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Blue Iguana (2018)

Ex-jailbirds Eddie and Paul are on parole and working in a New York diner. Their lives are a dead end. That is, until English lawyer Katherine Rookwood walks into the diner with an offer they can't refuse.

IMDB: 5.04 Likes

  • Genre: Comedy | Romance
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  • Language: English  
  • Run Time: 100
  • IMDB Rating: 5.0/10 
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  • Peers/Seeds: 1 / 3

The Synopsis for Blue Iguana (2018) 720p

This anarchic thriller presents a crazy, off-kilter London of action, comedy and true love. Eddie, Paul and Katharine are cool, carefree characters in a world of absolute freedoms: freedom to steal, freedom to fire a gun, freedom to kill, and freedom to fall in love. And freedom never to be hurt--at least not seriously. Only the bad guys die. Sam Rockwell and Ben Schwartz play two London-bound buddies whose outrageous antics never have serious consequences. They always wriggle out of danger, with a wisecrack, a weapon and a smile. Eddie and Paul are two innocents abroad, except they're not innocent at all. They're low-level wise guys who never really have a grip on anything. The controlling intelligence in the story is Phoebe Fox's insecure lawyer, Katherine. She's always one step ahead of the game - but is she ready to fall in love?

The Director and Players for Blue Iguana (2018) 720p

[Director]Hadi Hajaig
[Role:]Sam Rockwell
[Role:]Ben Schwartz
[Role:]Amanda Donohoe
[Role:]Simon Callow

The Reviews for Blue Iguana (2018) 720p

Not as good as i thought it'd be ..Reviewed byAktham TashtushVote: 4/10

So the movie is not like the worst movie ever ,, but not really as good as the trailer shows it would... and watched it because of Sam Rockwell in the first place.

The plot is repetitive ,, there were some nice moments but the whole idea of the movie is just dull ,, the genre says it is romance comedy which is not ,, i mean i think they missed the romance part and made it like a small far away crush ,, and for the comedy it was just light , no laughs , no giggles what so ever .. i mean there was action and thrill in some moments i gotta give them that ,,, but overall i was so disappointed ..

Disappointed,, because, i love Sam Rockwell,, and i thought this would be like ""Mr. Right " style , but nope .. and Ben Schwartz is an amazing comedian but here apparently the script didn't help.

final judgment,, if you really expect to watch comedy romance thingy .. just find something else .. or go watch an episode of "Friends",, which what i'll do right now.

Phoebe Fox is a genius!Reviewed bybrian-mataVote: 7/10

This film is way out there nuts, every second of it is filled with such great weirdness that I could not help but laugh.

The real star of this movie though is the British woman who plays Katherine, Phoebe Fox, so understated and very funny.

I loved how she manipulated all the characters and was the real hero, LIKE A BOSS!

Have a fun time and just go for this rideReviewed bykristoffe brodeurVote: 10/10

This is quirky, weird and certainly funny. They got each little moment in culture on point, and Sam Rockwell is a beast, even with tiny moments. I think what works best is the vanilla british female lawyer who hires the two ex cons to do a screwball job. It makes me laugh especially with the small facial expressions they get on point.

It is similar to many theatre style linear activity films. Each little who dunnit going to another fun reveal keeps the flow and it's really silly. One of my favorite things in acting is proper timing in dialog and good editing right after each moment and it works here well.

Really, the music and the moments are great. It plays out like a theatre production, noises off, something akin to that. Moments like high end moisturizing toilet paper and women's tampons for bullet wounds are sophomoric but great.

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