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A Trip (2012)

Three friends embark on a road trip like in high school, but things have changed - Gregor is going to war mission, Ziva is going to study abroad, while Andrej is still the same. There are secrets left unsaid. Can their friendship survive?

IMDB: 6.81 Likes

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The Synopsis for A Trip (2012) 720p

Ziva, Andrej and Gregor are best friends since high school. Gregor is a soldier who is about to embark on a mission to Afghanistan and Ziva is going to study abroad. Andrej is their gay friend who hates everything, himself included. They decide to go to a road trip to the seaside like they did when they were in high school. When they arrive, they get drunk and Ziva and Gregor kiss each other, what brings tension to their relationship, while Andrej doesn't know anything and just makes fun of everything, mostly of Gregor and his army ideals. The conflict erupts when Ziva, in a fit of rage, destroys their tent and tells a secret that enrages Andrej. Only then the true problem is revealed - Ziva is not going to study abroad, she was lying because she didn't want to pity her.

The Director and Players for A Trip (2012) 720p

[Director]Nejc Gazvoda
[Role:]Nina Rakovec
[Role:]Jure Henigman
[Role:]Luka Cimpric

The Reviews for A Trip (2012) 720p

Reviewed bymcmahonvanessaVote: 9/10/10

A TRIP (2011) is an experimental road movie about three best friends(Andrej, Gregor and Ziva) who reunite after a long time apart to take aroad trip together through their native Slovenia. They have known eachother for years and yet, during their trip, find out that none of themreally knows each other. Since leaving school, each of them has gonetheir separate ways, far away from the idealism of youth to experiencelife's difficult and often iniquitous blows. While Andrej has had livein old world Solvenia as a homosexual, oftentimes discriminated againsteven to the point of abuse, Gregor has lived through war as a soldierand has partaken in the death of war's innocent collateral damage.Their beautiful female friend, Ziva, seems to have it all going for heron the outside- she's attractive, smart, lovable and Gregor clearly hasa repressed passion for her- but there is something beneath the surfacethat she has never revealed to either of them, a dark secret thatbegins boiling to the surface the longer she suppresses it.

In the beginning of the trip, it is all laughs and excitement, but thefurther they go out on the road, the further they go into themselvesand reveal the darker, more interior trip within. A TRIP is a tender,yet agonizing coming-of-age drama about friendship, love and findingoneself; the trying and heartbreaking journey we must all take to meritall three.

written by Vanessa McMahon, November 22, 2011

Reviewed byMaja GorjancVote: 10/10/10

I have seen "A Trip" on this year's LIFFE festival in Ljubljana and wasmore then pleasantly surprised. While your average slovenian film isnot bad, it certainly isn't something as surprising and fresh as ATrip. The actors are amazing at portraying a wide range of emotions,the direction is on point and the locations are truly beautiful. Whilefilming on location in Slovenia is usually a quick way to audience'shearts, for slovenians love to see the beauty of their country on thebig screen, A Trip uses locations a a gorgeous background, not thecornerstone of a story. The story itself, while a simple one, touches aviewer's heart in an unpretentious way, it's fun, while being touchingand real. It's very easy to identify with it, no matter what part ofthe world you come from, for it is a discerning portrayal of youth'sangst and disappointment about today's society.

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