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Angel and the Badman (1947)

Quirt Evans, an all round bad guy, is nursed back to health and sought after by Penelope Worth, a Quaker girl. He eventually finds himself having to choose between his world and the world Penelope lives in.

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The Synopsis for Angel and the Badman (1947) 720p

Notorious gunman Quirt Evans is wounded and on the run. He arrives at a Quaker farm owned by Thomas Worth and his family where he collapses from exhaustion. Evans asks Thomas and his daughter Penelope to drive him into town in their wagon in order to send an urgent telegram. The telegram contains a land claim and is sent to the land recorder's office. The Quaker family is ignoring the town doctor's advice to rid themselves of the gunfighter and they compassionately tend to the delirious Evans. Penny Worth becomes intrigued by his ravings of past loves.When Evans regains consciousness, Penny explains to him about the Quaker credo of non-violence and way of life. Three weeks later, two desperadoes, Laredo Stevens and Hondo Jeffries, ride into town looking for Evans.Penny's younger brother, Johnny, rushes home to inform Evans of his visitors and Evans prepares to flee. Penny, now smitten with Evans, offers to run off with him. Upon hearing the sound of approaching horses, Evans grabs his...

The Director and Players for Angel and the Badman (1947) 720p

[Director]James Edward Grant
[Role:]Harry Carey
[Role:]John Wayne
[Role:]Gail Russell

The Reviews for Angel and the Badman (1947) 720p

A Great Classic by Any StandardsReviewed byrobert-temple-1Vote: 10/10

This film is one of the great classics of cinema history, nearly perfect in every way. I have to confess I never heard of it until I bought the DVD in Paris out of curiosity because I like Gail Russell. Watching it with French subtitles was hysterically funny in terms of the language differences: 'Hey boss!' is translated 'He, Patron!', and countless other mirthful examples. As usual, the French cineastes have shown great taste in treating this film as an international classic transcending all cultural boundaries. To call it a 'Western' is to condemn it to provincialism. It is far more than that. The luminous presence of the velvety, shy, and melancholy Gail Russell is truly the presence of an angel, and it is as if heaven were lighting the shots for her. She can never have delivered a better performance, nor in my opinion did John Wayne ever find better magic with a leading lady, even his chum Maureen O'Hara with whom he had such jolly roustabouts in more rough and tumble films later on. This film has a pervasive gentle humour which is delightful. Wayne himself is the perfect puer aeternus (eternal boy), wrinkling up his tough guy's visage in an instant into a childlike puzzlement and instant surrender to the playful Gail Russell's commands, on a docile and comical yes ma'am basis. They are like two ten-year-olds playing together, oblivious of the camera. Botticelli could not have drawn a more perfect angel for this fable. Who cares about the story, just sit back and watch this magic as if you were peeking through the doors of some lost paradise. Never would John Wayne rise so high again; this was his peak. And this was Gail Russell at her most glorious, her most divine. When you die, take this one with you.

Very highly recommendedReviewed byzetesVote: 9/10

Fun movie about a cowboy named Quirt (John Wayne) who is wants to reform his ways after he meets a sweet Quaker girl. When he is shot, the Quaker family takes care of him, and after he wakes up the daughter (Gail Russell) falls in love with him. It's goofy and cliché, sure, but there's a really fine movie to be found in the familiar setup. Writer/director Grant create many good vignettes. There are several wonderful supporting characters who add a lot of worth to the proceedings, including Harry Carey as a marshall, Lee Dixon as one of Quirt's friends and old partners in crime, Tom Powers as the local, scientific, atheist doctor, and Olin Howlin as the town telegrapher. Howlin's character is pure comic relief, very humorously claiming a long friendship with Quirt, though he only saw him once when he was almost unconscious. Then Carey's character is wryly comedic: as the marshall, he's constantly stalking Quirt. He's sure that someday he'll get to hang the guy, and he harps on it constantly. The chemistry between Wayne and Russell adds an unexpected poignancy to the film. The scene where the two pick blackberries is simply beautiful, and their wordless climactic exchange is perfectly performed. Good action sequences, as well. 9/10.

Quirt and the Quakers...what a combo!!!Reviewed bymctoomeyVote: 10/10

One of my all-time favorite movies and, in my opinion, one of the Duke's best. This one's got it all...comedy, drama, and redemption. Both the Duke and Gail Russell give fine lead performances supported by a colorful cast of characters. I highly recommend this movie to all.

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