Zimbalist and Michelle Lee. If you compare this cast (and the husbands) to the original, it's obvious the remake is a complete mistake. Linda Darnell, Jeanne Craine and Ann Southern danced rings around these 80s actresses.

A fabulous look at marriage and American life.Reviewed bybobsgrockVote: 9/10

Joseph L. Mankiewicz's impeccable film is more than just a satirical look at marriage and the relationship between men and women. It also gives insight to life in suburbia, which was just getting started in America at the time of its release. The plot follows out that there are three women who consider themselves to be each other's best of friends. They all go on a day-long picnic for the local children's orphanage but just before leaving receive a letter from a woman known to them all that says she has run away with one of their husbands.

As the three wives ponder their own relationships with their husbands and with each other, they each begin to realize that each of their husbands has his own reason to run off with the accomplished, beautiful, but hidden to us Addie Ross. Deborah Bishop, played wonderfully by Jeanne Crain, is a former Navy girl who is as tough as they come, but worries severely about not being able to impress her new husband's friends. Rita Phipps has been happily married to a wonderful schoolteacher, but she has been pushing him around for some time in order to accomplish a career of her own. And the third wife, Lora Mae played by Linda Darnell, really only got married it seems in order to get out of the working class and become a sophisticated lady of society.

The biggest problem most audiences will have is the ending of this terrific story. Everything leading up to is just about perfect. The acting is solid all around with Ann Sothern giving the best performance, in my opinion, as a beautiful and accomplished mother who nevertheless feels she has to do more in order to feel successful. Kirk Douglas is very good as her husband as are all the supporting characters. Of course, the script is very witty and biting as it was written by the same man who gave us All About Eve. And while this isn't as original or cleverly written as that masterpiece, this still holds up very well as an excellent depiction of American life during a time where everything was thought to prim and proper.

Superb classic comedy--laugh-out-loud funnyReviewed byaudhepVote: 10/10

I can only echo the comments that have preceded mine. Darnell and Douglas are both hilarious and touching--their performances should not only have been nominated for Oscars but should have won them. Perhaps the funniest thing I have ever seen in a movie: watch for the scene where Porter takes Lora Mae to her door after their date. Be sure not to miss the sticker on the window! Sheer genius! Not far behind in cleverness is the bit with Porter's cigarette lighter in the car. One of the joys of the movie is the sly dialogue that is often in the background; viz., Lora Mae's "grammar lesson" at Rita's party. And to think the movie doesn't have one car chase, any nudity, no violence, no profanity....

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