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Breakdown (1997)

A man searches for his missing wife after his car breaks down in the middle of the desert.

IMDB: 6.96 Likes

  • Genre: Action | Crime
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  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 95
  • IMDB Rating: 6.9/10 
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The Synopsis for Breakdown (1997) 720p

Jeff and Amy Taylor are moving to California and must drive across the country. When they find themselves stranded in the middle of a desert with hardly anyone or anything around, their trip comes to a sudden halt. Amy had taken a ride with a friendly trucker to a small diner to call for help, but after a long time, Jeff becomes worried. He finds that no one in the diner has seen or heard from his wife. When he finds the trucker who gave Amy the ride, the trucker swears he has never seen her. Now Jeff must attempt to find his wife, who has been kidnapped and is being held for ransom. But who can he trust?

The Director and Players for Breakdown (1997) 720p

[Director]Jonathan Mostow
[Role:]Kurt Russell
[Role:]Kathleen Quinlan
[Role:]J.T. Walsh

The Reviews for Breakdown (1997) 720p

Reviewed bymattkratz ([email protected])Vote: /10

This is great! The action and intensity never let up for a second. KurtRussell gives a riveting performance as the hero in search of his missingwife, and JT Walsh is a fine bad guy.

You will keep yourself on the edge of your seat the entire time and will notwant to turn it off, even at the end. It's that good. Ipromise.

If you like intensity and good movies, rent this one. You will not regretit.

*** out of ****

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Starring Jackie Chan, minus Texas, chain saw and Jackie Chan. But that is what it is.Reviewed byzer0oskulVote: 7/10

The very best action packed suspense dramatic thriller I have ever seen. Throughout my life I have seen about twelve thousand movies, so that actually is saying something. I can't believe that I never saw this movie until today. Wish I had seen it in the theatre.

Jeff and Amy Taylor are moving from the east coast to the west coast and have a breakdown some sixty miles outside of the town that progress forgot. A friendly truck driver offers to help and gives Amy a ride to town while Jeff stays behind to watch the SUV. He notices the actual problem with his car's engine, a minor one that he can fix, and gets under way to meet up with his wife. When he gets to the diner where Amy is supposed to be calling for a tow truck, she is not there. Where is Amy? Where is the trucker who helped her? Why are people shooting at Jeff?


Breakdown is an edge of your seat, adrenaline pumping and heart stopping in your face cinematic thrill ride that will leave you breathless and begging for more pulse pounding, jaw dropping excitement; and then it delivers with a finale that will leave you teetering on the edge of eternity chewing on someone else's fingernails.

If you only have the opportunity to see one action flick in your lifetime, THIS HAS TO BE IT!

Excellent, unsettling and suspenseful B movie thrillerReviewed byantonjsw1Vote: 10/10

This is the film that showcases director Jonathan Mostow's talent. Unfortunately, since this film his work has never come as close to this film in terms of overall quality.

The plot is fairly straightforward but is well executed and focuses on the Jeff Taylor character, brilliantly played as an everyman by Kurt Russell. He conveys there characters descent into desperation and terror very well – to a point where forces that start manipulating his character cause something in him to snap and his character finds an untapped source of courage – being driven by an unstoppable urge to find a loved one. Russell charts this character journey well, yet the fear never leaves his character – he just evolves to handle it within the extraordinary situation he finds himself in. Other performances are solid, particularly the late J.T Walsh as the main protagonist and Rex Linn as an empathic sheriff.

Director Jonathon Mostow has an effective and sophisticated take on the filmmaking. He develops the story gradually, allow the suspense and pace to continually build up throughout the film. Technical credits are solid, including editing and Douglas Milsome's excellent photography. The growing tension and dread builds up brilliantly throughout the film, leading to an excellent action oriented climax and a coda that is reminiscent of early 70's US movie-making.

Overall simple but a brilliantly executed movie.

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