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Army of Thieves (2021)

A prequel, set before the events of Army of the Dead, which focuses on German safecracker Ludwig Dieter leading a group of aspiring thieves on a top secret heist during the early stages of the zombie apocalypse.

IMDB: 6.4102 Likes

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  • IMDB Rating: 6.4/10 
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The Synopsis for Army of Thieves (2021) 720p

A prequel, set before the events of Army of the Dead, which focuses on German safecracker Ludwig Dieter leading a group of aspiring thieves on a top secret heist during the early stages of the zombie apocalypse.

The Director and Players for Army of Thieves (2021) 720p

[Role:]Ruby O. Fee
[Role:]Nathalie Emmanuel
[Role:Director]Matthias Schweigh?fer
[Role:]Matthias Schweigh?fer

The Reviews for Army of Thieves (2021) 720p

Anchored by strong direction and performance from Matthias Schweigh?fer, Army of Thieves is a playfully fun heist thriller that uses its parts to good effect.Reviewed byIonicBreezeMachineVote: 7/10

Sebastian Schlencht-W?hnert (Matthias Schweigh?fer) is a quiet introverted bank teller with a lonely mundane life who in his spare time practices safecracking and making YouTube vdeos about it that no one ever watches. After making a video discussing four legendary safes made by tragic safe designer Hans Wagner, Sebastian is recruited by Gwendoline (Nathalie Emmanuel), a master pickpocket, to showcase his safecracking skills in an underground tournament that Sebastian effortlessly wins. Gwendoline introduces Sebastian to her team of thieves consisting of hacker Korina (Ruby O. Fee), get away driver Rolph (Guz Khan), and team leader Brad Cage (Stuart Martin) who inform him they know the locations of three of the Hans Wagner safes and need Sebastian's skills to crack them while the distraction of the emerging zombie apocalypse provides their window of opportunity. Sebastian jumps at the chance to tackle these legendary "puzzles" and the group sets off to find them. Meanwhile INTEPROL agent Delacroix (Jonathan Cohen) is hot on the teams trail and plans to take them down.

Prior to the release of Zack Snyder's Army of the Dead it was announced that supporting character Ludwig Dieter (Matthias Schweigh?fer) would be the center of a prequel/spin-off to be produced by Snyder and directed by Schweigh?fer. Filmed during the final months of 2020, the movie was meant to expand Army of the Dead to a franchise along with anime spin-off Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas and the forthcoming Army of the Dead sequel (tentatively titled Planet of the Dead at this point). Schweigh?fer has a history of directing himself in local German productions with the comedy films What a Man (2011), Joy of Fatherhood (2014), and The Manny (2015) and has even ventured into TV with the thriller series You Are Wanted. Army of Thieves marks Schweigh?fer's first foray into large scale productions and shows a promising chance at crossing over to international appeal with his humor and likability as a lead and his surehandedness behind the camera.

The movie hits all the expected beats familiar to the heist film with your plannings, flashforwards, betrayals, misdirections, and etc., but Schweigh?fer's direction and Shay Hatten's script play with the tropes by using the familiarity of the premise for humor in contrast to Schweigh?fer's performance. The scenes where Sebastian is cracking the safes while playing Richard Wagner's music is really well done with nice intercutting of the tumblers inside the safe as well as crosscutting to the other team members buying their time in a manner that makes the sequences thrilling but also playful and fun. In a way I was reminded of the 1964 film Topkapi where like Army of Thieves, the heist elements were played fairly straight while Peter Ustinov's Arthur Simon Simpson (for which Ustinov won an Oscar) served as a sort of comic chaos agent in the mix. Matthias Schweigh?fer takes an approach similar to that of Ustinov's Arthur Simon Simpson and it's a really strong performance that works well as both an underdog we can root for as well as a comic presence with some terrific moments such as a bicycle chase in Prague that is a fantastic sequence.

Army of Thieves doesn't reinvent the heist film formula, but thanks to some engaging banter, tight direction, and some legitimately funny moments, Army of Thieves not only makes for fun entertainment but also serves as a showcase for the mainstream appeal of Matthias Schweigh?fer as a director and leading man.

Better than Army of the Dead...Reviewed byadaptorVote: 5/10

...but that's not saying much. This is an okay watch for what it is. It's like an action/rom-com, light on the com. The underwhelming cast is overshadowed by Nathalie Emmanuel, who puts in a solid performance.

Zombie Lite Bank CaperReviewed byPairicVote: 7/10

Army of Thieves: Zombie Lite sequel to Army of the Dead. Ludwig Dieter (Matthias Schweigh?fer) the ace safe-cracker in AOTD is a mild mannered bank clerk who has a fascination with safes. He's recruited by bank robber/jewel thief (Gwendoline Starr) to crack 3 famous safes, one of which is in Las Vegas. This is set at the start of the Zombie Apocalypse, we see Zombies going wild on TV News including devouring a reporter live on air but it's very much in the background of this heist caper. Some good action sequences during the robberies and chases, a touch of romance with betrayals thrown in. Jonathan Cohen is good as Delacroix, an Interpol agent who comes across as a more demented and violent Inspector Clouseau. Nothing really original but good fun. Might have been a better film if the running time had been cut by 15 minutes. Directed by Matthias Schweigh?fe, Written by Shay Hatten and Zack Snyder. On Netflix. 7/10.

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