Angels with Dirty Faces (1938) 1080p YIFY Movie

Angels with Dirty Faces (1938) 1080p

Angels with Dirty Faces is a movie starring James Cagney, Pat O'Brien, and Humphrey Bogart. A priest tries to stop a gangster from corrupting a group of street kids.

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The Synopsis for Angels with Dirty Faces (1938) 1080p

Two boyhood friends, Rocky Sullivan and Jerry Connolly have taken different paths in life. After Rocky is arrested he is sent to a juvenile facility and becomes a lifelong tough guy and criminal. Jerry on the other hand goes straight and becomes a Catholic priest ministering to people in the same neighborhood when he and Rocky grew up. When Rocky is released from prison he resumes his criminal lifestyle and becomes much admired by many of the local kids. Worried that the kids will follow Rocky into the criminal world, Jerry works hard to keep them on the straight and narrow. When Rocky is convicted and sentenced to the electric chair, Jerry asks him for one last favor.

The Director and Players for Angels with Dirty Faces (1938) 1080p

[Director]Michael Curtiz
[Role:]Humphrey Bogart
[Role:]Ann Sheridan
[Role:]Pat O'Brien
[Role:]James Cagney

The Reviews for Angels with Dirty Faces (1938) 1080p

"Whadda ya hear! Whadda ya say!"Reviewed byutgard14Vote: 7/10

The gangster movie is one of my favorite genres from Hollywood's Golden Age and no one could do them like Warner Bros. They made many classics but none quite as good as Angels with Dirty Faces, in my opinion. Directed by Michael Curtiz, it stars James Cagney and Pat O'Brien as childhood friends whose lives take different paths -- O'Brien becomes a priest and Cagney becomes a criminal. When Cagney returns to the old neighborhood and proves to be a bad influence on the street kids who idolize him, O'Brien fights to save the kids and, if possible, his friend.

A wonderful movie in every way, with humor and action and lots of heart. Cagney does a fantastic job deserving of his Oscar nomination. His final scene is among the best of his career. O'Brien has a less flashy part but he's really the anchor to the film and delivers a great turn himself. His real life friendship with Cagney no doubt helped in selling the affection these two men have for one another. Ann Sheridan is good in a somewhat unnecessary part. She makes the most of her screen time and has nice chemistry with Cagney, but her character adds little to the story. Humphrey Bogart, at this point still playing villains, is very good as a weasel you can't wait to see rubbed out. The Dead End Kids play the gang of "yutes" that's at the heart of it all. As always, they're an acquired taste but I tend to enjoy them a lot. They're especially good here with Cagney, who's like a big Dead End Kid himself. The basketball scene is a hoot. Special mention to Frankie Burke, who plays Cagney's character as a teen in the beginning of the movie. Ideal casting, both in looks and performance, Burke is terrific.

It's one of my all-time favorite films. I love WB gangster movies and they don't get any better than this one. Often imitated and mocked over the years, it might not hold the same punch for modern audiences that it once did. I was lucky to see it when I was young before I was too cynical to enjoy it. I credit it with being one of the films that turned me into a classic Hollywood fan for life.

"All right, fellas... let's go and say a prayer for a boy who couldn't run as fast as I could."Reviewed byackstasisVote: 9/10

'Angels with Dirty Faces,' one of a string of gangster/crime pictures that frequented Hollywood throughout the 1930s {'Little Caesar (1931);' 'The Public Enemy (1931);' 'Scarface (1932);' 'The Petrified Forest (1936)'}, was a film that I really only watched to see Humphrey Bogart playing a bad guy, as happened often in the years before 'The Maltese Falcon (1941)' made him a star. However, it was the performance of Mr. James Cagney ? of whom I'd often heard, but never seen on screen ? that truly inspired my admiration, delivering surely one of the most memorable displays of acting I'd ever seen. I know that it's an old cliché in film criticism, but this wasn't simply an actor playing a role; Cagney completed inhabited the character of Rocky Sullivan, slipping so painlessly into the role that you'd think Sullivan was a real criminal merely playing himself. Cagney's defiantly-upright posture, dryly-amused facial expressions, his quirky mannerisms {including his character's trademark greeting of "Whaddya hear? Whaddya say?"} project a lifetime of power, corruption and frustration; Sullivan's wily toughness has been chiseled by years of crime and incarceration, of his constant exposure to men just as dangerous as himself. He is truly a formidable figure, and Cagney flawlessly captures the many layers of his fascinating character, in a role for which he earned the first of his three Oscar nominations.

'Angels with Dirty Faces' was directed by Michael Curtiz, most famous nowadays for 'Casablanca (1942),' but his list of great films is extensive, as I'm now beginning to discover. The film is a thickly-layered crime film, slick and action-packed with a hint of social commentary. It deals with a popular theme of 1930s crime films, of two childhood friends who, in later life, ended up on opposite sides of the law. Rocky Sullivan (Frankie Burke as a youth, James Cagney as an adult) and Jerry Connolly (William Tracy as a youth, Pat O'Brien as an adult) were the best of friends, passing their adolescent years through dabbling in minor theft. After they are discovered raiding a railway car, Jerry manages to flee the policemen's grasp, but Rocky is apprehended; this seemingly trivial event {Rocky being unable to run quite as fast as Jerry} is the crucial moment when the two boys' paths violently diverged, and their lives would never be the same again. After spending years in a rehabilitation centre for juvenile delinquents, Rocky becomes immersed in a life of crime, while his old friend heads towards the Church, from which he tries to prevent the next generation from going astray.

As I mentioned earlier, Cagney leads a dynamite cast of intriguing characters. Humphrey Bogart excels as James Frazier, a weaselly lawyer who decides to have Rocky whacked rather than pay him the $100,000 in misbegotten money that he owes him; George Bancroft plays his associate in crime. The "Dead End" Kids from William Wylers 'Dead End (1937)', headed by Soapy (Billy Halop), are a gang of youths who idolise Rocky's life of crime so reverentially that they are almost certain to follow in his pitiful footsteps. Pretty Laury Ferguson (Ann Sheridan), a girl from Rocky's childhood, isn't given particularly much to do in the film, but is rather the perfect embodiment of innocence, a stark contrast with our main character's dirty criminal past. Pat O'Brien {who starred in countless films alongside Cagney throughout the decade} is adequate as the good-willed anti-crime crusader, but his priest character just isn't really all that interesting, somewhat bland alongside a hot-heated dynamo like Rocky Sullivan. Praise must also go to young Frankie Burke, who plays Rocky as a child, and who imitated Cagney's tone and mannerisms so perfectly that I wondered for a second if that was Cagney himself somehow playing a teenager.

James Cagney is the bossReviewed bySnoopyStyleVote: 8/10

Rocky Sullivan (James Cagney) and Jerry Connolly (Pat O'Brien) are childhood friends. In 1920, the two boys are chased by the police. Jerry managed to escape but Rocky is detained leading to a life of crime. Jerry becomes a priest and Rocky becomes a notorious gangster. James Frazier (Humphrey Bogart) is Rocky's corrupt lawyer. After getting out of prison, Rocky moves into a boarding house run by former classmate Laury Martin (Ann Sheridan). He takes an interest in a crew of petty criminals, The 'Dead End' Kids. The kids see him as their hero while Jerry tries to reform the boys. Rocky wants his share from Frazier and Frazier is willing to kill Rocky to keep it.

The 'Dead End' Kids was a concept back in the day and this may be the best movie with this idea. In this one, they try to out-Cagney Cagney, but there is only one. He does his usual act plus much, much, more. It's a nice pairing with O'Brien and Bogie is a heavy. It's a classic crime melodrama of the highest quality.

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