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Battleground (1949)

A squad of the 101st Airborne Division copes with being trapped in the besieged city of Bastogne during the Battle of the Bulge.

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The Synopsis for Battleground (1949) 720p

We follow a band of American soldiers as they engage the Germans in a snowy, foggy winter near Bastogne in World War II. They're low on fuel, rations, and ammunition; the Germans are constantly encouraging their surrender via radio and leaflets, and most importantly, the pervasive thick fog makes movement and identification difficult and prevents their relief by Allied air support. This film focuses much more on the psychology and morale of the soldiers than on action footage and heroics.

The Director and Players for Battleground (1949) 720p

[Director]William A. Wellman
[Role:]Ricardo Montalban
[Role:]John Hodiak
[Role:]Van Johnson

The Reviews for Battleground (1949) 720p

Reviewed bytentenderVote: 10/10/10

I didn't expect much of this -- I was wrong. Wellman rates pretty lowon the Andrew Sarris "auteur" scale, and, frankly, most of his moviesare pretty dull fare (ever watch "Blood Alley" or, despite itsreputation, "Nothing Sacred"?). But this is a first-rate war film, asgripping as Walsh's "Battle Cry" or "Objective: Burma," or Dwan's"Sands of Iwo Jima." The cast could not be bettered, with outstandingwork from Van Johnson, James Whitmore, John Hodiak, Marshall Thompson,Jerome Courtland, Ricardo Montalban, Douglas Fowley. It doesn't havethe breadth of the three above-mentioned films -- there are noaway-from-the-battlefield scenes that give the characters moredimension -- some might say "dilute the intensity" -- but"Battleground" is very intense and involving. Astonishing that it wasmade entirely on an MGM sound stage.

Reviewed bygarygorfVote: 10/10/10

"Battleground" is probably the best movie made about the Battle of theBulge. After seeing "Band of Brothers", I bought "Battleground" andwatched it for the fourth(?) time. I thought the characters were welldone. I saw this movie for the second time when I was in the US Army,and it turned me off. I couldn't believe guys were measuring theirchances of getting off the line by hoping for the million dollar wound,or some other malady. The third time I saw this movie, I had grown upand realized that, human nature being what it is, nothing about theirbehavior was abnormal. While I was growing up, Van Johnson was themodel GI in all of his movies, as he is in this. I liked the entirecast in this movie. I think one of the best scenes was the Christmasgathering with the Chaplin. His "Was this trip necessary?" speech wasone of the high points of the movie for me then and now. This movie,along with "Band of Brothers" are a must see.

Reviewed byCthulhu-7Vote: /10

This is the best movie ever made about a democratic society going to waragainst fascism. The movie perfectly captures the fear and courage ofAmerican soldiers in war, fighting not to conquer like the Germans ordestroy civilization like the terrorists, but to defend their fellow man.There's no sunshine patriotism in this movie. No flag waving or falseheroics. But the lofty ideas behind the nation that made men such astheseis there hidden like the sun behind fog and clouds. And at the end, theglory embodied in the men blazes true and shines as brightly as the sunwhenthe weather lifts.

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