A Waltons Thanksgiving (2022) 1080p YIFY Movie

A Waltons Thanksgiving (2022) 1080p

The Walton family enthusiastically prepares for the annual Harvest Festival Fair on Walton's Mountain in 1934, but a young boy's arrival dramatically changes their lives.

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The Synopsis for A Waltons Thanksgiving (2022) 1080p

The Walton family enthusiastically prepares for the annual Harvest Festival Fair on Walton's Mountain in 1934, but a young boy's arrival dramatically changes their lives.

The Director and Players for A Waltons Thanksgiving (2022) 1080p

[Director]Joe Lazarov
[Role:]Bellamy Young
[Role:]Teddy Sears
[Role:]Richard Thomas

The Reviews for A Waltons Thanksgiving (2022) 1080p

Funny, charming, nostalgic, refreshingReviewed bylawson-44276Vote: 10/10

What a pleasant change from so much of what we are seeing on TV today; family entertainment that has you relating to the characters, laughing with them and rooting for them. It has been wonderfully cast with genuine relationships and a treat and to see Richard Thomas introduce the family of which he was such big part and for him to be giving such strong support to this movie. This is not simply a reproduction of a Walton's episode but a new story that does not disappoint in delivering the same emotions that made the Walton's family so important to so many. Looking forward to seeing more and to adding this movie to our family's annual traditions.

This Remake is just missing something originally hasReviewed byjamdot-33758Vote: 1/10

I think the first mistake wasn't having Ben in the first one mess up with the chemistry that the original had it did not draw me into how the original did. I just Fast Forward to seeing the Ending because can't hold my attention for a min. I think they would have been better off having it be a completely different show that did not attach The Waltons Name to it. Not to be Rude but it feels like a Lifetime movie to me or they could have gone the route that the new wonder year reboot in just have it be in the same Universe. The Original feels more like a Family show the new one feels like a disillusion of the past, (especially as a black man race relationship wasn't like it because of Jim Crow Laws and the civil rights movement wasn't until 1954) this one did a little better making them look poor doing the depression era. Can the CW Producers just end it and make it into a Different Family movie and Show so I can enjoy it for what it is and not compare it to the original I only discover the Waltons In 2019 they do not feel how the characters could be. I would have liked to give it a chance because a Young Dylan actor plays Jim Bob, oh well hopefully they make the last one completely different from The Waltons Homecoming (2021) and A Waltons Thanksgiving Special(2022). But I do hope New People discover this and turn People to The Original show. Thank God they didn't touch Leave it to beaver, The Donna reed show The Danny Thomas Show/Make Room For Daddy The Andy Griffith Show Any other Classic.

Virginia 2022? The Waltons 2022?Reviewed byjamericanbeautyVote: 1/10

This is not 1930s Virginia. I wasn't born during The Waltons series original run. And that doesn't and shouldn't matter because art, whether it's music, television, movies, even artwork itself, moves you, transports you and if powerful enough - it has the ability to inspire and transform you. CW's Waltons is not Earl Hamner Jr.'s Waltons. I was skeptical coming into it. This is CW after all. I proceeded positively...and cautiously. I ever saw last year's CW's Waltons movie and it's safe to say I never will now. CW'S A Waltons Thanksgiving movie does not resemble Hamner's Waltons visually, verbally, historically or morally. It's also missing a kid. Where's Ben? Why are CW'S Waltons daughters so bossy and unlikable now? Twenty-three minutes in, and I barely see the Waltons patriarch played by Teddy Sears? Last year's CW's Waltons movie got 960,000 viewers. Great for CW. This year's movie attracted about 500,000 less (Fewer? Help me Stannis.) viewers. I see why. I lasted 25 minutes and decided to go watch Hamner's Waltons instead.

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