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Beyond the Sea (2004)

A swooning study of "Mack the Knife" singer Bobby Darin (Spacey) specifically, and his relationship with his wife Sandra Dee (Bosworth).

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The Synopsis for Beyond the Sea (2004) 720p

Consummate entertainer Bobby Darin (1936-1973) is making a movie about his life. He's volatile, driven by the love of performing, ambition, perfectionism, and belief that he's living on borrowed time. He begins in the Bronx: a fatherless lad learning music and dance from his mom. His career starts slowly, then "Splish Splash" puts him at the top of the charts and on "Bandstand." He wants to be an entertainer, not a pop star, so he aims for the Copacabana; then it's on to the movies, where he meets and marries Sandra Dee. After, it's balancing career, health, marriage and family life, balances he doesn't always keep. Throughout, conversations with his boyhood self give him perspective.

The Director and Players for Beyond the Sea (2004) 720p

[Role:]John Goodman
[Role:Director]Kevin Spacey
[Role:]Kevin Spacey
[Role:]Kate Bosworth

The Reviews for Beyond the Sea (2004) 720p

Reviewed byjhammarVote: 8/10/10

For those who cannot "suspend disbelief" in order to enjoy a musical,this movie, and my review, are not for you. For the rest of us, "Beyondthe Sea" is a delight.

I read critics who said Kevin Spacey is too old to pull off a20-something Bobby Darin. Wrong! Kevin Spacey's acting captures theessence of BD; after the first ten minutes of the movie it seemed thatKevin Spacey WAS Bobby Darin irrespective of age. I also read criticswho said Spacey's dancing was stiff and awkward. Wrong! The productionnumbers were fabulous. His singing, acting, dancing were awesome, andit's a performance that should not be short-changed in this year'sawards' season (although I fear it might be overlooked).

Kate Blodgett, too, did a great job of portraying Sandra Dee (but Iwish they had kept her hairstyles more true to Sandra Dee of the1960's).

My only disappointment is that so many important details about BobbyDarin's life were quickly glossed over or totally omitted. For example,there was no mention of his early years in the Pocono's; hisunfulfilled romance with Connie Francis; his friendship with DickClark; his songwriting collaboration with Don Kirshner; and hissubsequent marriage after divorcing Sandra Dee.

Nevertheless, I loved "Beyond the Sea" and plan to see it again thisweek. I'm afraid it won't still be in the theaters next week. It almostappears as though some of Hollywood and the newsprint critics havedissed it with almost a jealousy toward Kevin Spacey's Herculeanefforts to bring this to the screen, not to mention his compellingperformance.

I don't know if it will attract a younger viewing audience; but, ifyou're a Baby Boomer, this is a must-see.

A great work and unexpectedly stirring!Reviewed bygeoff-226Vote: 10/10

I rented it because I had wanted to see it just being curious, but I was more than impressed with it. I think it's a fabulous film ? I highly recommend it! Some people don't like it because: Yes, Kevin Spacey looks his age throughout the film, and is too young to play Bobby Darin in the first place, and, yes, not all of the film is factual. However, it is a movie, not a documentary. I found the whole film to be a really excellent artistic work. Kevin Spacey is fantastic! He dances, and, I'd have to look at the credits again, but I believe that is his voice on all of the numbers. Kevin Spacey might not be able to fool anyone that he is Bobby Darin, but he can sing and dance as well as anyone I've ever seen! The music is perfect; this is some serious, well-recorded, kick-ass big-band music! It's the best movie I've seen that's been made in the last few years (at least).

Loved this MovieReviewed byoldguybcVote: 10/10

Saw it last night with my wife at a local theatre, theatre was crowded, being Saturday night. Thoroughly enjoyed movie, loved surrealistic theme and interaction with young BD. Music was excellent, Spacey sounds so very much like BD, maybe better in some cases. Only wish that more of movie had had to do with his other talents, piano (he had a top- 10 solo piano hit in 1960, forget the song's name), guitar (saw him at Lake Tahoe in 1973, phenomenal guitar player), Cornet (used to include solos in all his shows), drums (would also do solos, said to be better than his own drummer by a long shot). The surrealistic theme of the movie did tend to ignore the somewhat darker side of his character that could be pretty nasty indeed... glad they included his family makeup/mixup as an element, explains a lot about his drive, etc. I had heard that he had known about his sister being his mother from a very young age but had put it out of his memory. This subplot worked itself into the story pretty well. I'm not sure that Dick Clark had that much to do with his initial success at all, the men never really knew each other all that well. The big thing about the movie last night was the applause by the full house audience as the credits were running, quite loud and sustained. Looking around, most if not all of the people in there were our age (60 to 70) and all were very much shaken by the movie. How did he say it? " Our memories will be whatever we want them to be" or something like that. That is just about what I felt. The things that happened and were happening to me while I was listening to his records fill an enormous part of my memory bank. I'm sure that held true from everyone I saw leaving the theatre. He had such an impact on so many lives

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