American Ninja (1985) 1080p YIFY Movie

American Ninja (1985) 1080p

American soldier, obviously very skilled in martial arts, single-handedly takes on mercenaries in the Philippines.

IMDB: 5.412 Likes

  • Genre: Action | Adventure
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  • Language: English  
  • Run Time: 96
  • IMDB Rating: 5.4/10 
  • MPR: R
  • Peers/Seeds: 1 / 1

The Synopsis for American Ninja (1985) 1080p

Joe Armstrong, an orphaned drifter will little respect for much other than martial arts, finds himself on an American Army base in The Philippines after a judge gives him a choice of enlistment or prison. On one of his first missions driving a convoy, his platoon is attacked by a group of rebels who try to steal the weapons the platoon is transporting and kidnap Patricia, the base colonel's daughter, who happens to be along for the ride. Joe rescues Patricia and gets her safely back to the base, but everyone else in the platoon is killed, leading his superiors to conclude that Joe is guilty of cowardice, collaboration or simple incompetence. At the same time, the rebel leader vows revenge against the serviceman who disrupted his plans, and sends an army of ninjas to assassinate him and bring back Patricia. If he wants to survive and save the girl, Joe's going to have to draw on every last ounce of his training.

The Director and Players for American Ninja (1985) 1080p

[Director]Sam Firstenberg
[Role:]Steve James
[Role:]Michael Dudikoff
[Role:]Judie Aronson

The Reviews for American Ninja (1985) 1080p

A fine ninja movie since "Enter the Ninja"Reviewed byBrian T. Whitlock (GOWBTW)Vote: 7/10

This movie is like "dynamite"! I mean it's not your usual ninja action film. An amnesiac soldier named Joe(Michael Dudikoff) fending off ninjas single-handedly is on the fly. And you got this cat named Curtis Jackson(Steve James,1952-93) who knows good fighting when he sees it. When he fights Joe, he got what was coming for him. Iliked the part where he says to Joe that his moves are "too perfect", he knows he got somebody who can really kick butt. Having no memory of one self is frustrating, but when the clues start coming on, it's rumble time! The big take down was the best part of the movie, I like the part when Jackson took on the big rebel after he kicks the gun away from him, he got the claws to the conjones and was completely immobilized by Jackson. They when the heroes and the winners of the movie, if the Col.(Guich Kook,Carter Country) had been more helpful than greedy, he would've lived a lot longer. Such as life. This movie got a lot of action, and it's never boring. You'll get a kick out of it. Rating 3 out of 5 stars.

Reviewed bySpoffdarkoVote: 10/10/10

The title of my review aside, I adore this film.

When American Ninja was released on VHS back in 1986 Ninja fever wasrampant. Even in the sleepy little village where I lived in England,every single boy of my age dreamed of being a ninja. The schoolplayground was rampant with us wannabe assassins in duffel coats!

In the aforementioned little village we only had one video shop, Ispent weeks and weeks in a state of despair on Saturday afternoons, aswe would go there only to see the dreaded "Film on loan" tab attachedto the box.

Eventually we finally turned up one afternoon and it was there...Withno "Film on loan" tab on it! my life was finally complete and we tookit home. My parents were never really into the whole "film ratingsexist for a reason" thing. Incidentally, neither were the parents ofpretty much all my friends, ahhh...The 80's, these young un's todaydon't know what they missed.

Saturday evening finally came and American Ninja was inserted into thetop-loader...As I sat eating my Vesta curry, My life literally changedin the following 90 minutes, I learned more than any teacher could evershow me at school, Joe was literally a god! This guy could doanything...Beat anyone! Most of my friends had already seen it and wewere all finally on the same Ninja wavelength! We practiced Joe'smoves, disappeared in a "cloud of smoke" (England gets a lot of fog inAutumn/ Winter) behind the school canteen, jumped over the tyres in theplayground as part of our "ninja training school".

Watching it back a couple of weeks ago (now I am 38) It is total crap,but total crap of the highest order. I thought ninja's were actually,you know, supposed to be elite assassins. Here they seem to get awaywith being pretty mediocre to be fair, they miss the easiest targets,and are usually knocked out by a punch or kick that does not seem toreally connect (or even come close in some cases). Joe comes acrosslike he has something stuck up his backside most of the film (maybeconstipation?)and the whole thing is just laughable.

But laughable in the best possible way.

Thank you Golan Globus and Cannon films, thank you Michael Dudikoff andSteve James, thank you the guy who did the music.

I am indebted to you all for this slice of my childhood that I can alsoenjoy now I am a grown-up, albeit in a different but still entirelysatisfying way!

Sure it's not Lucas or Kubrick it's b action movie take for what it is!Reviewed byDunnDeeDaGreatVote: 5/10

Amercian Ninja is a gulity pleasure if anything. The film has some decent fight scenes and some good B movie acting. Mike Dudkoff and Steve James are some smooth pimps in the movie bringing it to the man as only they can. If you like 80's karate movies then check this out.

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