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Blanche (2018) 1080p

Blanche is a movie starring Tommy Mangrem, Clifford Hardwick, and Carolyn Mangrem. A lonely, gritty west Texas rancher has disengaged from life after loss but an old compadre masterminds a crazy bet on a chicken named Blanche to...

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  • Run Time: 90
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The Synopsis for Blanche (2018) 1080p

A lonely, gritty west Texas rancher has disengaged from life after loss but an old compadre masterminds a crazy bet on a chicken named Blanche to help Tommy realize there are second chances at life and love. This tale was inspired by a true bet.

The Director and Players for Blanche (2018) 1080p

[Director]Twila LaBar
[Role:]Suzanne O'Bryan
[Role:]Carolyn Mangrem
[Role:]Clifford Hardwick
[Role:]Tommy Mangrem

The Reviews for Blanche (2018) 1080p

Blanche (the movie) IS West Texas!Reviewed byVivaGonzoVote: 10/10

What a treat to watch a movie that causes one to reflect on what one holds dear about their piece of Texas - the PEOPLE. Hats off to the homegrown actors. All added genuineness - in spirit, speech and mannerisms. West Texas is a hard place to be from. With the boom and bust cycle of the oilfield, intense heat in the summers, drought, sandstorms, unceasing wind, and many other things newcomers don't care for - one has to be scrappy to stay. But if you do, you're sure to meet true characters (natives) like the ones in Blanche. You'll be the better for the introduction and enjoy some good old-fashioned fun along the way! Thanks to Sam Pfiester for bringing the essence of West Texas to the screen in such splendid simplicity - GREAT job! ????

A Fine Little FilmReviewed byrogbeck9Vote: 10/10

Blanche is a wholesome, light hearted film suitable for all ages. The storyline was simple but sweet. There are a few moments in the film that could have been more polished but overall the film turned out surprisingly well since it was shot in two weeks on a micro budget. I was impressed that the entire cast was comprised of non-professional actors. I've seen much worse films with multi-million dollar budgets featuring super star actors. Clifford's performance was outstanding and I imagine he could be cast in other films if he desired to pursue acting. It was very refreshing to see a film featuring older characters. The cinematography was beautiful and the music was moving and authentic. I enjoyed the kitschy west Texas humor, too. Kudos to everyone involved in the making of Blanche. They should be very proud of their efforts for producing an entertaining, fine little film.

Hearts in the right place, but very poorly made film, sorryReviewed bydocweaselbandVote: 1/10

It may be "treat to watch a movie that causes one to reflect on what one holds dear about their piece of Texas" but these aren't actors (check out their other non-existent credits) and it shows.

Everyone watches actors and thinks "I could deliver lines, especially (like these ppl) if I'm playing myself or a character just like me"

Well, these ppl prove that notion wrong. The acting is horrid, and you can see the tricks the director had to use to deal with (probably) botched and poorly delivered take after take: early in the movie check out a convo between the old man and lady. They constantly cut to "over the shoulder" for every single line of dialog, so they could film it line by line with inserts, and its not only distracting and too many cuts for the scene (whiich would have benefitted from a long, uncut scene with both of them in the frame so you could see the reactions, but they stil deliver terrible readings, and you have to assume that's the best they could do. Every scene is like this; face of the person talking over the shoulder of the person they are talking to, cut to the other person back and forth. It even cuts back and forth mid sentence sometimes. These ppl couldnt deliver a line as well as the little kids in the first Charlie Brown christmas special.

The dialog is hokey , overly verbose (these old guys would be better served to be more taciturn, they deliver long bouts of exposition in corny, fake dialog delivered with less acting talent than a high school play.

The woman who owns the chickens must have been a relative of a backer, she stands out among terribly amateur actors as a most egregious case.

I could go on, about the travelling scenes where we are treated to the front of the truck instead of the Texas landscape (whiich it must be said by anyone who has travelled 95 cross country, is ugly, boring and monotonous) They managed to find the ugliest mudpond lake to have a long scene with even more exposition and pointless story tellling and unfunny anecdotes. I guess that part is pretty realistic, old cowboys and their former paramours probably do get together and go on and on with pointless, stupid stories then trail off into demetia.

You have to REALLY love cowboy hats, old cowboys and their old gfs and boring, pointless stories, including the plot.

"Is Blanche your chicken? Martha told me she gave you a chicken!""Blance is a good looking chicken!" (big laughs)"Clifford, you better not be throwing chickens out of an airplane!""Its noot like we're throwing babies out of a plane!""YOu guys are impossible! Let's go to Martha's"

and it goes on like this.

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