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Best Worst Movie (2009) 1080p

Best Worst Movie is a movie starring George Hardy, Lily Hardy, and Pita Ray. A look at the making of the film Troll 2 (1990) and its journey from being crowned the "worst film of all time" to a cherished cult classic.

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The Synopsis for Best Worst Movie (2009) 1080p

In 1989, unwitting Utah actors starred in the undisputed Worst Movie in History: TROLL 2. Two decades later, the legendarily inept film's child star unravels the improbable, heartfelt story of an Alabama dentist-turned-cult movie icon and an Italian filmmaker who come to terms with this genuine, internationally revered cinematic failure.

The Director and Players for Best Worst Movie (2009) 1080p

[Role:]Micki Knox
[Role:]Pita Ray
[Role:]Lily Hardy
[Role:]George Hardy
[Role:Director]Michael Paul Stephenson

The Reviews for Best Worst Movie (2009) 1080p

Reviewed byRed-BarracudaVote: 8/10/10

The film Troll 2 has become something of a cult item in the last fiveor six years. It's one of the movies that truly defines the term 'sobad it's good'. It's a consistently ridiculous film that is so veryamusing because it so clearly never intentionally tries to be funny atany point. Its mixture of earnest endeavour, cinematic hopelessness andgeneral strangeness aligns it alongside the much-loved yet utterlyinept work of Ed Wood. It's really a very rare occasion for any film toachieve the very specific anti-brilliance of Troll 2. So with this inmind, it only seems right that a documentary has been made to celebrateits existence.

It focuses mainly on two things. The people involved in the making ofthe film and the audiences it has subsequently attracted. What itdoesn't do – and this is a mistake in my opinion – is tell us how themovie came to be made in the first place. It doesn't even answer thequestion that many people find the most obvious – why is it calledTroll 2 when there aren't any trolls in it? I think the story of Troll2 warranted a little more historical context and background info, asmuch of the facts are fascinating in themselves.

That said I did enjoy Best Worst Movie and think it's great it was madeat all. I remember back in 2005 Michael Stephenson the director andchild star in the film frequented the IMDb boards with other castmembers and he did say back then that he was planning on making thisvery documentary. I must say I thought it would never happen butfortunately I was incorrect. George Hardy, the father in the film,emerges as a real star; a very likable man who seems to have lapped uphis bizarre fame. Although the real main man of the piece turns out tobe director Claudio Fragasso. Every time he was on screen was gold. Hewas a living embodiment to what made Troll 2 so entertaining in thefirst place, i.e. committed artistic seriousness and a refreshing lackof irony. Fragasso truly believed that Troll 2 was loved so muchbecause it was a complex family drama. Although he at least didn't goas far as to compare it with Casablanca as Margo Prey did without anysense of jest. Prey was clearly a disturbed woman. But then so was DonPackard, the man who played the drugstore owner, he in fact was anout-patient at a sanatorium when the film was made. So this is surelyan example of fact being as strange as fiction. Well, almost.

Best Worst Movie is ultimately a perfect accompaniment to Troll 2itself. The documentary somewhat strangely does not really focus on thecontent of the film itself. There are numerous clips of course butthey're never commented on and many of the best parts are bizarrely notfeatured in the first place. This would perhaps be more of a problem ifyou didn't have the movie itself to enjoy afterwards. Ultimately BestWorst Movie is a look at a group of people who were inadvertentlyinvolved in making a movie that not one of them could have imagined intheir wildest dreams would go on to become something of a cult classic.It's a strange story but one worth knowing about.

Reviewed byPJoseph73Vote: 9/10/10

I had never seen Troll 2 before this film, but decided to watch itbefore viewing Best Worst Movie. After I saw it, I immediately watchedthe documentary as I was now hooked and had to know the story behindTroll 2.

Now, I liked Troll 2. As a connoisseur of "bad" movies, Troll 2 has itall. I keep putting "bad" in quotes because they are only labeled that,and in my mind are not REALLY bad. They are wonderful. And that'sexactly why Best Worst Movie is wonderful. It celebrates with love theawesome earnestness of strange film making that is Troll 2.

It catches up with many of the film's stars and the highlight is GeorgeHardy, the leading man in Troll 2. He's a living Ken Doll - you can'tbelieve how sincere and likable he is. (I recently met George, and letme tell you, he is really the nice person he portrays.) At one point inthe doc, George and the documentary's director (Michael Stevenson, whoplayed the little boy in Troll 2) are on a mission to show the film toGeorge's hometown. George, who is a dentist in his non-acting life, hasknown these people for years. But most them are not aware of thisillustrious Hollywood moment he had in 1989. George goes door to door,handing out fliers, and acting out moments from the film. Even thoughmany of his neighbors stare blankly as he repeats a classic line fromTroll 2, he gives the moment his all - smiling and laughing the wholetime. You know then that this is a man who loves to exist in a worldwhere he can tell people to see a movie he starred in that most actorswould remove from the IMDb page.

I can't do justice in this review the documentary's many great momentsbecause the reality of those scenes have to be seen. But what you takeaway from this film is that the love true cinephiles have can breathlife into films and give them meaning never meant by a filmmaker.

And this is the amazing magic of movies - like a good novel, theycontinually have new meaning. THAT is what makes "bad" movies - or anymovie for that matter - a classic.

A good documentary, but at times it does become "The George Hardy Show"Reviewed bybazmitch23Vote: 7/10

We get nice interviews from the actors all admitting that they hated Troll 2 when they first saw it. But grew to love it after the movie gained a cult status.

Claudio is clearly a guy who cannot take criticism. When someone tries to correct him about anything, he gets annoyed. There's a scene near the end when the cast do a Q and A and he is in the audience. Anytime somebody says the movie is bad, he would shout at them and get angry. He's like a child who can't understand that you can't have everything you want.

He also gets annoyed when people laugh at the movie for how bad it is.

We have interviews with random people explaining why they love this movie and we have screenings of them showing the movie.

The biggest focus on this doc is George Hardy. Shot in his home town, everyone is like "George is so great" and "George is amazing".....

The focus is no longer on Troll 2, but about fecking George.

We see him go over the moon when he is at screenings of this movie. Not just in his hometown, but all around the States too.

He is on top of the world and nothing can spoil his enjoyment.

That is until he goes to a convention in Birmingham.

He's sitting by the stalls, wondering why the hell aren't people asking for his autograph.

"Hey, I was in Troll 2!"


You just want to say "Take that, George! Serves you right for your attention seeking."

But it get worse when he goes to the convention in Texas and the same thing happens again.

Also, he is not found of the other Horror movies being promoted.

"I don't know this movie. This one neither. Oh boy."

Despite his attention seeking, you do feel a tad bit sorry not just for him, but for the other actors who starred in movies about 20 years ago and haven't done anything since.

This is why being an actor or actress sucks big time.

But then George goes back to his hometown and it is all "George is so great" again.

You're famous in your hometown, but not everywhere.

Claudio also gets one last word. "I make movies that emote me and this movie emotes the audience too."

Yeah, cos I clearly remember how emotional this movie made me.

You poor bastard, Claudio.

Still, it is a nice doc and worth watching if you liked (or even didn't like) Troll 2.

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