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Bitter Springs (1950)

Bitter Springs is a movie starring Tommy Trinder, Chips Rafferty, and Gordon Jackson. Tommy Trinder is called in to smooth things out when Wally King encroaches upon Aboriginal Tribal ground.

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The Synopsis for Bitter Springs (1950) 720p

Wally King, with his family and stockmen, drive livestock over hundreds of kilometres of dry country to take up their new selection at Bitter Springs, in central Australia. A government trooper warns them that they are moving onto a waterhole that is home to a clan of Aborigines, but King believes he has all the rights. Trouble begins soon after they arrive, when Wally's son John shoots a kangaroo that some Aborigines are trying to spear. Englishman Tommy and his son Charlie are abducted, and the Aborigines burn down the makeshift homestead that Scottish carpenter Mac has built. Hot-headed John kills a young tribesman in a skirmish and is speared trying to get water. The Aborigines cut the family off from the waterhole to force them out. As they await the final attack, the trooper arrives with reinforcements. He has orders to round up the Aborigines and move them off their traditional lands, an order with which he disagrees. A final shot shows another possibility: blacks and whites ...

The Director and Players for Bitter Springs (1950) 720p

[Director]Ralph Smart
[Role:]Tommy Trinder
[Role:]Chips Rafferty
[Role:]Gordon Jackson
[Role:]Jean Blue

The Reviews for Bitter Springs (1950) 720p

Them darn injuns !Reviewed bydsewizzrd-1Vote: 6/10

Chips Rafferty stars in this semi-realistic fable slash western film based in the mid-north of South Australia.

A family move to a selection in South Australia together with some English immigrants, a con man and his son and a Scottish carpenter.

Lucky for them, the land has already been cleared (it would have been densely covered in mallee forest at the time, but was completely cleared by 1950). They build a log cabin in an area with not many trees but plenty of loose stones, although the plot reason for this is later revealed. They drink from metal cups but have a wooden bucket and a thatched roof (rather than roofing iron) on their house.

When trouble arises with aborigines, they decide to shoot them, this being completely illegal of course.

ealings Australian westernReviewed bymalcolmgswVote: 6/10

Ealing Studios had a flirtation with Australia just after the war.This clearly was their attempt to do a western.The sheep drive with hostile aborigines is virtually identical to many cattle drives with warring Apaches.As usual there are the usual disparate characters.The old reliable Chips Rafferty and the soon to be Doctor in EW10,Charles Tingwall.However when it comes to Tommy Trinder one starts to scratch ones head.One can only assume that Ealing tried to build him in to their substitute for George Formby.The one consistent note of all his Ealing performances is that he was no actor.The outback is well photographed and the scenes with the aborigines are quite interesting as we do learn a little about their culture.

Australian WesternReviewed byChase_WitherspoonVote: 5/10

Pioneers in the rugged Australian outback drove a thousand head of sheep into the bush but run afoul the local Indigenous population over custodianship of the land and hunting rights. Perennial ocker Chips Rafferty pairs with cockney Tommy Trinder, whose son is later abducted by aborigines as retribution after Bud Tingwell kills one of the tribe during a heated stoush. Trinder sets out to retrieve his son and also ends up prisoner, but the two guards left to watch the pair are beguiled by his amateur magic tricks enabling both to escape.

Scot Gordon Jackson and Aussies Bud Tingwell and Michael Pate tag along for a little brawn and the occasional moral disagreement with the short tempered Rafferty (particularly Jackson), while half caste tracker and interpreter Henry Murdoch abandons the group and takes up with the aborigines in opposition to Rafferty's rough-handedness.

Standard Australian bush tucker from the era, with apparent racially prejudiced subject matter that might challenge some of today's audience sensitivities, but without commenting on the socio-political atmosphere, there's enough action, landscape, tribal culture and light drama to mildly entertain.

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