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Another Man's Poison (1951)

Another Man's Poison is a movie starring Bette Davis, Gary Merrill, and Emlyn Williams. In an isolated house, mystery writer Janet Frobisher is involved in potentially murderous relationships.

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  • Genre: Crime | Drama
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  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 90
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The Synopsis for Another Man's Poison (1951) 720p

Mystery writer Janet Frobisher lives alone in a dark English country house, when she's not philandering with her secretary's fiancée. At an extremely awkward moment, she has an unwelcome visitor: George Bates, who claims to be the partner in crime of Janet's estranged husband. George insinuates himself into Janet's home and life despite her efforts to get rid of him; the tangled relationships develop into a macabre, murderous cat-and-mouse game.

The Director and Players for Another Man's Poison (1951) 720p

[Director]Irving Rapper
[Role:]Anthony Steel
[Role:]Gary Merrill
[Role:]Bette Davis
[Role:]Emlyn Williams

The Reviews for Another Man's Poison (1951) 720p

Recommend for tight structureReviewed byBuildersVote: 7/10

I appreciate this terse movie's smart script, staging, and tight editing, especially upon second viewing. Of course the nosy neighbor veterinarian serves mainly as a plot vehicle, but the role is well acted. Gary Merrill's George Bates seems lacking some refinement of expression. He plays it like an open book, and makes Bates a totally sympathetic character. The story hinges on the power plays between Bates and devious Janet as, chained together by their crimes, they struggle for the upper hand via her scheming and his brute force. Their tortured relationship could have a plausible chance for success, given the plot circumstances, but the secretary's fiancé Larry is in the way, creating a tension that draws the characters to the unhappy climax. Davis is in good form, and this is an entertaining film.

Since there is a finite number of Bette Davis films available for viewing in 2006, one has to value each for what it is. Although "Poison" may not be in her top 10, Davis is the master, and it is infinitely preferable to experience it than not.

Not Bette's bestReviewed byjholtzVote: 5/10

I'm a BIG Bette Davis fan, so her tendency to overact doesn't usually bother me, but "Poison" is way over the top. The plot is ludicrous by any standard, and without the charm that Bette clearly displays in her other movies (Jezbel, for instance,) to bolster it, the movie falls flat.

Lackluster Bette Davis entry, a step down from her previous successes...Reviewed bymoonspinner55Vote: 5/10

Leslie Sands' stilted play "Deadlock" becomes a poor-choice vehicle for Bette Davis and Gary Merrill, following their joint-success in "All About Eve". After killing her spouse, a scheming woman is visited by her husband's best friend, who passes himself off as her husband once other people begin dropping by. Irving Rapper, one of Bette's best directors from her peak years, is sadly unable to elevate this ridiculous material, in which Davis is curiously aloof and restrained until the outrageous finale (where she thankfully pulls out all the stops). Production and supporting cast second-rate. Mainly for Bette Davis completists. ** from ****

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