Bob Dylan: Dont Look Back (1967) 720p YIFY Movie

Bob Dylan: Dont Look Back (1967)

Dont Look Back is a movie starring Bob Dylan, Albert Grossman, and Bob Neuwirth. Documentary covering Bob Dylan's 1965 tour of England, which includes appearances by Joan Baez and Donovan.

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The Synopsis for Bob Dylan: Dont Look Back (1967) 720p

Portrait of the artist as a young man. In spring, 1965, Bob Dylan, 23, a pixyish troubador, spends three weeks in England. Pennebaker's camera follows him from airport to hall, from hotel room to public house, from conversation to concert. Joan Baez and Donovan, among others, are on hand. It's the period when Dylan is shifting from acoustic to electric, a transition that not all fans, including Baez, applaud. From the opening sequence of Dylan holding up words to the soundtrack's "Subterranean Homesick Blues," Dylan is playful and enigmatic.

The Director and Players for Bob Dylan: Dont Look Back (1967) 720p

[Director]D.A. Pennebaker
[Role:]Joan Baez
[Role:]Bob Dylan
[Role:]Bob Neuwirth
[Role:]Albert Grossman

The Reviews for Bob Dylan: Dont Look Back (1967) 720p

A great time capsule, but somewhat lacking as an actual "engaged viewing"Reviewed byTwins65Vote: 6/10

I just FINALLY watched "Don't' Look Back", and although I'm glad I finally plowed through it, I can't really recommend it UNLESS YOU'RE A BIG BOB FAN. The songs (all just snippets) were great as expected, but would it have hurt Pennebaker to let a few play all the way through? Granted, the idea of a rock documentary 51 years ago was pretty much unprecedented, and the fact that he had unlimited access led to some interesting scenes. But maybe I'm just numb to the constant onslaught of reality TV in 2016, so even seeing some from over 50 years ago (which wasn't really "staged" like so much of it is today) just doesn't hold my total interest for 90 + minutes.

Best clip: Dylan singing "Only a Pawn in Their Game" on July 6, 1963, at a Voters' Registration Rally in Greenwood, Mississippi (shot by artist and experimental filmmaker Ed Emshwiller). NOW THIS WAS SOMETHING I HADN'T SEEN BEFORE , nor did I know it even existed.

2nd best clip: the groundbreaking "Subterranean Homesick Blues" video. Often imitated, and never quite duplicated, this is still AWESOME a half-century later!

Behind the scenes with Bob DylanReviewed byGoatPodaVote: 7/10

Very entertaining cinema verite look at Bob Dylan's 1965 tour of England. Provides some glances past Dylan's iconic image, and some very entertaining music as well as behind the scenes footage. Interesting anecdote to "A Hard Day's Night". In this one the teen girls gush, but they aren't sure why. Poses interesting questions that need not be answered, but not at all heavy handed. Dylan comes off as too cool for school. Joan Baez and Donovan sing too. Dylan drunkenly argues with a groupie. Entertainment with some provocation.

hypnotic...Reviewed byrenaldo and claraVote: 10/10

Before it became necessary to narrate documentaries (with rare exceptions, a sign that they truly SUCK) this one was dialogue-free. It was a floating camera that followed Bob going from venue to auditorium, from speaking to reporters to meeting ...Donovan.

Right from the start you can tell Dylan is sick of being on tour, either that ir he's sick of people(note how he rolls his eyes in the very beginning when he explains to a woman why he's carrying a lightbulb) so we become accustomed to the way he answers questions; sometimes rude but always originally, many times hilariously. He was afterall, still a very young guy in a foreign country. It didn't matter how he spoke with people, though, because he communicated enough-as we can see in Don't Look Back through his music.

When you watch him play, it's amazing to see the stillness in the audience, the entranced eyes, fixed in concentration, minds in fear that they may miss a word of one of Dylan's songs. I love how, right at the beginning when he gets asked "When did you know you wanted to become a performer?" and he seems to think for a minute...and it cuts to: Dylan about 6-8 years prior..playing in a field surrounded by a bunch of African Americans...seemingly singing about (an)African-American...and when the camera pans close to his face, you can see tears rolling down his cheeks! It made me cry...........

The good thing about it is you see a little bit of everything...Dylan on stage in his element, Dylan f*ked up;), w/his pals, p***ed off, and Englanders...

We also get to see a very young Joan Baez( whose voice I had never even heard before watching this)- an innocent, beautiful woman who despite this had morals and a voice that would also be Dylan she was way ahead of her time.

In short, I cannot say enough about this documentary-it gets better everytime I see it, and I don't say that about a lot. I still cannot hear enough of his music or his lyrics...

Long live Dylan and Baez... -Heidi

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