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Alien Tornado (2012)

Alien Tornado is a TV movie starring Stacey Asaro, Marcus Lyle Brown, and Claire Conti. Extraterrestrials appear as destructive "electrical tornadoes" on Earth.

IMDB: 3.22 Likes

  • Genre: Action | Adventure
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  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 85
  • IMDB Rating: 3.2/10 
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The Synopsis for Alien Tornado (2012) 720p

Aliens are lured to Earth by a strange signal and appear as destructive electromagnetic tornadoes. Brilliant high school student with her father and blogger involved in the study of tornadoes are struggling against time to prevent further disasters and disable the signal to make aliens leave the planet.

The Director and Players for Alien Tornado (2012) 720p

[Director]Jeff Burr
[Role:]Marcus Lyle Brown
[Role:]Jeff Fahey
[Role:]Claire Conti
[Role:]Stacey Asaro

The Reviews for Alien Tornado (2012) 720p

The worst film I have ever seenReviewed byshireenwickhamVote: 1/10

This is the worst film I have ever seen. Low budget, bad acting, and terrible story line. There was no proper character introduction or development and so there is nothing likable about any of the main characters, apart from maybe the dad (Jeff Fahey). The film doesn't give enough background about anyone to develop. You got all the basic facts about the main characters right at the beginning as though that was enough, so they ended up being very one-dimensional. The so-called storm-chaser scientist was really annoying and it was very hard to believe that was her job. I found the film slow moving in the middle the plot was laughable. Although it is a sci-fi film, it is no X-Files, believe me! Actually picked it up because the cover looked interesting. However, I realised afterwards that the cover of my DVD had nothing to do with the actual film! Also, the names listed in the description were spelled wrong or just wrong altogether! Don't waste your time!

Reach Out To Someone You LoveReviewed byten-oftenVote: 2/10

Jeff Fahey is the only reason to watch this movie. In fact, most of the movies Jeff Fahey leads or costars in are like that. Oh, wait a minute. I just thought of another reason to watch this movie.

Imagine your great Aunt Mildred sitting on her sofa in front of the TV with her friends Gladys and Harriet. They are sipping some tea which they spiked with a bit of whiskey and are giggling while nibbling on their sugar cookies. They are watching this movie and appropriately gasping when the tornadoes appear or when someone gets sucked up by a tornado (a comical vision which offers no real fright) or when the bad guy puts on his rough act with the good guy (serious overacting here by nearly everyone in the movie but for Jeff Fahey and the lady who played his daughter, Stacey Asaro). Great Aunt Mildred leans forward and shouts at the TV, "Aw, shut up ya big bully!" Friends Harriet and Gladys loudly agree between giggles and sips of tea.

If you want a B movie which has some good stuff with a few laughable things in it, this isn't it. There is no good stuff. But there's lots of laughable things in it. Watch it with Great Aunt Mildred. It will make her happy. Seriously. She deserves quality time with you.

Extraterrestrial tornadoes? Whatever next!Reviewed byLeofwine_dracaVote: 4/10

The usual silliness from the SyFy Channel. Jeff Fahey - who remains a solid, dependable stalwart of an actor, as always - plays a farmer who has to contend with tornadoes on his land. Except, of course, this being a sci-fi movie after all, these weirdly glowing tornadoes are actually electrified extraterrestrials!

Yes, it's as silly and as cheesy as you'd imagine from the title and premise, a film packed full of terrible special effects and worse acting. Aside from the aforementioned Fahey, viewers are treated to Kari Wuhrer (who looks like she's a fan of plastic surgery) as a glamorous stormchaser and David Jensen (complete with whiny voice) as a leader of some nefarious government agents also out hunting the aliens.

The action, when it occurs, is invariably disappointing, because the producers just don't have the budget to do justice to the premise. So viewers are left laughing along at the premise and enjoying the mildly diverting adventures. Yes, this is terrible, but also terribly inoffensive with it - just your average B-movie fun.

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