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Black Jack (1968)

Black Jack is a movie starring Robert Woods, Lucienne Bridou, and Rik Battaglia. Following the robbery of a bank in the Wild West a gang gathers around Jack Murphy, their leader. Things go awry when Skinner, Reb, Mathias and the...

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  • Language: Italian
  • Run Time: 99
  • IMDB Rating: 6.6/10 
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The Synopsis for Black Jack (1968) 720p

Following the robbery of a bank in the Wild West a gang gathers around Jack Murphy, their leader. Things go awry when Skinner, Reb, Mathias and the brothers, Bill and Gordon, realize Jack will divide the loot for his own good only. Furious with him, they decide to betray him and it is not long before they take action. They torture him and leave him for dead while his sister is raped and killed. But Jack survives and goes for revenge.

The Director and Players for Black Jack (1968) 720p

[Director]Gianfranco Baldanello
[Role:]Robert Woods
[Role:]Larry Dolgin
[Role:]Rik Battaglia
[Role:]Lucienne Bridou

The Reviews for Black Jack (1968) 720p

A Scenery-Chewing Performance from Robert Woods.Reviewed byJohnWellesVote: 9/10

Black Jack (1968), directed by Gianfranco Baldanello, who also made the interesting "This Man Can't Die" (1967) is one of those rare films: A movie where the main-character is a evil and sadistic being who wants total revenge on a group of bandits who double-crossed him over a bank robbery and then tortured him. Jack Murphy, known to his enemy's as "Black Jack" is a completely unlikeable anti-hero who would be the villain in any other movie. The fact that we care what happens is down to Robert Woods astounding performance as Murphy. His role in the picture is crucial: if he is weak, the film is weak. Anything but brilliant will do in a role like this. And he pulls it off with flying colours. Woods is fantastic: He doesn't make Jack a good guy, he makes him so totally horrible that we're strangely fascinated by his actions and fate. The direction, photography and music are all fine, but Robert Woods is the true stand out here.

A violent and nihilistic western.Reviewed byWetbonesVote: 7/10

I did not know a lot about this film when I finally got the chance to watch it on an old Dutch VHS tape. It turned out to be excellent.

The plot concerns a band of bank robbers who decide to betray their leader, Jack. They torture and nearly kill him while his sister gets brutally raped by one of the men and is subsequently scalped (!) and murdered by an Indian who was hired by the villains. But leaving Jack alive was a grave mistake because after getting better his saddles up and goes for bloody revenge.

I usually prefer Italian westerns to those from the US because most of the latter are too tame for my tastes. There is a nastiness about BLACK JACK that is quite powerful and disturbing. Even on the used VHS the cinematography was great and the same has to be said about the effective score. The acting is good for this kind of film, though Jack's grief and madness sometimes border on the comical - especially when he bursts out laughing like a loon during one fight. Still, this is powerful and effective cinema and should be of interest to anyone who likes the genre or revenge films in general. It's a pity that the film is near impossible to find at the time of this writing. I hope it will get a DVD release soon. This 35 year old gem is overdue for rediscovery.

Just pure garbage!Reviewed bylegrandcaelumVote: 1/10

This is pure garbage, i have not seen such bad western for long time.The acting is bad the story is bad the filming locations are bad, simply nothing good with it.

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