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Alone (2013)

An agoraphobic man trapped in his own home is plagued by a violent home-invader as well as visions of his dead wife and a shadow female figure.

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The Synopsis for Alone (2013) 720p

Jonathan MacKinlay (Michael Jefferson) has been with afflicted with agoraphobia ever since the car accident that killed his wife (Sarah Schoofs). Since that night, he lived a life of identical days trapped in his own home, the monotony broken up only by visits from his best friend Taylor (Andrew Ruth), his therapist Dr. Edmondson (Peter Gregus) and Bree (Emma Dubery), the woman who brings his groceries. When a violent home invasion disrupts his world and threatens his sanity, he begins to believe an evil presence now haunts his home - but is it real or just in his imagination? He'll have to survive to find out.

The Director and Players for Alone (2013) 720p

[Director]Rory Douglas Abel
[Role:]Sarah Schoofs
[Role:]Emma Dubery
[Role:]Michael Jefferson

The Reviews for Alone (2013) 720p

Reviewed bylois-lane33Vote: 3/10/10

I thought this movie became basically unwatchable at the half waypoint. It must not have been expensive to shoot because it all seemedto take place within an apartment or brownstone type of dwellingtypically found in any larger cities in North America. The plot linebecause scattered at the half way point and I became bored with it andstopped watching it, I like my movies to make a certain amount of senseand this 'its all been a bad dream' stuff doesn't work for me. It'slike they couldn't come up with a plot but they started shooting anywayand thought that somehow an idea would come to mind to enable them tofinish there movie. Acting was OK maybe a bit amateurish but if theplot is good that doesn't matter. The poorer plot makes it matter more.Ho hum fare that isn't really much for horror fans or thriller fans. Onthe level of a student movie.A maybe not so excellent student movie.

Well done for an indie film.Reviewed byTodd StaruchVote: 7/10

I had a chance to see this film as part of a film festival that I was judging in January of 2015. I am not sure what the other "reviewers" were talking about, but they seem to not realize what indie filmmaking is all about. There are no multi-million dollar budgets or elaborate sets. You work within your limitations.

I found this to be an enjoyable film, that works within its budget limitations quite well. Yes, 99% of the film takes place within a single set, namely the main character's house. I personally think the director, Rory Abel and the DP did a great job, as it much have been very challenging to film an entire movie in the same confined space. At the same time, it gave the viewer a sense of what was going on inside the main character's mind, making us feel as trapped as he must have felt. The whole point of the film is that he is trapped in his home because of mental illness, so if you don't understand why the whole movie takes place in his house, you are missing the point entirely.

I thought the acting was satisfactory, especially Michael Jefferson in the lead role. We really got to see this guy unravel in the wake of his wife's death. Survivor guilt is the main theme, and we witness the toll it takes on his psyche. I personally liked how it became difficult to figure out what was real and what was not as the film progressed, which again, mimics what might be going on inside the mind of someone going through a serious mental illness.

The wife and girlfriend characters were very good as well, but, if I am being completely honest, the "best friend" character was a little weak and more of a distraction that I would have liked, but that is a very minor complaint.

Overall, I thought that was a very good indie film. I thought the acting, writing and direction were all up to snuff. Again, being fair, there are times when it slows down and drags a bit but this is another very minor complaint, and there is no such thing as a perfect film.

If you have a chance to see "Phobia", you should.

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