A Small Town in Texas (1976) 720p YIFY Movie

A Small Town in Texas (1976)

A Small Town in Texas is a movie starring Timothy Bottoms, Susan George, and Bo Hopkins. A crooked sheriff in a small Southern town frames an ex-convict in a drug bust and takes his girlfriend.

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The Synopsis for A Small Town in Texas (1976) 720p

After doing five years in prison on a drug charge, Poke is returns to his hometown intent on taking his sweetheart Mary Lee (and their child) away with him to California. His plan hits a snag, however, when he discovers that since his incarceration, Mary Lee has taken up with Duke, the very sheriff who put Poke behind bars in the first place. Things turn even worse for Poke when he later witnesses Duke assassinating a local Hispanic politician. Now with Duke out for his blood, Poke must choose to run for his life or make a stand.

The Director and Players for A Small Town in Texas (1976) 720p

[Director]Jack Starrett
[Role:]Susan George
[Role:]Bo Hopkins
[Role:]Timothy Bottoms
[Role:]Morgan Woodward

The Reviews for A Small Town in Texas (1976) 720p

An oldie but goodie, 70's style.Reviewed byvideorama-759-859391Vote: 7/10

These cool seventies movies, courtesy of Mr Arkoff, set a cool trend in the movie world for me. If you expect a lot of gore in this, you'll be plenty disappointed. What we have is a fatal love triangle. I like any Bottoms actor, they're all good. Timothy my favourite, makes a meal of the role, throwing in a naturalistic and lovable performance, as an ex con, Poke Jackson, framed, who's just got out of prison, now about to rub the same guy up the wrong way, small town local sheriff, the corrupt Duke (Hopkins in another nasty piece of work). Duke has been makin' it with Bottom's old lady, Mary Lee (the versatile Susan George) who you kind of get the feeling, she's wasted in this. Duke is about to give Poke a second serving of misjustice by setting him up again for a murder of important figure at a country fair, and this time properly doing the job. So the other half has Bottoms fleeing the cops, which culminates in a couple of cool car and bike chases, and god, can Bottoms ride. Bottoms is funny too: Helium voice scene, and we take guilty delight seeing both nemesis go at each other, where in the end, only one can walk away. Great action, and revenge that never gets old, plus sincere performances, make this a gem of a seventies movie, though it's not great, but definitely a golden 70's find.

Great action film for '70's drive-in fanatics.Reviewed bytoypsychoVote: 8/10

A Small Town In Texas is a film that I put high on the list of genre action films that were a staple at drive-in's during the '1970's and '80's. The car action is great with real stunts. A great cast of film supporting actors and the always cool directing of the late Jack Starrett. Bo Hopkins is great as the sheriff, Morgan Woodward as the corrupt rich local, John Karlen and Clay Tanner as deputies, Susan George as the girlfriend is '70's hot!,Art Hindle is always good and Buck Flower steals the show as a cussin', spittin', tough-as-nails hick who helps Timothy Bottoms against the crooked law man. I hope a DVD release will be in the near future.

nothing special hereReviewed bysore_throatVote: 7/10

This obscure (to me anyway) film has a lot of problems. All the characters are either one dimensional, annoying, or cliched. It's overlong, boring, and has a script that spends the first half meandering around endlessly, then gets hopelessly predictable.

In its defence I will say that it is less dated than many films from the 1970s, and is occasionally entertaining or amusing (mainly me laughing at the dolts who populate this film). And its handful of action scenes are decent...though I suspect they may seem better than they really are because even the most inept stunts would seem exciting compared to the generally mundane tone of the film.

You could do worse, but you could do much better too.

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