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Backdraft (1991)

Backdraft is a movie starring Kurt Russell, William Baldwin, and Robert De Niro. Two Chicago firefighter brothers, who don't get along, have to work together while a dangerous arsonist is on the loose.

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The Synopsis for Backdraft (1991) 720p

A rookie firefighter tries to earn the respect of his older brother and other firefighters while taking part in an investigation of a string of arson/murders. This detailed look into the duties and private lives of firemen naturally features widespread pyrotechnics and special effects.

The Director and Players for Backdraft (1991) 720p

[Director]Ron Howard
[Role:]William Baldwin
[Role:]Donald Sutherland
[Role:]Kurt Russell
[Role:]Robert De Niro

The Reviews for Backdraft (1991) 720p

Good flick with mostly upsideReviewed bydrystyxVote: 6/10

This is an exciting story of firefighting brothers who conduct their own search for a very proficient arsonist who is targeting a group of people. The reason they are targeted is obvious to any movie goer, but in real life would not be at all evident, so you sit back and watch people put clues together. The younger brother is the central and most likable character in the movie (by the process of elimination). It is very reminiscent of a Japanese kung fu movie in the story of the brothers. A lot of characters are very badly written in order to make points, but that's acceptable in film making if the point is important enough. Sutherland and De Niro play two of the badly written characters, and portray the stereotypes they play too often: Sutherland as a psycho, and DeNiro as a superman is on top of everything and probably never had to sneeze in his life. Both of these actors are much better than this, and it is disheartening to see them take on the same role every movie, especially when they have proved themselves to be excellent actors in their early movies (Sutherland in THE DIRTY DOZEN, De Niro in BRAZIL, THE MISSION, and ONCE UPON A TIME IN America). Here, they have the same one dimension they have in all their movies of that ten year or so span. If you can get past the fact that the writers are incapable of creating identifiable characters, this is a very exciting and fun film.

Firefighting LegacyReviewed bybkoganbingVote: 8/10

Although Backdraft got Oscar nominations for Best Sound and best visual and audio effects what drives this Ron Howard film is the performances he got from Kurt Russell and Billy Baldwin as the firefighting McCaffrey brothers.

The brothers have a lot of distance in their ages as Russell practically raised McCaffrey after their firefighter father was killed on the job. Baldwin realizes he has a big legacy with the Chicago Fire Department and he's hesitant about it. After some issues with Russell, Baldwin gets assigned to arson investigator Robert DeNiro.

Which gets Baldwin involved in DeNiro's investigation of some strange arson fires that were set to Backdraft and cause homicides and there is a connection between three seemingly unrelated deaths.

The fire effects were great and the location shooting in Chicago a definite plus. Backdraft is the kind of a film you just cannot make on a studio back-lot which 50 years ago it would have been.

I'm surprised some Oscar nominations didn't come for either Russell or Baldwin. Their performances are so good you forget they're actors and you think you are watching firefighting drama.

And Donald Sutherland's bit role as the Hannibal the Cannibal of arsonists is one you'll remember. He has two scenes, one with DeNiro at a parole hearing and later one with Baldwin as Baldwin seeks expert opinion on the arsonist's technique. In that scene Sutherland evokes Anthony Hopkins as Hannibal Lecter when FBI agent Jodie Foster seeks his expertise.

And this review is dedicated to all the firefighters all over the world who take on that terribly important job to protect citizens from flame. After watching Backdraft you might get an insight into why the ancient cave people worshiped this phenomenon.

Reviewed byJanet MaslinVote: 3/5/10

The spectacular fire sequences, which must have been hellish to film, are powerfully enveloping on screen, thanks especially to the eerie effect of the title.

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