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Blue Jasmine (2013)

A New York socialite, deeply troubled and in denial, arrives in San Francisco to impose upon her sister. She looks a million, but isn't bringing money, peace, or love...

IMDB: 7.635 Likes

  • Genre: Comedy | Drama
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  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 98
  • IMDB Rating: 7.6/10 
  • MPR: PG-13
  • Peers/Seeds: 3 / 4

The Synopsis for Blue Jasmine (2013) 720p

Jasmine French used to be on the top of the heap as a New York socialite, but now is returning to her estranged sister in San Francisco utterly ruined. As Jasmine struggles with her haunting memories of a privileged past bearing dark realities she ignored, she tries to recover in her present. Unfortunately, it all proves a losing battle as Jasmine's narcissistic hangups and their consequences begin to overwhelm her. In doing so, her old pretensions and new deceits begin to foul up everyone's lives, especially her own.

The Director and Players for Blue Jasmine (2013) 720p

[Director]Woody Allen
[Role:Jasmine]Cate Blanchett
[Role:Cab Driver]Glen Caspillo
[Role:Woman's Husband]Richard Conti
[Role:Woman on Plane]Joy Carlin

The Reviews for Blue Jasmine (2013) 720p

Good...but not THAT goodReviewed bymadbeastVote: 6/10

One of the better movies Woody Allen has put out in recent years, featuring superior performances by Cate Blanchett as an emotionally unstable woman forced to come down from her privileged past and Sally Hawkins as her enabling lower-income sister. Allen's screenplay is often amusing although it meanders at times (I looked at my watch more than once during the screening I attended) and its story seems uncomfortably reminiscent of "A Streetcar Named Desire" with Blanchett in the Blanche DuBois role, Sally Hawkins as Stella, Peter Sarsgaard as Mitch and Bobby Cannavale as Stanley Kowalski. It lacks the dramatic power and sexual tension of Tennessee Williams' masterpiece and in the end, Allen's urbane sophistication doesn't make up for it. There is a tendency in recent years to either over-praise Allen or rip him to shreds. I don't think this film deserves either fate, being an enjoyably diverting if occasionally pretentious and derivative comedy/drama. It may not belong in the pantheon of great Woody Allen movies like "Annie Hall" or "Manhattan" but it's no "Curse of the Jade Scorpion" or "Celebrity" either. If it didn't have the Woody Allen brand on it, I suspect that it would quickly come and go without notice as a fairly well-made independent drama with some nice acting that has some gripping sequences while ultimately being a little on the dull side. Because of Allen's enduring reputation, it will probably pick up an Oscar nomination or two (for Blanchett's performance and for Allen's questionably "original" screenplay) because Allen's name still carries cache with the taste arbiters. It had too many dull stretches and redundant exchanges for that kind of attention for my money, but its high points made me feel like there were worse ways to spend an hour and a half.

One Of Woody Allen's Best FilmsReviewed bybfrash-348-740592Vote: 10/10

Cate Blanchett gives her best acting performance of all time. Her character changes dramatically every scene. There will be nominations in the future for CB - in my opinion. Woody Allen punk-ed himself with the French nanny angle. Andrew Dice Clay was spectacular. Sally Hawkins stole many scenes in this movie. This movie was a commentary on the gluttony of Wall Street & Finance...on many levels. It also pointed out the desperation of people suffering from mental health issues. I recommend seeing Blue Jasmine. You will not be disappointed.

best Woody Allen film in agesReviewed 5/10

I thought this was Woody Allen's best film in years. The script was better written than I expected from him at this point, given his more recent turns toward drama, and the laughs are often derived as much from the dark humor in the characters' situations as from snappy punch lines. Kudos to Cate Blanchett who turns in a stellar performance, actors sometimes broadly interpret Woody's neurotic characters for comedic effect, more the way Woody would play the role (think Judy Davis), but Cate very effectively plays it straight and my guess is she'll be taking home the next best actress Oscar. For me the biggest surprise was Andrew Dice Clay, who gives a surprising nuanced performance as a working class guy bitter about having been screwed over by big shots, and in some ways his character morally anchors the film. Good job, Woody.

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