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Body Parts (1991)

After losing his arm in a car accident, a criminal psychologist has it replaced with a limb that belonged to a serial killer.

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The Synopsis for Body Parts (1991) 720p

When Bill Chrashank loses his arm in a car accident, the arm of an executed death row inmate is grafted on in its place. The only problem, as Bill soon discovers, is that the arm is possessed by a force he cannot control.

The Director and Players for Body Parts (1991) 720p

[Director]Eric Red
[Role:]Lindsay Duncan
[Role:]Jeff Fahey
[Role:]Kim Delaney

The Reviews for Body Parts (1991) 720p

Interesting sci-fi, unfortunately grouped in horror genreReviewed byJugu AbrahamVote: 6/10

I saw this film some 10 years ago in a movie theatre in Zimbabwe. It left an impact on me as I am a fan of sci-fi more than of horror films.

Much has been written about "mindless sci-fi" such as the Star War films where sounds are "heard" in outer space where in reality you can't hear anything. Yet sci-fi lovers seem to have missed out on this neat theory of body parts having a mind (NOT, mind you, a "brain") of their own--all belonging to the original individual. It appears to be nothing more than nonsense to us in accepted conventional science but I found it more appealing than some of the works of Lucas and Spielberg.

I think the film needs reassessment as a "sci-fi" film--not merely as a horror film. I am convinced this film is more appealing in subject matter than "Fantastic Voyage" or "The Flatliners", purely as a science fiction movie. Take it or leave it--the subject challenges today's scientific thought however stupid it appears to us today. And as cinema, I have seen worse stuff from well-known Hollywood directors. I would like to read the book "Choice cuts" before figuring out if the film was better than the work of the author. The film has made me curious about the novel--that in itself speaks much for the film's director, Eric Red.

Eric Red is without a doubt the master of suspense, and this is his best.Reviewed byss_desadeVote: 10/10

Right from the opening scene, if you let it, this movie will give you goose-bumps. Not that the first scene consisting of two people talking is particularly scary, it is just shot in such a brilliant subtly eerie way (as are all the scenes) that you can't help but be somewhat creeped out. The plot--involving a man receiving a new arm after losing his in a terrible auto accident and discovering that it belonged to a serial killer that happens to want it back--sounds ludicrous, yet somehow Red lets the story unfold seamlessly and realistically and you find yourself believing every detail. This movie is about as intensely spooky as you can get, and every last moment of terror is executed perfectly. Red never lets you relax, because the minute you think things are settling down, something completely unexpected and wonderfully of-beat will leap out of no where are scare you silly. And finally, Body Parts succeeds in the extraordinary-visuals category not by throwing a bunch of flashy special effects in your face, but by remarkably original scenes fantastically constructed from ordinary things that become almost mesmerizing. This is the best horror film I have seen to date (August 20, 2000) and I have seen many. Just remember not to take it all too seriously, because this movie relies on emotions and characters to convey it realistically, not situations or plotting which are more fantastical than real-life based. But if, like myself, you let yourself become completely absorbed in the story, characters, and suspense, you are in for a true treat.

Reviewed byLucien LessardVote: 8/10/10

Criminal psychologist Bill Chrushank (Jeff Fahey) survived from anhorrible car accident but he loses his arm. But when a giftedmysterious Dr. Agatha Webb (Lindsay Duncan) manages to find a donor tohave a new arm for Bill. When his wife Karen (Kim Delaney) agrees withthe doctor for the operation. When the operation is a success and thenits takes weeks for Bill's new arm to be working. In fact, he finds hisnew arm to be much better than his old one. But then, it's starts doingthings that he doesn't want to do and being having vivid nightmares. Hefinds out that his arm belongs to Charley Fletcher (John Walsh). Aviolent serial killer, who got executed on the operation table. WhenBill got his new arm from. But Bill finds out that he's not the onlyone, who got spear parts from the infamous murderer. Then after meetingtwo people (Brad Dourif and Peter Murnik), who got spear body partsfrom Charley. But when Bill wants his arm off, the Dr. Webb refused todo it. Bill has a feeling or two that Dr. Webb is not what she seems tobe and he feels, there's something out there is coming for him.

Directed by Eric Red (Bad Moon, Cohen and Tate, Undertow) made anintriguing horror film with some effective moments of suspense andthrills. This was an box office disappointment, when it was released inthe summer of 1991. The critics were not kind to this movie as well.Sure, the premise isn't original anymore. But director Red tries tomake something different here by adding some neat ideals to the alreadyoften filmed premise of the picture. The underrated Fahey gives anstrong performance. Dourif gives an memorable small role as the artist,who finds sudden success with his paintings. Red does his best work sofar as a filmmaker here. Red wasn't made a movie or wrote a script inyears but it seems, he trying to make a comeback with his latest work"100 Feet". That film will be released sometime in 2008. Like most ofRed's works, "Body Parts" has become a cult classic. It's certainly oneof the most underrated horror movies of the 1990's. Effective musicscore by Loek Dikker. Insipred from the novel "Choice Cuts" by PierreBoileau and Thomas Narcejac (Which they wrote the classic book together"Diabolique"). Co-scripted by the director and Norman Snider (DeadRingers, Rated X). Screen-story by Patricia Herskovic (Producer of cultclassics like "Deadly Blessing", "Mother's Boys" and "Toy Soldiers")and Joyce Taylor. Don't miss it. Panavision. (****/*****).

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