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Bitter Harvest (2017)

Bitter Harvest is a movie starring Max Irons, Samantha Barks, and Terence Stamp. Set in 1930s Ukraine, as Stalin advances the ambitions of communists in the Kremlin, young artist Yuri battles to save his lover Natalka from the...

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The Synopsis for Bitter Harvest (2017) 720p

Set between the two World Wars and based on true historical events, BITTER HARVEST conveys the untold story of the Holodomor, the genocidal famine engineered by the tyrant Joseph Stalin. The film displays a powerful tale of love, honour, rebellion and survival at a time when Ukraine was forced to adjust to the horrifying territorial ambitions of the burgeoning Soviet Union. With an exceptional cast of established and rising stars, the film epically recreates one of the most dramatic and dangerous episodes in the history of 20th Century Europe.

The Director and Players for Bitter Harvest (2017) 720p

[Director]George Mendeluk
[Role:]Samantha Barks
[Role:]Max Irons
[Role:]Barry Pepper
[Role:]Terence Stamp

The Reviews for Bitter Harvest (2017) 720p

An important episode in history obscured by a mediocre love story.Reviewed byCineMuseFilmsVote: 6/10

Everyone knows about the Holocaust but few have even heard the word Holodomor. It means 'death by starvation' and it refers to the Ukrainian mass famine deliberately engineered by Joseph Stalin during 1932-33. Scholars label it as genocide and estimate between 7 and 10 million deaths were directly linked to Stalin's policy of de-populating the Ukraine. More accurate numbers are not available because long-standing Russian secrecy has only recently eased enough for the story to be told. The film Bitter Harvest (2017) is the first feature movie to tell this story using a dramatized romance that attempts to humanise a story of inhumanity.

Set in 1930s Ukraine, the story commences with two young childhood sweethearts in the film's only joyful moments. It quickly moves to Joseph Stalin ordering a mass collectivisation program to confiscate the Ukrainian harvests so he could feed his armies. Most chillingly, he commandeers the grain seeds so famine was not only unavoidable but planned. As their village faces an impending catastrophe, the now grown-up young lovers, aspiring artist Yuri (Max Irons) and his betrothed Natalka (Samantha Barks), must separate as he goes off to join the anti-Bolsheviks in Kiev while she remains to care for her ailing mother. Yuri believes in the power of painting and music to tell the world what is happening but his art teachers in Kiev force him to use art for revolutionary propaganda. As Stalin's forces deplete Ukraine's rural food-stock, villagers are accused of hiding grain and seed and failing to support the revolution. Wherever food is not surrendered there are mass executions in front of mass graves, while others starve to death in their homes and on the streets. Yuri is captured and tortured, but escapes to be re-united with Natalka and they eventually flee to Poland.

The detail of this love story pales against the bigger narrative of Stalinist atrocities. While it is a conventional cinematic device to convey a big story through a small lens, the relationship between the two is critical. The two stories of this film are out of balance and unevenly directed. The attempt to create an epic love story diminishes the magnitude of the Holodomor and almost glosses over the scale of its horrors. While the cinematography is excellent throughout, the acting is wooden, melodramatic, and lacks authenticity. The clean-faced good looks of the dual protagonists form a jarring contrast with the caricatures of the Stalinist scar-faced ogres who are depicted as pure evil. Turning archival images of starved bodies on streets and decimated corpses in mass graves into background props to tell a love story feels disrespectful. The film's lack of nuance and simplicity of narrative is a lost opportunity for insight into this dark episode of history.

It is difficult to be critical of a film that deals with such important subject matter. In terms of the need for the bigger story to be told, this film should be rated highly but as cinema it is seriously flawed. On balance, the one and three-quarter hour investment to see this film is worth the time as it is the only available narrative film of life at the time of the Holodomor. As such, it is educational cinema that helps us understand contemporary Russian-Ukraine politics. However, the shelf-life of this film will be determined only by the time it takes for a better film to be produced.

sad movie about Russia's attempt to wipe out UkrainiansReviewed byshamborovskyVote: 10/10

Although it is not right to write here about politics but one can not do without it while trying to explain this movie.

It is world known that in 1930s russians, governed by communists, attempted once again to destroy Ukraine and its people by creating artificial Famine. The purpose was very simple - to destroy peasants - the core population of Ukraine - the carries of national traditions, history and memory. Next step - to send to vacationed Ukrainian territories ethnic russians - basically this is the explanation of "russian-speaking" Ukraine & nowadays terrorists in the Eastern Ukraine.

Unfortunately, results were dreadful: up to 15M (according to American researchers) has died from famine. People were eating their children, each other.

Probably movie is not artistic masterpiece but it deeply and in details describes the total dismay and despair of people who were sent to death just because they were Ukrainians and wanted to live on their land, cultivate their land and raise their children in Ukrainian customs and traditions....

Deeply moving and human.Reviewed bygkboychukVote: 7/10

Bitter Harvest succeeds in giving the incomprehensible tragedy of the Holodomor a human face. Through the suffering of one village, a family, a pair of young lovers, and a young dreamer/artist, the viewer experiences this story of love and survival on a more personal level. The depiction of the brutality promoted by Stalin's murderous regime and Russian chauvinism is eye-opening. Some unknowing critics argue that it is unrealistic in it's depiction of idyllic pastoral settings and colorful villages with singing and dancing peasants (which by the way I have heard was very much the reality in Ukrainian villages). It makes for an effective contrast to the horror that ensues. This is a deeply moving movie. The most moving moment for me - when Yuri's sadistic prison guard looks into his cell and asks him what he's drawn on the wall. Yuri, exhausted and barely audible, answers - "My wife".

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