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All for the Winner (1990) 1080p

Sing, a dumb, lovable mainlander with supernatural powers comes to China to visit his uncle Tat. When it's revealed that Sing can see through objects, Tat employs him as "The Saint of Gamblers," and proceeds to set him loose in the gambling world.

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The Synopsis for All for the Winner (1990) 1080p

Sing, a dumb, lovable mainlander with supernatural powers comes to China to visit his uncle Tat. When it's revealed that Sing can see through objects, Tat employs him as "The Saint of Gamblers," and proceeds to set him loose in the gambling world.

The Director and Players for All for the Winner (1990) 1080p

[Director]Jeffrey Lau
[Role:]Man Cheung
[Role:]Man-Tat Ng
[Role:]Stephen Chow

The Reviews for All for the Winner (1990) 1080p

Standard ChowReviewed byS'faxVote: 7/10

A parody of movies like "God of Gamblers", Chow plays a young mainland Chinese who comes to visit his uncle in Hong Kong. His uncle discovers that Chow has certain talents and takes advantage of them by using them to win at gambling. Eventually, Chow's character ends up involved with shady characters, falling in love, and competing in a world championship card game. Over-all, not as good as "God of Cookery", but a good solid Stephen Chow film.

One Of Chow Sing Chi & Jeff Lau's Finest!!Reviewed byMovie-MisfitVote: 9/10

From Seasonal Films and Ng See Yuen, comes one of my favourite Chow Sing Chi (and Jeff Lau) films, All For The Winner - a ridiculously hilarious comedy that spoofs Wong Jing's mega-hit, God Of Gamblers, parodying many memorable scenes, music and even artwork to excite any fan of Hong Kong film!

Of course, it has a lot of its own originality also, including some great action scenes courtesy of co-director Corey Yuen Kwai - who also co-stars. He is joined by the always fantastic Sandra Ng and Chow's regular right-hand-man, Ng Man Tat who plays his uncle Tat, with the majority of the films comedy based around the incredible on-screen chemistry these guys have together due to their long working career alongside each other.

Co-director Jeff Lau gets his obligatory role, this time as a big boss gambler, and the rest of the cast is pretty strong with the great (Sharla) Cheung Man and Wan Yeung Ming - both of which play the aids of King Of Gamblers, Paul Chun, a very recognisable face from almost 200 Hong Kong movies. Even the great Chow Yun Fat gets a brief appearance albeit through a video when Chow and Ng are watching God of Gamblers in order to learn how to behave at gambling matches...

And of course, when you have a country bumpkin as daft as Chow Sing Chi trying to play the suave, cool city slicker (now known as the Saint of Gamblers), you know its just going to get even more ridiculous! Cue the slow motion walking, insane card tricks, and hilarious reactions which shows Chow at his best with lots of laugh-out-loud moments!

Ironically, Chow Sing Chi would also star in God of Gamblers 2 the same year playing a role pretty much exactly the same in director Wong Jing's satirical sequel that also stars Andy Lau as his character from the original.

The great Corey Yuen provides some fantastic action scenes, even giving us a great shot of Cheung Man in a slo-mo, John Woo/Chow Yun Fat inspired, double-gun moment before letting loose on the bad guys in a rescue mission. The chubby faced Sheila Chan gets in on the action in a restaurant fight, along with Ng Man Tat in a dress... As per usual, when Chow Sing Chi gets a bit of action time, the Bruce Lee moves start coming out - including one such moment that may have inspired him to do Fist Of Fury 1991 and leaves the cross-dressing uncle Tat foaming at the mouth...

A lot of people I know (and other critics) can't handle Chow Sing Chi's kind of humour, but I love it and do think he is one of the funniest actors ever. Personally, I believe he has inspired many a Jim Carrey and Will Farrell moment with his insane style of comedy, and probably don't laugh out as loud at other comedies like I do when watching his! And in All For The Winner, there are far too many to mention!

Overall: I can't love this movie enough. Definitely one of the best action comedies from Hong Kong's golden years!

Probably Stephen Chow's signature movie.Reviewed byOllieSuave-007Vote: 8/10

This is probably Stephen Chow's signature movie, where he plays Chow Sing Cho, a Mainland nephew who visits his Uncle Tat (Man Tat Ng) in Hong Kong and is being encouraged by him to enter the gambling world. Cho possesses supernatural powers that enable him to see through objects, thus, Tat thinks this would be a good strategy for Cho to score some big gambling wins to him get out of being poor.

Co-directed by nonsensical comedy buff Jeffrey Lau, this film actually has a well mixture of action and drama, from Cho running into the Hong Kong Triads to him attempting to learn the real reason beyond his powers. There is also a good dose of slapstick comedy courtesy of Man Tat Ng and Sandra Ng, who plays the funny Ping, the love interest of Coren Yuen's character. It's a good thing the slapstick stuff doesn't get annoying that will leave a bad aftertaste. In addition, thrown in the beautiful Sharla Cheung and a host of other familiar faces in Hong Kong cinema (Paul Chun, Yuen-yan Lo and Sheila Chan), you'll get a good rush of entertainment.

The plot goes at a fairly fast pace from start finish and all the card playing, triad stuff (wished the villain was utilized more, though), Kung-Fu action and comic humor make this an entertaining film.

Grade B+

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