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Body Parts (1991)

After losing his arm in a car accident, a criminal psychologist has it replaced with a limb that belonged to a serial killer.

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  • Genre: Horror | Thriller
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The Synopsis for Body Parts (1991) 720p

When Bill Chrashank loses his arm in a car accident, the arm of an executed death row inmate is grafted on in its place. The only problem, as Bill soon discovers, is that the arm is possessed by a force he cannot control.

The Director and Players for Body Parts (1991) 720p

[Director]Eric Red
[Role:]Lindsay Duncan
[Role:]Jeff Fahey
[Role:]Kim Delaney

The Reviews for Body Parts (1991) 720p

Reviewed byjtk57Vote: /10

I saw this movie in college and forgot almost everything about it exceptfor the car chase scene with the handcuffs, so when I saw it again recently,I was pretty much waiting to see if it was as cool as I had remembered. Itwas, and there were other scenes that induced a chuckle in this cheesyentry. Jeff Fahey, who looks like a poor man's Ray Liotta with better skin andnot as much acting ability, plays a nurturing criminal psychologist whospends his days dealing with crazy criminals who say f*ck a lot. Afterstudying a dangerously wobbling wheel on the car in front of him during hiscommute to work in the morning, he is actually surprised when it snaps offand he gets creamed by an 18 wheeler. Maybe I was in a weird mood, but thesight of him flying through the windshield was unintentionally hilarious.After he gets the killer's arm sewn onto his stump, he begins to actstrangely. He starts to cut himself and curse while shaving with thekiller's hand. He cracks his kid in the side of the head while wrestling inthe family room. He tries to choke out his wife while she's asleep. I foundall of this to be really, really funny for some reason. I just couldn't takeFahey's performance seriously. What can I say? It just made me think of theSimpson's episode where Homer gets the hair transplant from Snake theconvict. The gore effects where decent, and the sound effects, unusually enough ,were very well done, especially the "flesh ripping" sounds that come intoplay later in the movie. I dare you to keep a straight face when the killercomes back in a neck brace and tries to get his arm back. He is silentexcept for his mugging face and gurgling sounds as he "takes back what'shis". Yeah this movie is "bad", but if that is a good thing to you like it isto me, it's worth seeing. Plus, if you are an unfortunate Blockbuster slavewho can't get movies anywhere else, I believe that this is one of the fewhorror movies they carry that was made before "Scream" and doesn't revolvearound Freddy Prinze Jr. or star any Arquette family members. Whateverhappened to the talented Mr. Fahey anyway?!

Reviewed byReelCheeseVote: 7/10/10

An outlandish conclusion mars this otherwise decent little early '90sthriller. Jeff Fahey, he of "Lawnmower Man" fame, stars as BillChrushank, a shrink who tragically loses his arm in a brutal car wreck.But through the miracle of science, and with the consent of his wife,Chrushank is given a second chance at an able-bodied life via agroundbreaking transplant. All seems well until the limb, formerlybelonging to a murderous death row inmate, seems to take on a life ofits own. Is the killer living more than vicariously through Chrushank,or is it all in his head?

One of the biggest complaints the big-name critics had with this onewas that the story is all too familiar (i.e. "Hands of Orlac"). Yet aborrowed story is no reason to automatically dismiss a picture. Look athow many cop pictures and romantic comedies steal elements from theirpredecessors. So yes, this basic tale has been told before, butdirector Eric Red (I've never heard of him, either) makes it all workpretty good. Until, that is, the aforementioned climax rears its uglyhead. It's then that Chrushank discovers the sinister origins of hissurgery. I won't give it away, but let's just say there are plenty offour-letter words to describe it: lame, poor, nuts, crap. This filmjust could have been so great with a great finale.

Reviewed byPeach-2Vote: 6/10/10

Body Parts wasn't as bad as I thoughtit would be. It turned out to bepretty entertaining and had a fewmoments that made me jump out of myseat. I believe the director, EricRed, will one day be a more popularfilm-maker. He does a good job andcreates some genuine tension.

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