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Bill Maher: The Decider (2007)

Comedian, writer and politically incorrect HBO talk-show host Bill Maher takes time off from his regular hosting duties to perform a hilariously scathing stand-up set in this comedy special...

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The Synopsis for Bill Maher: The Decider (2007) 720p

Comedian, writer and politically incorrect HBO talk-show host Bill Maher takes time off from his regular hosting duties to perform a hilariously scathing stand-up set in this comedy special. Taped in Boston at the Berklee Performance Center, this special features Maher's acerbic takes on a wide range of social and political issues, including the follies and foibles perpetrated on America by President George W. Bush.

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[Director]John Moffitt

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Reviewed byDanny BlankenshipVote: 7/10/10

Bill Maher's recent stand up special "The Decider" was well done asBill still as outspoken as ever continues to tell about things likethey are. If anyone watches his HBO series "Real Time with Bill Maher"then you already know he's a liberal democrat and hates PresidentGeorge W. Bush and the right wing republicans. Maher holds true to formwith this special as he pokes fun at the intelligence of George W. andsays the republicans make stupid policies. He takes a stab at religionand the Iraq war as he mentions examples of the harm they have causedAmerica. And he speaks on domestic and social problems from the airportmess of security to teen sex and he says that people have just commoneveryday stress and it's natural like nature! Really this may beMaher's best HBO special it was a great focus on both hot political andsocial issues that are hot button topics, and always Bill puts atruthful and correct insult spin twist on them.

Reviewed bybob the mooVote: /10

Over the last year I have gotten into Real Time thanks to HBO making itfreely available as a podcast and it has introduced me to Bill Maher.In my limited experience he is flawed as a political commentatorbecause he does tend to jump to extremes at times, losing his audience.Watching his show "Victory Begins at Home" recently he did have thesame sort of problem plus he seemed to struggle with being outraged –pushing his anger to the point of shouting rather than being smartabout it. The Decider is a marked improvement on that show and playsvery much on his strength as an intelligent and informed comedian andmakes for an very funny and very smart hour.

It is a very minor niggle that some of this material he has alreadydone in Real Time, so it is not all new but this is easily covered bythe constant flow and really good structure it has. Maher covers a lotof ground but he never breaks his stride and never has a "anyway" stylemoment where he moves to another topic. In this way his delivery isgood but the material itself is also very sharp and funny. He does takethe easy targets of course (and there are plenty to be had in thecurrent administration) but he also has lots of detail andillustrations to make his point, informing his audience and remindingus of the failings, not just taking pot shots.

He does still have his faults as a commentator though and personally Ifound his jokes about paedophilia in poor taste and poor judgement. Yesit is funny but, as with Real Time, there are not always doublestandards and his opinion is more informed by (a) the belief that boyscannot be sexual taken advantage of by a woman because all they want issex and (b) a need to shock at some point. This is another minorquibble though because otherwise he is on point for the whole show. Ofcourse those on the political right should just ignore it but I'mpretty sure that goes without saying. Surprisingly camp on stage aswell – but that is not a complaint, just something that surprised meabout him.

The Decider will not play well to those that disagree with it but thisis not a problem as it is very unlikely that generational Republicanvoters in Kentucky will be rushing home to catch a Bill Maher specialon HBO. To the supporter though, this will be a great show. Maher pullsin his anger to something more like amazement at the world he lives inand produces smart insights and jokes consistently across a wellstructured show.

Reviewed byMichael_ElliottVote: /10

Bill Maher: The Decider (2007)

*** 1/2 (out of 4)

Bill Maher takes his political satire to Boston's Berklee PerformanceCenter for this hour-long special, which originally aired on HBO. Ifyou're a fan of Maher then you're going to know his type of humor andmost of it is aimed at politics. There's no question that the majorityof jokes here are aimed at George Bush and it leads to some terrificjokes. A great many jokes go over the countless blunders that Bush hassuffered and Maher goes and attacks pretty much every one of them. Hetalks about the issues in Iraq, the problems in New Orleans and he goesinto details about some of the possible people to replace him. Themajority of the political jokes are extremely funny as Maher takes thatpolitically incorrect nature and attacks on all fronts. The jokes areusually very fast, clever and most important is that they're simplyvery funny. However, the best jokes come from when Maher gets away fromthe political chat and just attacks random things. This includes ahilarious bit dealing with beautiful teachers sleeping with their youngstudents. This entire sequence is just priceless and shows Maher at hisvery best, which leads into another terrific bit questioning how badwhat Michael Jackson was doing to kids really was. Fans of Maher shouldreally enjoy this show and even if you don't hate Bush it still comesacross very funny.

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