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Angel of the Skies (2013)

War is declared and Britain must take action against Nazi Germany if Europe is going to be saved from its ruthless clutches. Determined to beat the enemy Flt. Office Earl Kirk, a young ...

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The Synopsis for Angel of the Skies (2013) 720p

War is declared and Britain must take action against Nazi Germany if Europe is going to be saved from its ruthless clutches. Determined to beat the enemy Flt. Office Earl Kirk, a young South African pilot, volunteers his services to the Royal Air Force, sacrificing his family, his future and himself in the fight against evil. Whilst in combat, surrounded by bombers and under relentless attack, Kirk must make the decision that could change his and his crew's life forever. Plummeting through the air, they are forced to leave the safety of their aircraft and parachute directly into Nazi occupied land. Following a South African Pilot, Captain Earl Kirk, who volunteered to fight for the Royal Air Force during the height of Air Marshal Harris' bombing campaign over Nazi Germany, we are thrust into an action packed story of Kirk and his men's fight for survival when their bomber is shot down over Germany. Battling to get home to complete their mission and see their loved ones, this RAF crew ...

The Director and Players for Angel of the Skies (2013) 720p

[Director]Christopher-Lee dos Santos
[Role:]Brad Backhouse
[Role:]Andre Frauenstein
[Role:]Nicholas Van Der Bijl

The Reviews for Angel of the Skies (2013) 720p

Heroes, Not HollywoodReviewed byChananMattisonVote: 7/10

I've met real life heroes of the Battle of Britain, DFC winners, like the chap who went up after losing his legs. There may be some technical problems such as accurate equipment, but for an independent film, its actually 'bloody' good. There are some remarkable realism of character portrayed here, and because of this the film succeeds in being deeply moving. And all the more because it is not Hollywood slick. Its a humble film, non-pretentious and because of this you really end up caring about the characters involved. It breaks some Director rules: it needed to pick up the pace in its dialogue, but the characterization level is excellent. If anyone is experienced with many of German blood, the SS officer here is very good: its the way it was and therefore when you know that it is very chilling. Lots of the actors get the military mannerisms remarkably accurate here, right down to the correct angle of their hats. I suspect that equipment inaccuracies can occur when the budget is limited and the Director had to make do. These are heroes not in the Hollywood mould but as they were in real life, flawed at times and yet sometimes even though making mistakes, sometimes costly, they were ready to do great things for one another. So much is owed by our young generation to those who gave up their lives in this great conflict of good and evil, so that our democracies might survive. I suspect that those who are so dissatisfied with this film are equally dissatisfied with life, because the realistic effort of Angel of the Skies is very high. 7 out of 10!

DVD review from Technology Tell magazine by Steve Anderson.Reviewed bycrashnemesisVote: 8/10

DVD Review from Technology Tell Magazine by Steve Anderson.

There are certain breeds of movie that we don't see often. Science fiction and Westerns commonly top the list, but war movies are also frequently spotted in attendance. Our friends out at Entertainment One, meanwhile, look to fix that with "Angel of the Skies," a movie that takes another look at World War II, this time through the aviators' eyes.

"Angel of the Skies" follows Earl Kirk, a South African man who leaves his pregnant fiancée to go fight in World War II as part of the Royal Air Force. There's no shortage of fighting left to go, and eventually Kirk is shot down along with his crew, forced to parachute into occupied territory. Now, the handful of men who escaped death in the skies must set out on foot, dodging a vicious SS officer who will go to any lengths to finish the job his countrymen started in the sky.

The good thing about "Angel of the Skies" is its wonderfully immersive quality. This feels like a look at the war, in this era, and at this point in time. It's deliriously authentic; it's like being there. It's the next best thing to actually being there. But this immersive nature also means the movie sacrifices a lot in the way of action, particularly in the early going. I don't believe I heard a shot fired in anger for the entirety of the first half hour, and that's a bit of a lag. Considering the movie only packs around 100 minutes to its name, losing roughly a third of those to a gunshot-free existence is a tough road to hoe.

Still, the further good news is that once it gets started, it gets started in earnest. There's more than its share of action, with a good bit of suspense tossed in for extra fun. It's always good when a genre movie can toss in elements of other genres–action blends with suspense or horror, comedy blends with action or a Western, and so on. "Angel of the Skies" does a fine job of mixing, and gives us a wonderful synthesis. War buffs, you'll not be disappointed, and action buffs in general, this is a fine slice of cinematic action.

Special features include a trailer for "Angel of the Skies," a set of audio options and English subtitles.

Though it takes a while to get started, "Angel of the Skies" will do a very nice job overall. A slow start isn't near enough to cut the tension that will be sparked throughout this one, and the whole thing will make an excellent addition to the roster of war movies out there.

Horrible, just horribleReviewed bysunetteramosVote: 2/10

I watch a lot of war movies (especially with my dad). So don't think i'm against war films as i write this...

This was a horrible horrible movie. I don't even know where to start, the title sequence felt like it went on forever, with the same grainy film in a loop overlapping at what felt like a whole newspaper I had to read.

The visual effects were appalling. Felt like it was rushed by a 9th grader using 3D studio max for the first time.

The characters was one dimensional and the acting was just soooo soooo baaaaad.

The story was boring, after the first 15 min I lost interest.

And the sound..ARRRG the sound....The background sounds were out of place and repetitive. The voices in some scenes sounded as if it were re-dubbed.

The ONLY reason i'm giving it a rating of 2 out of 10, is that at least the costumes looked authentic.

Rather save your money and re-watch something brilliant like Full Metal Jacket, Platoon, Saving Private Ryan, Band of Brothers, The Pacific or We were soldiers.

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