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All the King's Men (2006)

Based on the Robert Penn Warren novel. The life of populist Southerner Willie Stark, a political creature loosely based on Governor Huey Long of Louisiana.

IMDB: 6.24 Likes

  • Genre: Drama | Thriller
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The Synopsis for All the King's Men (2006) 720p

In the 50's, in Louisiana, the smart populist, manipulative and wolf hick Willie Stark is elected governor with the support of the lower social classes. He joins a team composed of his bodyguard and friend Sugar Boy; the journalist from an aristocratic family Jack Burden; the lobbyist Tiny Duffy; and his mistress Sadie Burke, to face the opposition of the upper classes. When the influent Judge Irwin supports a group of politicians in their request of impeachment, Stark assigns Jack to find some dirtiness along the life of Irwin, leading to a tragedy in the end.

The Director and Players for All the King's Men (2006) 720p

[Director]Steven Zaillian
[Role:]Kate Winslet
[Role:]Sean Penn
[Role:]Jude Law

The Reviews for All the King's Men (2006) 720p

Actually The Canadians Are Spot OnReviewed bysalfan2Vote: 7/10

This film is actually pretty dreadful on many levels. First the music is thuddingly melodramatic; it's like the producers saw the dailies and said "well...there's not much going on, but we'll fix it with the music". The pacing is often glacial, but most disastrously, the film is FATALLY MISCAST. Sean Penn is screeching and braying as Willie Stark, and during his long speeches about "the hicks" he gestures like John Belushi doing Joe Cocker. He simply is nothing, physically or temperamentally like Huey Long on whom the character is based. On the other hand, I bet Penn would have been great as the journalist Jack Burden, and certainly far superior to the miscast Jude Law who is unbelievable as an investigative journalist. Ironically James Gandolfini gives a good impression of what Willie Stark should be in the secondary role of Tiny Duffy. And Jackie Earle Haley is chilling and most effective with virtually no dialog as Sugarboy, Willie's gunsil. Almost every other actor, Hopkins, Winslet, Ruffalo is wasted in this totally unnecessary remake of a very good 40's film.

Decide for yourself (I question the sincerity of IMDb votes to date)Reviewed bygruenigVote: 7/10

I saw this film at the New Orleans premiere and found it to be an interesting spectacle that I largely enjoyed watching. I'm writing to let the public know that the numbers look strange at this point (September 17, 2006). Why? Nearly 20% of the votes have been in the 1-3 range (which would rate this film to be in the ranks of the worst low budget films ever made). One voter has commented that he did not see the film, but hates Sean Penn's politics so he won't see it and will give the film a 1 just to spite Penn. At the same time, nearly half of the votes give the film a perfect 10. I don't think that the polarized ratings to date reflect careful attempts to rate the film. Perhaps that's often the case with IMDb. I suggest taking them with a grain of salt for the time being and deciding for yourself if you are interested in the film.

" Scare the Lion and the rest of the jungle will fear you"Reviewed bythinker1691Vote: 6/10

There are many films in which exceptional and talented actors participate which leave audiences praising their contribution. However, heavy guns are not needed in this remake of the 1949 version with the same name. "All the Kings men" is loosely based on the rise and fall of Louisanna's famed governor, Huey Long. Having seen the original Black and White, and then viewed this updated colored version, I can say with all honesty, neither Hopkins, Penn, nor the addition of Jude Law, and his incredible persona, could save this remake. This film has a great deal going for it. The sincere and passionate speeches made by the up and coming Governor are to say the least, inspirational. The dark drama of conversations in the car and hotel scenes are dramatic and create tension and tenor. However, too much weight is given to the muck-raking and soul-searching scenes, some of which are never exploited for the audience. This movie version spends an inordinate amount of time panning the secrets of Willie Stark (Sean Penn), the relationship of Jack Burden (Jude Law) and how they interplay with Judge Irwin (Anthony Hopkins). In doing so, the film loses its direction, for the heart and soul of the historic and meteoric rise of the famed politician. ***

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