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Another Year (2010)

A look at four seasons in the lives of a happily married couple and their relationships with their family and friends.

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The Synopsis for Another Year (2010) 720p

A married couple who have managed to remain blissfully happy into their autumn years, are surrounded over the course of the four seasons of one average year by friends, colleagues, and family who all seem to suffer some degree of unhappiness.

The Director and Players for Another Year (2010) 720p

[Director]Mike Leigh
[Role:]Lesley Manville
[Role:]Jim Broadbent
[Role:]Ruth Sheen

The Reviews for Another Year (2010) 720p

A Good Life?Reviewed bystablecottageVote: 6/10

First, a confession: I don't enjoy watching Mike Leigh films. For me, they're a bit of an ordeal, rather than a pleasant night out. 'Another Year' was no exception; but it certainly made me think...

Imagine you're looking at a picture, one in which there's a wealth of painstakingly drawn detail. For the sake of argument, let's call it 'The gulf between tolerance and understanding': A family is gathered around a table in a large suburban kitchen. They're clearly happy and comfortable, all are laughing and chatting together; a man and woman, nearing retirement, and a younger couple, holding hands lovingly. From the clothes they wear and the surroundings, you'd struggle to place the date; it could be any time in the last forty years.

In their midst are two others. A man, gaunt and unkempt, his grey moustache and fingers tinged yellow with tobacco; and a middle-aged woman, one hand clasped around an empty wine glass, as she fumbles for a nearby bottle with the other. Both stare from the picture, unsmiling and trance-like; clearly apart from the family scene playing out around them.

What thoughts and emotions would the artist of the picture be trying to convey? Well, work that out and you may be on your way to understanding this film, of which this is the closing shot.

The film begins in a similar vein, with a woman that hasn't slept properly for a year, her look also vacant and haunted. She doesn't drink, has seemingly no means of escape from what's troubling her; and can't remember when she was last happy. A doctor asks her questions, trying to find out why she can't sleep? and the story begins. It's a scene that needs to be watched very carefully; without it, the point of the film may be lost.

Another Year closer to the grave? Or '?what have we done? Another Year over?' (Lennon) My feelings are that the latter is pretty close: the central characters have grown comfortably numb in their middle class lives, pottering in their vegetable patch and commuting to work. They both seem blissfully in control, self-sufficient, free from stress and unhappiness; or perhaps they've always managed to skilfully avoid it? During the course of the film, though, we also see the sad lives of others: their friends, family and associates, people who could do with their advice and involvement. Is it given? I refer you back to the picture. You guess.

As the closing credits roll, perhaps we should all know what's keeping the woman awake?

What dreadful peopleReviewed byciao-tomVote: 3/10

Is Mike Leigh trying to be Ingmar Bergman? Always the same actors, the same sorts of intimate human dramas.

In this particular case we have a really smug, settled, very English couple (Tom and Geri) who work as a team, exchanging glances, out to spot any potentially unsettling situation and level it off (usually with yet another cup of tea).

The woman of the couple (Geri) is a psychotherapist but completely unable to handle the desperation of her co-worker Mary, a stereotyped "desperate woman" (hopelessly over-acted by Lesley Manville) who is going mad simply because she can't find the right man. Surely this is a very dubious way to portray a woman who has difficulties with men? Tom and Geri are completely unable to deal with her and end up just shutting her out of their lives.

I don't know if it's intentional or not but this film depicts all the horror of middle- class English life: cold and uncommunicative people who only seem nice but are really nasty to one another underneath, horrified at the slightest manifestation of emotion (be it love or anger), always wanting to dilute every experience and take the sting out of every situation.

The idea of the "year" is supposed to be conveyed by the four seasons, depicted as the four seasons in the allottment tended by Tom and Geri. Another Bergman-ish touch.

There's a brilliant cameo piece right at the beginning, in which the great Imelda Staunton plays one of Geri's patients, desperate to get some Valium from the doctor, very tense and loaded with problems she doesn't want to admit to. Staunton's ability to play this role, very close-up to the camera where you can see every nuance of her facial muscles, her frightened, suspicious eyes, her tight mouth. The immense abilities of this great actress only make Lesley Manville's portrayal of the "Anne" seem all the more hopelessly inadequate.

The film has a number of discontinuities: since Anne and Geri work closely together every day, what happens at work when Geri decides to "unfriend" Anne? We're not told.

Some of the really interesting characters (Tom and Geris' son Joe, played by the excellent Oliver Maltman, whose totally laid-back attitude is a foil to the absurdly keyed-up Anne; Tom's angry nephew Carl, played by Martin Savage - perhaps the only real hope in the film) never really develop.

Disappointing. It's clear that Mike Leigh had something interesting he wanted to say with the film - something critical about English society- but he slips into making it a soft-focus poem about the happy, basically stupid life of Tom and Geri with their allottment and their cups of tea. Very disappointing and quite difficult to watch.

All Four SeasonsReviewed byferguson-6Vote: 7/10

Greetings again from the darkness. How DARE he? Mike Leigh is such a non-compliant filmmaker. He just refuses to follow the rules ... and film goers are the benefactors of his daring. Mind you, his daring is not in the regards of special effects, stunt work or trick photography. No sir. His daring is with the subject, theme, tone and characters. He is ... GASP ... unafraid of real people! If you have seen Mr. Leigh's work in "Happy-Go-Lucky" or "Vera Drake", you understand that his films can be simplistic on the surface, while carrying multiple layers of commentary and observations. He also has the classic British sense of humor in that very few "punchlines" exist. Instead the humor comes in allowing the viewer to recognize the characters as someone they know, or God forbid, even their own self!

Mr. Leigh has a history of making films without a script ... only broad based outlines for the characters. The actors then work to fill in the details of the individuals, which in turn, forms a story. This explains why the story does not follow the traditional arc. In fact, the story has no real beginning or ending. What we see are the interactions of people who are friends, relatives, co-workers, acquaintances and strangers.

The foundation of the film, as well as the foundation for most of the other characters in the film, is the happily married couple of Tom and Gerri, played by the terrific Jim Broadbent and Ruth Sheen. This is a couple who not only love and respect each other, but also enjoy being together. Their friends and family come in and out of their lives, but their bond is strong.

Key amongst this group is their friend, and Gerri's co-worker, Mary (Lesley Manville). Mary is someone we all recognize. She is single, not getting any younger, desperately trying to avoid loneliness (too often with a bottle), masking her fear through fake excitement, and latched onto the security blanket offered by Tom and Gerri's friendship.

When family friend Ken (Peter Wight) makes a move on Mary, she shuns him because of his lack of perfection. She always thinks she can do better. When she begins fixating on Tom and Gerri's son Joe (Oliver Maltman), we really feel her pain but just want to slap some sense into her. The relationships all take a hit when Mary shows up for dinner and is introduced to Joe's new girlfriend ... a wonderfully charming and talented Katie (Karina Fernandez). Mary acts the selfish fool and it drives a wedge between she and Gerri. There is even a line of dialogue earlier on ... never come between a mother and her son! Another character we are witness to includes the great Imelda Staunton as a depressed middle-aged woman who comes to Gerri for professional guidance. We also meet David Bradley as Tom's older brother, Ronnie, whose wife has recently passed.

All of these situations and personalities are balanced by Tom and Gerri as they provide a stable environment ... it's as if they are a fountain of sanity from which everyone wishes to drink. As an added touch, none of the characters are Hollywood beauties. Broadbent and Ms. Sheen would never be mistaken for Brad and Angelina. Rather they are more likely to look like someone you know ... and better yet, their characters live like people you WANT to know. So again I ask ... How dare he?

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