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Bloodworth (2010) 1080p

Provinces of Night is a movie starring Val Kilmer, Kris Kristofferson, and Hilary Duff. A man who left home 40 years earlier to become a country singer returns home to the tattered remains of his broken family and a grandson who is...

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  • Genre: Drama | Romance
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The Synopsis for Bloodworth (2010) 1080p

E.F. Bloodworth has returned to his home - a forgotten corner of Tennessee - after forty years of roaming. The wife he walked out on has withered and faded, his three sons are grown and angry. Warren is a womanizing alcoholic, Boyd is driven by jealousy to hunt down his wife and her lover, and Brady puts hexes on his enemies from his mamma's porch. Only Fleming, the old man's grandson, treats him with the respect his age commands, and sees past all the hatred to realize the way it can poison a man's soul. It is ultimately the love of Raven Lee, a sloe-eyed beauty from another town, that gives Fleming the courage to reject this family curse.

The Director and Players for Bloodworth (2010) 1080p

[Director]Shane Dax Taylor
[Role:]Hilary Duff
[Role:]Reece Thompson
[Role:]Val Kilmer
[Role:]Kris Kristofferson

The Reviews for Bloodworth (2010) 1080p

Bittersweet, very moving family dramaReviewed byJbtullisorderVote: 9/10

This story takes place in a beautiful country setting somewhere in Tennessee. It revolves around a young man whose family was splintered apart by his grandfather's (Kris Kristofferson) departure long before he was born. Grandpa Bloodworth left behind boys that grew up carrying the pain of their father's departure, and we watch how it all manifest upon his return.

This is an excellent piece of storytelling using a rural setting to tell a story from a part of America that the movie explores without any condemning bias about the South or Southerners. This movie simply tells a story from a corner of America that anyone can relate to if you pay attention to what's being said.

Some say it moved along slowly, but I thought the pace completely appropriate with the story being told. The movie keeps you glued wanting to know the "why's and what's" of upcoming events, while the ending will certainly pull your heartstrings.

Outstanding acting by great performers, a great story, and definitely worth a watch.

some great actors struggling in a messReviewed bySnoopyStyleVote: 7/10

Fleming Bloodworth (Reece Thompson) is desperate to leave his small town life. His uncle Warren (Val Kilmer) is a wild man with Hazel (Hilarie Burton) in his car. He's too drunk to drive. He pushes underage Fleming to drive him and passed out Hazel to Louise Halfacre (Sheila Kelley). This leads to a drunken fight between Hazel and Louise. The good part is that Fleming connects with Louise's daughter Raven Lee Halfacre (Hilary Duff). His grandfather E. F. Bloodworth (Kris Kristofferson) returns after 40 years on the road as a traveling singer. He had abandoned his wife (Frances Conroy) and his 3 sons. The Bloodworth men are all broken and bitter.

The problem seems to be that the characters are all random wild southern screw ups. The script is a mess of characters going every which way. Things happen that I'm uncertain about. A pig shows up in the middle for some reason. I'm fine with Reece Thompson but Hilary Duff leaves me with concerns. She has this bubbly personality that can't be restraint but her character needs to be darker. Her mother is such a mess that it has to show up in her performance. At first glance, the problem basically boils down to director Shane Dax Taylor in his second movie and screenwriter W. Earl Brown on his first film script. The inexperience really shows.

Reviewed byjakeamoore-37541Vote: 10/10/10

Ivanhoe is my home town and I grew up in that farm house. Fun fact: Ihunt out the bedroom window and I killed my first deer out of it. Iwill always live in Ivanhoe and still do a hog killing every year. Itis awesome that people have filmed a movie in Ivanhoe. My papacurrently owns the land that the farmhouse is on because it has beenpassed down through the generations. Ivanhoe is mostly family and myUncle owns Ivanhoe Blueberries. In the woods in the back of the fieldmy papa has a lot of junk trucks and a saw mill. I still plant corn andbeans in the field and I had to remove my chair from the bedroom beforethey could film.

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