Bill Maher: '...But I'm Not Wrong' (2010) 720p YIFY Movie

Bill Maher: '...But I'm Not Wrong' (2010)

Stand up comedy special by Bill Maher.

IMDB: 7.03 Likes

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The Synopsis for Bill Maher: '...But I'm Not Wrong' (2010) 720p

Stand up comedy special by Bill Maher.

The Director and Players for Bill Maher: '...But I'm Not Wrong' (2010) 720p

[Director]John Moffitt
[Role:]Bill Maher
[Role:]Cait Mathis
[Role:]Maureen MacDonald

The Reviews for Bill Maher: '...But I'm Not Wrong' (2010) 720p

Reviewed byJWJanneckVote: 3/10/10

I used to like Maher's stand-up, but this show is clear proof that helost his edge. It's difficult to diagnose exactly what has changed ---on the face of it, it's still pretty much the same basic kind ofmaterial, poking much-deserved fun at the bigotry and absurdity ofAmerican public life.

The wife says that he has gotten lazy, and there seems to be evidenceof that: his jokes frequently lack punch and timing, and the flow ofhis monologue often seems contrived and unrehearsed.

It is not only that, however. For me, the most tedious bits were thosethat clearly formed part of a dialog between Maher and whoever heperceives as addressing him --- the political right, a hostile part ofhis audience, Palin, the tea-baggers. Maher clearly sees himself asbeing engaged in a debate, he is involved in a discourse, he feels thathe needs to make a point on behalf of whatever cause he has adopted ashis own, and he visibly wants to convince his audience, instead ofentertaining them. For a comedian to get away with that, he would needto be better informed, wiser, more detached, and a better orator thanMaher is. Jon Stewart can pull it off on his better days, and of courseCarlin could.

Yet Maher is no Carlin. While that acerbic curmudgeon got better andtougher with age, Maher gets more preachy and involved. Perhaps he is avictim of is own success --- the publicity he achieved with the rantshe published in various ways (stand-up, TV show, book, movie) causedhim to take himself and his rants too seriously, and to see himself asa bona fide party in a debate when he should really be the clown thatpoints out and accentuates the funny and crazy bits from the sideline.To be funny, he needs to rise above the fray, instead of involvinghimself in it. He is a pretty decent comedian (as evidenced in thebetter segments of this show), but he is a failure when it comes tolecturing on serious matters.

As it turns out, the title of the show is an omen to what isfundamentally the problem with it: it is about Maher being right (or atleast "not wrong") about whatever it is he cares to be right about,rather than simply being funny, which obviously is no longer enough forMaher. Watch "I'm Swiss" instead.

Reviewed byWill Osborne (BluArtistEyes)Vote: 1/10/10

Yes you are! (<---All caps) laughing out loud (for some stupid reasonthe rules make me spell it out) and stupid too, it was hard to lookpast the blatantly obvious u-n-intelligence of the comedian Afterlooking past that I laughed at one or two minor things the majority ofhis act was just plain bombing and it made me wonder how much he paidthe live audience to laugh at all his stuff that wasn't funny. I alsotried not to get annoyed by the stupid attacks on all the religionswhich to me has no place in comedy there just is not anything funnyabout slamming peoples believe systems no matter what you think ofthem. And to add to that he insults the very Country that gives him thefreedom to do his comedy America and the great Republican System thatit is build on, thank God we don't have Democratic System (mob rulestraight quote from Thomas Jefferson) yet like this guy wants.

For some reason they removed this review from Netflix, I had about 10different people look it over and no one saw anything wrong with it.

Really they don't allow you to put all caps where they belong, why ishighlighting a certain set of words to express them better nowconsidered shouting come on, not everyone on the internet is too stupidto use this right. You should at least allow them upon review approval.

Reviewed byMichael_ElliottVote: /10

Bill Maher...But I'm Not Wrong (2010)

*** (out of 4)

The title's line comes from something comedian Bill Maher says inregards to one of his most controversial subjects and boy he's notkidding. The appropriately titled act has the comedian in top form ashe goes after George Bush, terrorists, various politicians and ofcourse religion. I think it's fair to say that you're either going tobe a fan of Maher or you're not. There are many comedians out there whocan appeal to a wide variety of people but Maher isn't one of them. Inone of the best sketches, Maher warns people who are about to walk outthat he's going to be taking on religion. Some of his best moments comefrom this as he gives his reasons on why religion is fake and why hedoes nothing but make for harm and evil. Again, those who don't shareMaher's views are going to be pulling their hair out listening to himand I'm sure many would like to punch him in the face. Even though Idon't agree with Maher on everything, there's just no question thathe's got a certain style that works wonderfully well and especiallywhen it comes to topics like religion and politics. The film heremanages to be quite funny from start to finish, although I'd fall alittle short saying this is among the comedians best specials. Still,there's enough going on here to make it worth viewing for fans.

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