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Animalympics (1980)

Animalympics is a movie starring Gilda Radner, Billy Crystal, and Harry Shearer. The animal kingdom stages its own olympic games.

IMDB: 6.80 Likes

  • Genre: Animation | Comedy
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  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 78
  • IMDB Rating: 6.8/10 
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  • Peers/Seeds: 14 / 22

The Synopsis for Animalympics (1980) 720p

Animalympics is all about the Animal Olympics Contest where all the animals around the world gather to take part in everything from skiing in North America to the very long marathon race in humid conditions. With lively music provided by Graham Gouldman, the film is very different to other cartoons, being more of a drama-comedy than cartoon. With a turtle hosting the proceedings and a killer whale competing against a sting ray in the swimming competition.

The Director and Players for Animalympics (1980) 720p

[Director]Steven Lisberger
[Role:]Billy Crystal
[Role:]Michael Fremer
[Role:]Harry Shearer
[Role:]Gilda Radner

The Reviews for Animalympics (1980) 720p

My memories's of AnimalympicsReviewed bymytown98136Vote: 10/10

When I was about 6 I saw the cartoon Animalympics on HBO. My family just got cable and I seemed to be the most interested in the medium. VCR's were fairly new and my uncle the pr*ck got us one for Christmas. I took the machine over and recorded the movie. I loved everything about it. I only loved one more movie as much.... Time Bandits.... I always felt like I was the only person who'd ever seen it. I recite scenes and some of the one liners i've made my own over the years. I don't know who most of the well known voices acted out were but I definitely know Gilda Radners as Barbra Wobblers( Barbara Walters). Not as corny as it sounds now back then.Every voice is perfect for the characters. Some of the perfect characters are, Keen Hacksaw, Bruce Kwokimoto,Kit Mambo, Kurt Wuffner, the Calimari Bros and the breakfast of champions.... Gecko Flakes. Never forget the Five rings of the paw print that make up the animalympic symbol. If you remember this movie and need more retro animation that isn't animated like sh*t, watch "rock and rule". I got sh*t that'll blow your mind....

Hidden treasureReviewed byMartianOctocretr5Vote: 8/10

Beatfully executed parody of the Olympic games, with animated animals as the athletes, coaches, sports announcers and other characters. Imitation is the sincerest form of adulation, and this affectionate satire is as much a tribute as it is a satire to the Games.

All the signature elements that we've seen over the years of network coverage of the Olympics are sent up in sweet and playful fashion, and the animal versions of the wide array of both Summer and Winter events are applied ingeniously. Even those bio/interview spots they always do on athletes to show you the arrogant, the hopeful, the ones who "carry the dreams of a nation," and so on; it's all here.

It's put together to mirror the real thing so well, with some amusing and lovable characters. Gilda Radner's classic Bawbwa Wawa impression is utilized perfectly as a wacky sportscaster, and the voice talents doing Jim McKay and Howard Cosell had them down perfectly. Many of the athletes are colorful and cleverly written in spite of their brief screen appearances. Probably best is the recurring marathon story which eventually unfolds a sweet subplot with a cool and unexpected happy ending.

Copies are hard to find; but this rare treasure is worth the looking.

A time capsule worth revisitingReviewed byworld_of_weirdVote: 7/10

ANIMALYMPICS is definitely one of those films that pretty much defines its time and place - it's got a soft-rock score by 10CC's Graham Gouldman, some shiny chrome-effect logos and bumpers (the titles that pop up at the start of each segment), references to late seventies pop culture including disco fever and surf bums, and it's pre-political correctness so there are plenty of stereotypes (if you're offended by the joke early on about all Asian people looking the same, represented by a herd of puffins, you'd better tune out or get a sense of humour) and, believe it or not, a lot of none-too-thinly-veiled sexuality from our anthropomorphic heroes - the animators do have a habit of going slightly over the top with any movement that involves breasts or rear ends! Whilst the animation isn't the best you'll ever see (I wasn't impressed with the high quantity of 'static' shots where there is literally NO animation at all) and there's not enough action or excitement for the little ones, ANIMALYMPICS does have a nice, dry sense of humour, several bright moments and a welcome lack of cynicism. If you want to revisit your youth or want to give your kids something different from the usual CGI mayhem, this may be worth a look.

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