Ancient Alien Origins (2022) 1080p YIFY Movie

Ancient Alien Origins (2022) 1080p

Researchers discover that Aliens from another world assisted in the evolution of man and were the genesis of a very real bloodline that remains intact today. The Aliens left Earth millennia ago, but the signs are growing daily.

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The Synopsis for Ancient Alien Origins (2022) 1080p

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[Director]Eklavya Sakpal
[Role:]Derek Amato

The Reviews for Ancient Alien Origins (2022) 1080p

Refreshing!Reviewed byjokertoadVote: 10/10

In my humble opinion, this is absolutely wonderful! I'm definitely plan to watch all of the 'Ancient Aliens' series/shows now. Certainly, I 100% admit that I don't absolutely, with certainty, know all the answers to... well, anything and everything, including about my own self. So, I have never bought into anyone's interpretation of anything. They're all biased. Every one. However, this makes some sense of the unsensible. It's as easy, if not easier, to believe than some giant man in the sky waiting billions of years to finally create us in His image, blah, blah, and a bunch of other nonsensical stuff. I don't think this series is meant to claim scientific irrefutable evidence of aliens, or change peoples' beliefs' systems, or teach that God=Aliens (or vice versa). It reminds those of us who do believe but do have questions that the entire story isn't contained in one 2-part book. And, it's the most I've EVER seen regarding "the nephillum that came to earth and (slept) with our women" that I've been asking about since I learned how to read.

Blatant Religious Propaganda, and Badly Done, At ThatReviewed byHeatherOHaraVote: 2/10

VERY low budget Christian propaganda piece that clocks in at just under an hour, which is definitely long enough; unless you buy into what's being sold here, the first ten minutes will almost certainly be long enough.

I don't have a problem with religious propaganda, truly. To each his own - you don't have to tune in, folks, and you don't have to hate those who do. That said, I do resent a presentation of bizarre, made up garbage decorated as pseudo-science.

I rate this two stars because, for what it is, it's a below par, mediocre example that works hard to convince you that there cannot be aliens, unless you accept that 'aliens' = God.

For the rest of us, it's a timely reminder that modern society is leaving The Church by the thousands, and that this is a response to a difficult, ecumenical issue.

Biased propaganda...Reviewed bypaul_haakonsenVote: 1/10

Every now and again I sit down to watch a documentary, and I opted to do so here in 2022 when I stumbled upon the 2015 documentary "Ancient Alien Origins". Now, I hadn't ever heard about this documentary from writer and director Eklavya Sakpal, but of course I opted to give it a chance.

And talk about a biased documentary. It was just painful to sit through and listen to the "facts" that the documentary was spewing out, without ever dishing out an ounce of proof to substantiate all the preposterous claims presented in the documentary. And I use the word "documentary" mockingly here, because this was in no way looking objectively at anything.

And the narrator presenting the contents of "Ancient Alien Origins" was just poorly chosen, given the rather dull and monotonous tone of voice and speech patterns. It made the ordeal even less desirable to sit through, having to listen to the narrator drone on and on about biased things.

If you enjoy documentaries about aliens, or even believe in aliens for that matter, do yourself a big favor and stay well clear of this 2015 "documentary".

My rating of "Ancient Alien Origins" lands on a one out of ten stars.

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