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Assassination (1987)

Assassination is a movie starring Charles Bronson, Jill Ireland, and Stephen Elliott. A presidential bodyguard is assigned to protect an objecting first lady, as repeated attempts are made on her life.

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The Synopsis for Assassination (1987) 720p

Jay Killian (Charles Bronson) had been the presidential bodyguard, but for the inauguration of the recently elected president, he is assigned to the first lady, Lara Royce (Jill Ireland). Lara, a perpetually indignant, arrogantly feministic lady, initially hates the methodical and rules-following Killian, and so she does all she can to avoid him and disregard his safety procedures. The story complicates, however, when repeated attempts are made on Lara's life. Eventually, the shaken Lara decides to trust Killian's instincts and precautionary methods, and the pair embark on a difficult and often perilous cross-country journey, with the assassins close on their heels.

The Director and Players for Assassination (1987) 720p

[Director]Peter R. Hunt
[Role:]Jan Gan Boyd
[Role:]Stephen Elliott
[Role:]Jill Ireland
[Role:]Charles Bronson

The Reviews for Assassination (1987) 720p

So Bad It's Almost WatchableReviewed byMichael_ElliottVote: 7/10

Assassination (1987)

** (out of 4)

Charles Bronson fans are the only ones who should even attempt to make it through this outrageously stupid film from Cannon. Bronson plays a Secret Service agent who ends up having to guard an ultra-snotty First Lady (Jill Ireland) and soon enough a group of hit men are after her. I'll never accuse any Cannon/Bronson movie of being high art but of all the films they made together this one here has to be the dumbest. In fact, I might go even further and call this the dumbest action movie of the decade and that reason alone almost makes this turkey worth sitting through. As a Bronson fan I must admit that I can just about sit through anything that he's in but my patience are really tested here but thankfully the film reaches a "so bad it's entertaining" level. There are about fifteen major illogical points that could be thrown at this film but that would take way too much effort to write out and I'm sure most people could write a book worth of dumb things that the characters do here. I must admit it's rather funny seeing a Secret Service agent and the First Lady jump from one cheap motel to another and going from one small town to the next and it never really being clear why they don't just have more security with them. There are countless times you'll be scratching your head as to why the agent just keeps the First Lady in constant danger but I doubt the screenwriters were really worried about logical points as their main concern was getting to the next item to blow up. The action scenes here are pretty weak and campy as is the PG-rated violence. I've heard this wasn't originally meant for Bronson but he took it just so he could be in another film with his wife (this would be their last together). The two are charming enough together even though it's pretty clear neither are giving it their all. The supporting players don't fair much better but I doubt anyone will be tuning in to see them. If you're not a fan of Bronson then it's best you stay far away from this unless you just like corny action pictures.

Probably done for funReviewed bypaul_johnrVote: 4/10

This was the next to last film appearance by Jill Ireland, who died of cancer in 1990 after four decades as a well-known actress and producer. Ireland made quite a few waves in the press when she dropped her then-husband David McCallum in 1967, beginning her long relationship with Charles Bronson. It is a great irony that Bronson, probably the all-time leader in number of deaths rendered on-screen, had one of the most enduring marriages in film history.

'Assassination' seems to be a movie that was tucked into Cannon's production schedule for the sake of Bronson and Ireland. Ireland was already suffering from cancer-related illnesses in 1987 and you can almost picture the two actors wanting to do 'just one more, for old times' sake.' 'Assassination' is carelessly done as a whole, showing the lack of polish and dwindling funds that would tank Cannon by 1990. But there's a kind of nostalgia value in seeing the couple together one last time and the film makes you wonder what exactly helps a relationship to survive in the chaos that is Hollywood.

Bronson plays Jay Killian, a high-ranking Secret Service agent who is assigned to protect the First Lady, Lara Craig (Ireland). The President's wife has a reputation for being difficult, bossing Service agents around and wanting to do things her own way. That all changes, however, when attempts are made on her life and she must journey with Killian by car, train, motorbike, and believe it or not, dune buggy to escape would-be assassins. There is little surprise here, as Killian believes the murderers are part of an inside job, perhaps arranged by the President himself. On the way, Killian and Mrs. Craig develop an unspoken affection for one another in scenes between Bronson and Ireland that are actually very funny.

What really gets me is how this film was promoted upon its release and how it's still made to look as a DVD. The original trailer gives you the feeling that 'Assassination' is another cold-hearted Bronson shoot-'em-up. But a lot of this movie - which was rated PG-13, by the way - is in a comic vein, putting it along the lines of a romantic thriller like Bronson and Ireland's western 'From Noon Till Three.' Even the DVD case shows Bronson with a rocket launcher, ready to blow things up. Which he does, but to a lesser degree than his other '80s potboilers.

On the whole, 'Assassination' is late Cannon slop work and doesn't really know what kind of film it wants to be. Besides drifting from actioner to romantic thriller and back again, there are serious mistakes in continuity, property values are bottom-of-the-barrel cheap, and the effects are dreadful; many of the explosions seem like matte work rather than being done on location. Robert Ragland, who had shown good composing skills in earlier films, teamed up with Valentine McCallum on a score that is mostly synthesized and better fit for television.

Richard Sale's script has real lulus of dialogue, with the conversations between Bronson and Ireland the only bright spot. There is no explanation as to why the First Lady is called 'One Momma' all of a sudden, nor as to why Ireland is left with her British accent when the character is a Wyoming native. Jan Gan Boyd, playing Killian's main assistant, has a kitten-like personality and is badly miscast as a federal agent. Stephen Elliott (a former Tony Award nominee who died in May 2005), Randy Brooks, Erik Stern (as assassin Bracken), and Michael Ansara (Senator Bunsen) are acceptable in their supporting roles.

Incidentally, this was the last film directing gig for Peter Hunt, who broke onto the scene with 'On Her Majesty's Secret Service' in 1969 and collaborated with Bronson and Lee Marvin on 'Death Hunt' in 1981. 'Assassination' is available on DVD through MGM Home Entertainment; it is presented in dual widescreen and standard format with three-language subtitles and theatrical trailer.

** out of 4

Dopey fun with BronsonReviewed bycallanvassVote: 5/10

Ol' Charlie is assigned to protect the first lady (Jill Ireland, in lieu of the president) Charlie gets constant harassment & grief from the First Lady, and she doesn't want him to be her bodyguard anymore. Charles ignores direct orders, because somebody is trying to kill the first lady. What follows is a web of lies and corruption that Charlie must uncover to keep the first lady safe

This is widely regarded as one of Bronson's worst films. I'm actually inclined to disagree vehemently with that opinion. This movie is far from good, but as far as a cheesy action film from Cannon productions goes, it was actually fairly fun, in a dumb sort of way. It has illogical plot twists, despite proper explanation in them, but it does have some nifty action sequences, with some plenty of cheap explosions as well. Charles Bronson is fun as per usual, but his character is a bit of a womanizer. He doesn't actually cheat, but he flirts heavily throughout the film. For his age at the time, Bronson is still very adept at the action, and doesn't look out of place at all. Jill Ireland (Bronson's real life wife at this juncture) is quite imbecilic and annoying as the first lady for much of the first half, before lightening up in the second half. Jan Gan Boyd is rather sexy, and good in her role. I have no idea where she is these days

Final Thoughts: It's cheesy fun, and not rocket science. It's not a great film I admit, but it is rather fun if you put your brain to sleep for 100 minutes or so. It's worth a watch for Bronson fans or Action junkies like myself


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