Angel and the Badman (2009) 1080p YIFY Movie

Angel and the Badman (2009) 1080p

Angel and the Bad Man is a TV movie starring Lou Diamond Phillips, Deborah Kara Unger, and Luke Perry. This remake of the John Wayne classic tells the story of a notorious gunfighter, Quirt Evans (Lou Diamond Phillips), who is...

IMDB: 5.00 Likes

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The Synopsis for Angel and the Badman (2009) 1080p

This remake of the John Wayne classic tells the story of a notorious gunfighter, Quirt Evans (Lou Diamond Phillips), who is wounded and seeks shelter with a Quaker family.

The Director and Players for Angel and the Badman (2009) 1080p

[Director]Terry Ingram
[Role:]Luke Perry
[Role:]Lou Diamond Phillips
[Role:]Deborah Kara Unger
[Role:]Terence Kelly

The Reviews for Angel and the Badman (2009) 1080p

This is a good movie ********Reviewed bykayel_justiceVote: 10/10

I am giving this a 10 because the voting score is unfairly low. Just to sum up I like movies such as Se7en, Old Boy, Fight Club, and Gypy 83. And this is a good movie.

Right away I was sucked into the atmosphere and cared about Diamond Phillips (Quirt). His acting in this movie is really good. Seriously underrated. Also the supporting actors are very good. The sheriff really sticks out in my mind when I say this. I'm am not writing about the story, you can read the description of the movie for that, but rather I decided to write about the feeling this movie gives people when they watch it. This is a hallmark film, something I am NOT used to watching, however I woke up one Saturday morn' and this was on. I saw Lou's and Luke Perry's name, and thought, "hmmm, if I don't like it in 5min I will watch ninja warrior or something", however I did not change the channel. this movie is not a sex driven, swear wording, extremely vulgar piece, but it reminds you of how a movie can be powerful and fun to watch with a little effort in iteration and translation. It is Enjoyable. I have read from others that Lou did a good job in redoing the classic in his own style, I have to say, though I did not see the original, I do not doubt that this may be better.

Decent remake given the low budget!Reviewed bylordbowlerVote: 6/10

I concur with with bkoganbing "The Wayne Family Seal Of Approval". Imitation is often the sincerest form of flattery.

Anyone who is a fan of John Wayne and expecting a better version than his will be disappointed. But, if you are a fan of the Western Genre and of Lou Diamond Phillips, then you will be satisfied with this remake.

Lou Diamond Phillips and Luke Perry do a good job with their parts. Additionally, while Deborah Kara Unger is not as attractive as Gail Russell in the original, she does fit the part of a Quaker more so. She does a decent job in her role.

The standouts of this film are Lou Diamond Phillips, Winston Rekert (The Marshal), and Don Thompson as The Doc. Most of the supporting players are mediocre, but there are a few standouts, particularly, Gary Chalk as Steve Carson and Brendan Wayne as Randy. The other interesting part of this movie is the well done and fitting song sung (presumably) by Jennifer Copping (Maggie).

The sets and the scenery also looked very good.

I'd also recommend the remake of Red River with Bruce Boxleitner. A practical shot-for-shot remake of Wayne's original. Red River is one of my top ten favorites of Wayne's and I enjoyed this TV Remake.

Hey, Its TVReviewed bymovingwaterVote: 2/10

Finally, a western in which they admit the indoor spaces were small and cold! I have often thought to myself that westerns invariably fail to depict what living in the "old west" may have been like without central heating. Also, other than Lou Diamond Phillips himself, they have never seen a barber. Although the clothes ad persons are far too clean.

Production values are sufficient as is the acting and script to make watching the whole movie possible.

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