Bell, Book and Candle (1958) 1080p YIFY Movie

Bell, Book and Candle (1958) 1080p

Bell Book and Candle is a movie starring James Stewart, Kim Novak, and Jack Lemmon. A modern-day witch likes her neighbor but despises his fiancée, so she enchants him to love her instead, only to fall in love with him for real.

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The Synopsis for Bell, Book and Candle (1958) 1080p

Gillian Holroyd is just your average, modern-day, witch, living in a New York apartment with her Siamese familiar, Pyewacket. But one day a handsome publisher, Shep Henderson walks into her building and Gillian decides she wants him--especially as it turns out he's marrying Merle Kittridge, an old poison penpal from Gillian's college days. So, Gillian casts a spell over Shep. But her powers are in danger of being exorcised by something stronger than the bell-book-and-candle routine: Love.

The Director and Players for Bell, Book and Candle (1958) 1080p

[Director]Richard Quine
[Role:]Kim Novak
[Role:]James Stewart
[Role:]Jack Lemmon
[Role:]Ernie Kovacs

The Reviews for Bell, Book and Candle (1958) 1080p

a messReviewed bygsygsyVote: 3/10

Considering its pedigree, this should be a far more enjoyable film than it is. Even with a lip-smacking collection of eccentrics in the cast - what aficionado would not eagerly anticipate a movie which brings together Lemmon, Lanchester, Kovacs and Gingold? - the entire event is dully paced, drearily shot and, more often than not, witless.

Kim Novak's gifts were not essentially comic, as she went on to confirm in Kiss Me Stupid. James Stewart was a fine comedian, as he ably demonstrated in movies from ranging from The Philadelphia Story to Harvey. I think he comes out better from this mess than anyone else does. Except maybe the cat.

Good-looking but dull and unfunnyReviewed bypreppy-3Vote: 7/10

Witch Kim Novak falls in lover with non-witch Jimmy Stewart with "hilarious" results. The film's first half-hour is fun--the film looks great, has some good lines and Novak is incredibly beautiful and sexy (especially with her cat). Then she and Stewart fall in love and the film dissolves. It turns very unfunny, dull and Novak and Stewart have zero chemistry (also Novak falling in love with a guy at least 30 years older than her? Don't think so!). Novak is great to look at, but a lousy actress, and Stewart is miscast and looks very uncomfortable in his role. The supporting cast is great (Elsa Lancaster, Jack Lemmon, Ernie Kovaks) and obviously enjoying themselves, but they can't carry the film. Supposedly, this film has a cult following. Why is beyond me.

Do You Believe in Magic in a Young Girl's Heart? Jimmy Stewart sure does.Reviewed bybkoganbingVote: 6/10

It took Bell, Book, and Candle almost a decade to get from Broadway to the screen. John Van Druten's play ran for 233 performances during the 1950-1951 season and served as a starring vehicle for the then married Rex Harrison and Lilli Palmer. I'm sure that the Shepherd Henderson that Harrison portrayed must have been light years different than Jimmy Stewart. Also the entire play took place in the Holroyd apartment and a whole lot of characters were added for the screen.

A good job was done in transferring this stage work for the screen, it barely betrays it's stage origin. Stewart is very good as the puzzled publisher who gets ensnared in a witch's spell because Kim Novak takes a fancy to him.

Novak was quoted as saying that her favorite leading man during her career was Jimmy Stewart and her two favorite films, Vertigo and Bell Book and Candle are the ones she did with him.

Hermione Gingold is absolutely brilliant as the head witch, Mrs. DePass, and watching Stewart drink that concoction she mixed up to kill Kim Novak's spell was a scream.

Jack Lemmon plays Novak's brother and by this time he was doing leads and carrying films on his own. He's good, but I do wonder why he accepted a supporting part here.

One thing I am curious about. How did they manage to get Pyewacket the cat to act on stage for 233 performances?

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