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Beyond the Sea (2004)

A swooning study of "Mack the Knife" singer Bobby Darin (Spacey) specifically, and his relationship with his wife Sandra Dee (Bosworth).

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The Synopsis for Beyond the Sea (2004) 720p

Consummate entertainer Bobby Darin (1936-1973) is making a movie about his life. He's volatile, driven by the love of performing, ambition, perfectionism, and belief that he's living on borrowed time. He begins in the Bronx: a fatherless lad learning music and dance from his mom. His career starts slowly, then "Splish Splash" puts him at the top of the charts and on "Bandstand." He wants to be an entertainer, not a pop star, so he aims for the Copacabana; then it's on to the movies, where he meets and marries Sandra Dee. After, it's balancing career, health, marriage and family life, balances he doesn't always keep. Throughout, conversations with his boyhood self give him perspective.

The Director and Players for Beyond the Sea (2004) 720p

[Role:]John Goodman
[Role:Director]Kevin Spacey
[Role:]Kevin Spacey
[Role:]Kate Bosworth

The Reviews for Beyond the Sea (2004) 720p

A nice tribute to Bobby DarinReviewed bymoviemanMAVote: 7/10

Kevin Spacey has directed one movie prior to his direction of Beyond the Sea (Albino Aligator) and this one is worth a viewing.

Beyond the Sea starring Kevin Spacey as the legendary vocalist Bobby Darin is a well done biopic of the singers life. His rise to stardom from life in the Bronx to his new life on the stage. Along with him are his brother in-law Charlie played by Bob Hoskins, his wife and Darin's sister Nina played by Caroline Aaron, wife Sandra Dee performed by Kate Bosworth, and John Goodman as manager "Boom Boom" Steve Blauner.

Darin struggles with a serious ailment since his childhood and continues to fight his heart problem throughout his singing career. This motivates him to live longer and pursue happiness, like Sandra Dee. No matter what the challenge, Bobby is ready to tackle it. He broke out onto the billboards with "Splish, Splash". He wanted to go onto better the Copacabana.Bobby would star in 10 movies, an Oscar nomination, seven Top-10 songs, and a family all in a span of 10 years. He had it all.

Although some parts of the movie are a little strange like some of the random dance sequences, it it tied nicely together with the making of a movie and how he interacts with the memory of his childhood.

What Spacey has given us is an enjoyable film that tells a story of a man once considered to be the greatest singer in the world. Spacey's passion for Darin goes way back to his childhood when he would listen to his parents records (see making of the movie on DVD). Spacey sings every song in the picture, dances every step, directs every scene, and even writes the script with Lewis Colick (Ladder 49, October Sky). He wanted this movie to be made to honor a great entertainer and a great person.

Spacey's hard work and determination has paid off for the whole world to see. Thanks for sharing the life of an icon.

Between Ego and EgoReviewed bywatbarrVote: 5/10

I imagine that Bobby Daris must have been one of Kevin Spacey's fantasies or obsessions. It clearly blinded him. Much like Norma Desmond in "Sunset Boulevard" seeing herself as the young and sensual Salome. Did Kevin Spacey really believed that one line of dialog "you're too old to play yourself" was enough to redeem the fact that he was too old to play Bobby Darin? I think that age was just one of the problems. Bobby Darin's success was based, mostly, on his persona. A good singer yes, but his quirky, sexy presence did the rest. Kevin Spacey is a good actor, specially playing devious characters or insignificant people but one could hardly call him sexy. The film has some wonderful moments, terrific musical numbers, an unrecognizable and very funny Greta Scacchi as Sandra Dee's mother, but it would have been such a great, intelligent move,on Mr Spacey's part to keep himself behind the camera and find the perfect Bobby Darin to nurture the legend. Well, I assume that the portrayal of a fragile ego by an egomaniac makes some sense somewhere along the line.

Reviewed byJack MalvernVote: 5/10/10

Spacey sings. Spacey dances. Spacey wears a succession of ghastlyoutfits.

This biopic of Bobby Darin splits cleanly into two modes. In the first,Kevin Spacey does highly watchable singing and dancing routines. In thesecond, he portrays a rheumatic singer who defied doctors andmale-pattern baldness to become a star.

Although the film flicks back and forth between the two modes, theynever gel as one seamless story, which is a problem for a biopic of aman whose life contained only a handful of interesting events.

It doesn't help that Spacey's Darin interrupts the plot every so oftenby stepping back from the narrative and discussing the film with hisyounger self. It is a device that does little more than remind you thatyou are watching a film - a fact that is never far from your thoughtsanyway because of the large number of somewhat contrived dance numbers.

Nor are the biographical sections very convincing. It is clear wellbefore the extensive pre-credits disclaimer that the director has takensome diabolical liberties with Darin's life, making you wonder what youhave learnt from the film. Did Darin really take his name from a halflit neon "Mandarin" sign outside a Chinese restaurant? Did he reallydie after a successful comeback gig in Las Vegas, or was that just anarrative invention to end on a high note?

The upshot is a film that is more a celebration of Kevin Spacey'simpression of a world-renowned entertainer than a celebration of theentertainer himself.

It is a tribute to Spacey's talent as an actor that the film remainslikable, not least because he doesn't have the polish of anaccomplished director. Too many scenes feel as though he was too shy tomake his fellow cast members do one more take.

There is enough energy on display to allow most Darin fans forgive thefilm's weaknesses, but the more picky viewer will feel slightlydisappointed.

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