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Beyond The Law (2019)

Beyond the Law is a movie starring Johnny Messner, Steven Seagal, and DMX. A former mobster turned businessman and a police detective must contend with a dirty ex-cop looking to bring the killer of his son to justice.

IMDB: 4.63 Likes

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  • IMDB Rating: 4.6/10 
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The Synopsis for Beyond The Law (2019) 720p

A former mobster turned businessman and a police detective must contend with a dirty ex-cop looking to bring the killer of his son to justice.

The Director and Players for Beyond The Law (2019) 720p

[Director]James Cullen Bressack
[Role:]Steven Seagal
[Role:]Bill Cobbs
[Role:]Johnny Messner

The Reviews for Beyond The Law (2019) 720p

I've seen worse...Reviewed byTjwagVote: 3/10

I made it through the entire movie which I can't do with some recent Seagal films. I'd like to see Johnny Messner make more movies but this is a B-/C+ film.

i thought i was going to like it but eh nothing to specialReviewed bynikola17Vote: 4/10

I have been a loyal Seagal watcher, seen EVERY SINGLE title at least i watch any of his films, I am die hard fan of Steven seagal i got all of his movies, i even met seagal at this year at event he was a nice person as well. i have been watching all his movies i loved under siege 1&2, out for justice, marked for death, i liked most of his direct to DVD films like Urban justice, pistol whipped, Driven to Kill, A Dangerous Man, A Good man, Maximum conviction many more but what was his worst films in history like Executive Decision, Clementine, Code of Honor, China Salesman, General Commander recently with this film it's a mild RANT but this isn't the worst seagal film but this was pretty average i mean you think Steven Seagal is main character but he is not main character at all like The Perfect Weapon (2016) trailer says starting seagal but when you watch film it tricks your ass, it stars with johnny messner he worked with seagal in Perfect Weapon (2016) he star as lead role character with seagal as second cast role, same goes with this film. DMX it's great to see him back he has aged as well i am like jeez i remember the very last film with DMX when he had a 5 minute cameo the Bleeding (2009) and he played 2 films with Michael Madsen that's about it then he did his last album 2012 called Undisputed. then DMX vanished in thin air like he disappeared now he is back in another seagal film, before in 2001 exit wounds witch is much better then this movie doesn't how matter how old film is, it never gets old at all it feels like it's yesterday i remember DMX and Seagal had a Argument together and DMX didn't like working with seagal. but strange how he is in this film but they don't show up each another you have one scene in film where DMX calls up seagal they talk for minute then that's it. strange how he expect the film but DMX didn't like working with seagal but he expected but maybe director or someone who was making film didn't had seagal and DMX together.

the story follows Frank Wilson (Johnny Messner) who is a retied cop and he lives by himself poorly at country town, he has a son Chance Wilson(Chester Rushing) guy worked in casino who lost his job, he goes home one of thugs Desmond Packard (Zack Ward) who wanted money, Chance Promised he will give back money. but Desmond kills Chance for all over over his gambling debts. Detective Ray Munce (DMX) who is a cop who knows Frank Wilson tells him his son is dead, Frank goes out for revenge. Augustino 'Finn' Adair (Steven Seagal) who runs a drug syndicate from his desk in a place known as "That City." connected with Desmond

Finn calls Desmond son but Desmond is a Punk bum step fake son but it's not his actually son. threw out film does have action but it's not full on and it's more of Johnny Messner film is involved in action but not seagal or DMX sadly. if your curious about seagal he doesn't do much in movie he is just given what to do, all he does he acts in film and he all he does is talks to Desmond his son but not really his son more like step son, Finn tells him stop doing stupid things and Finn said i will fix it my own but Desmond doesn't listen, i thought Story and direction of character Johnny Messner is just crap in this film he looks so dry completely in film he looks tried as hell he kicks ass little bit in film i thought his character wise was pointless, look i prefer his character in silencer (2018) the movie i really enjoyed he plays main character but in this movie his character was soo pointless he tells DMX to go full on Blastic to find killer who killed his son but you find out that DMX as Ray is dirty cop.

the action was good fun to watch but not great, i mean sadly what seagal is been giving what to do is sadly poor opportunity he has been given what to do is just smoking more cigars and drinking a Johnnie Walker double black label he is involved in less action. the poster is false advisement it doesn't star as seagal this film start's with Johnny Messner. Casting Seagal is what you'd expect in his performance, only less and less action from him the more films he's in. I really wish seagal character would have been a lead role have him more in it, he is known and been popular in 80's and 90's i thought this was going to be a another cop style like exit wounds really but nah it wasn't. it was seagal playing a ex cop as well but same time he is more "hey boss" mobster-ish when he's men comes up to him.

i am a super die hard fan of action movies and B-Grade direct to DVD films but with this film it's average and pointless plot ever like if a 5th grader written this movie the pointless film director James Cullen Bressack is most worst director in world 99% of his films are horror and thriller what makes him he can do an action film ?? he can't do action films for crap and story the ending was just such pointless he can't make action films for crap he sucks at it, i think for this kinda film it should off have been keoni waxman who worked with seagal few times he can make action films for real, or anybody else because James Cullen Bressack can't direct or make action films for crap, he is really bad with poor fight choreography, poor script, poor continuity, poor character development, poor concept, poor story, it's piss poor all together. but same time i can watch this for cast but this is not something i want to watch often this is like if i am watching seagal marathon or something like that or a time waster film, General Commander was even worse then this but this isn't worst film ever but i thought how the director made this film was poorly made that's how director got in his tool box useless and what cast has been given is more of Johnny Messner then to seagal and DMX. but sadly Johnny Messner character was just eh nothing special he is bored out his mind. Johnny Messner is more in action then to seagal and DMX ?? if your curious seagal if you thinkhas been given action ?? he just shoots gun at target practice, he kills 3 guys, then he knocks out and kicks the crap out of Johnny Messner ass that's end of film seagal kicks Johnny Messner ass just like in another film

Perfect Weapon (2016) film i rather watch, where Johnny Messner play's main character and seagal is a second main cast and Johnny Messner has more screening time and has been given a lot of action then to seagal and seagal has less things to do i know that's disappointing ever but hey i rather watch Perfect weapon then to this beyond the law, i rather watch Perfect Weapon, that film doesn't have much of budget but it's like budgeted like this film, but at least the story, action was fun to watch and not very well made film but at least the Perfect Weapon (2016) is a lot better then this believe me that's more of Johnny Messner film just like with this film and seagal is not much in it just like with this film i rather watch Perfect Weapon (2016) with same cast seagal and Messner together. DMX good to see him back in film he is their and their in film but not much to say because he hasn't been given a lot to do, not have a scene together with Seagal and DMX, like i said they both had a scene together for minute in phone but not face to face but i reckon DMX doesn't like seagal because of what happened from Exit Wounds i rather watch Seagal and DMX in Exit Wounds (2001) a much better movie, better action, great cast, great soundtrack and specially from DMX,in film their are no DMX music in film as well. this is not worst film ever i can watch it for cast but this is not film i wanna see often or see it all time this is like time waster, burning time off i am huge action fan, i highly not recommended seeing it unless if your fan of seagal or another 2 guys DMX, Johnny Messner sadly this is very average film i have ever seen, ending ends like nothing empty cliffhanger ending for this rating 4.10 for this film, average, poor writing, time waster, nothing special, sadly waste of opportunity of those actors. one of last seagal films i enjoyed is Cartels AKA Killing Salazar, Contract to kill, sniper special ops, Attrition last of his direct to DVD films but recently general commander and with this film i thought this was going to get better but this film has tricked my ass making fool out of myself thinking this is a seagal film but it's a johnny messner film if i wanted to watch johnny messner film is called Silencer (2018) film that stars with him as lead role rather watch then to this i rather watch any another direct to DVD films with seagal but not code of honor or china salesman but i rather watch this rather then those 2 i mention, happy new year to everyone for readers and for seagal.

Was just AlrightReviewed bygodisgood1263Vote: 10/10

Was expecting more from Steven Seagal, not enough action from Steven Seagal, very slow movie.

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