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Black Mask II (2002)

Black Mask 2: City of Masks is a movie starring Andy On, Tobin Bell, and Jon Polito. The Black Mask must stop a group intent on setting off a DNA bomb that could cause mutations to the human race.

IMDB: 3.61 Likes

  • Genre: Action | Drama
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  • Run Time: 102
  • IMDB Rating: 3.6/10 
  • MPR: Normal
  • Peers/Seeds: 13 / 27

The Synopsis for Black Mask II (2002) 720p

Genetic modification means Black Mask has superhuman fighting and healing powers. He is searching the world for top geneticists who might be able to reverse his mutation, which has stolen his ability to feel emotion. His maker, whom he's running from has an amateur rival in this sequel though. Someone is hybridizing the DNA of top pro-wrestlers with that of animals, making them stronger and deadlier. But the process is turning the wrestlers (Iguana, Chameleon (Traci Lords), Snake, Wolf, and Claw) slowly more into animal killers, than human-beings. Black Mask tries to help the wrestlers but their boss has plans for BM himself.

The Director and Players for Black Mask II (2002) 720p

[Director]Hark Tsui
[Role:]Andy On
[Role:]Jon Polito
[Role:]Tobin Bell
[Role:]Teresa Herrera

The Reviews for Black Mask II (2002) 720p

Not brilliant, not even particularly good...Reviewed byjamie_likeskylieVote: 4/10

Not the worst film I have ever seen. The acting is not up to much. Traci Lords is a bit better than most of the others. The action is okay though although Lords is invisible for most of her action sequences. The story has a good anti drugs message for kids even though some of it may not be that suitable for all youngsters. Watch out for WWE wrestler Rob Van Damm, his acting is terrible!

Fantastic AdventureReviewed bymasibindiVote: 7/10

Polished performances, lightning action, great special effects, exciting characters, non-stop plot developments, horror thrills and chills, poignant moments, unpredictable, well-made flick. Exquisite direction, very original concepts, reprehensible villains, excellent score. As good as the first one which starred Jet Li.

Unnecessary negativity towards an all-around good filmReviewed bycrashman79Vote: 10/10

I don't understand why there are so many negative comments on this movie. Just watched the DVD last night, and in my opinion it was great. The effects were done nicely, the wire work is great, and Jet Li not reprising his role of the Black Mask is entirely forgivable. The only gripe I have really it took me some thought after watching the movie to figure out what animal Claw was bonded with.

Yes, it departs from the original's style, but aren't you getting tired of sequels that are just the same movie with different villians? That would kinda get like the Megaman (Rockman) video game series.... still entertaining but you've already seen it.

In all the movie was excellent, aside from the oh-so-slightly cheesy costumes when the animalists "turned" which for the most part aren't noticeable (slow-mo wasn't a good idea for a few scenes).

Those of you that are being so negative towards this movie, in my opinion, would have liked the flick a lot better if you hadn't seen the first, but I could be wrong.

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