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Born to Win (1971)

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[Director]Ivan Passer
[Role:]Paula Prentiss
[Role:]George Segal
[Role:]Karen Black

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De Niro in a small role.Reviewed byRodrigAndrisanVote: 6/10

This is George Segal's film, a very good actor. And Karen Black's, a great actress herself. Another great actress, Paula Prentiss, has a too short appearance. Hector Elizondo also does a good job.

Worth a lookReviewed byrosscinemaVote: 6/10

While low budget filmmakers in California were making films like "Psych-out" and "The Trip" with Fonda and Nicholson and Hopper it was different in New York. Low budget filmmakers on the east coast took a more tougher look at drugs and it usually took place on the streets of New York. This film is about a drug addict named J (George Segal) who has the tattoo "Born to Win" on his arm and he's always doing favors for a local dealer named Vivian (Hector Elizondo) who is becoming annoyed by J. One day J meets Parm (Karen Black) who is a free spirited girl and they both become attracted to each other right away. J is becoming more desperate and he even resorts to robbing some of the people he does favors for. Two dirty cops (Robert Deniro and Ed Madsen) tell J that they want to bust Vivian and they want him to help. They won't bust J because they want to keep him on the streets but they do make his life even worse than it is. This film was directed by Ivan Passer who is a competent director but has only had a mediocre career making movies. But he does a good job here and all the characters are portrayed as lowlifes. Even Paula Prentiss is a drug addict in this film and it's a strange bit of casting to have her in such a role. Good use of New York locations as it was shot right in the middle of downtown and it gives this film that authentic street look. One of the reasons that this is interesting to view is spotting the actors in early roles. Segal had already broke through with an Oscar nomination in 1966 and he obviously was trying new ground as an actor and Black was fresh off an Oscar nomination herself. Early look at Deniro and Elizondo and Burt Young pops up as a thug about midway through. This has that sad and ambiguous ending but that adds to the impact of this tough and gritty little film. All the performances are pretty good and I would have been interested in seeing Prentiss in a larger role. This doesn't get discussed much when people talk of the New York films of the 1970's but it is a well made low budget entry that others should view.

Vintage NYC Heroin FilmReviewed byFalconeerVote: 8/10

It's a mystery why a movie with such "Cult" value is so unknown. "Born To Win" documents a week or so in the life of a hardcore dope fiend, played by George Segal. This one has so much going for it; incredible location shooting around the city, mostly the Times Square area, showcasing the porn theaters, the discos, the shady bars, the mafia hangouts, tenement buildings, and even the inside of a nasty basement "shooting gallery." We get the Great Hector Elizondo as the fur coat wearing pimp/pusher, as well as Burt Young as a mafia heavy..A very young Robert DeNiro even shows up, as a cop, so bent on making a drug bust that he's willing to plant evidence to make it happen. The jazz score and the 70's fashions, combined with the familiar faces make this a genre classic. For some reason, the distributors tried to sell this crime drama as a "comedy," and although it might have a few comic moments, this is far from being a comedy. "Born To Win" is in fact a depressing and desperate tale of surviving a reality of crooked dealers and gangsters, and corrupt cops, all while constantly fighting off the sickness of withdrawal. Every bit as worthwhile as "The Panic In Needle Park," I was lucky to see a rare, uncut and widescreen print of this obscure title, and I consider it an absolute classic of the genre. Currently there is no legitimate video release of this title, and all the dvd's within North America feature a censored print, cropped and edited for tv broadcast. This fantastic NYC film is ripe for rediscovery.

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