Bride of Re-Animator (1990) 1080p YIFY Movie

Bride of Re-Animator (1990) 1080p

Doctors Herbert West and Dan Cain discover the secret to creating human life and proceed to create a perfect woman from dead tissue.

IMDB: 6.25 Likes

  • Genre: Comedy | Horror
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  • Language: English  
  • Run Time: 96
  • IMDB Rating: 6.2/10 
  • MPR: R
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The Synopsis for Bride of Re-Animator (1990) 1080p

In Peru, Dr. Herbert West and Dr. Dan Cain are medical volunteers in a civil war with the assistant Francesca Danelli and they are researching how to create human life from dead tissue using wounded soldiers as guinea pigs. They return to Miskatonic Hospital and Dan treats a terminal patient, Gloria, and gets close to her. When the snoopy Lt. Leslie Chapham investigates the Miskatonic Massacre, he learns that body parts are missing in the morgue, and Herbert and Dan become his prime suspects. But Herbert kills the lieutenant and revives him with the serum. Meanwhile, Dr. Graves finds the head of Dr. Carl Hill and the green substance that the deceased doctor stole from Herbert, and uses the serum to resurrect Dr. Hill's head. When Gloria dies, Herbert and Dan use her head, with Meg's heart and parts of other women to create the perfect woman. But Lt. Chapham teams up with Dr. Hill to seek revenge against the crazy scientists.

The Director and Players for Bride of Re-Animator (1990) 1080p

[Director]Brian Yuzna
[Role:]Jeffrey Combs
[Role:]Bruce Abbott
[Role:]Claude Earl Jones

The Reviews for Bride of Re-Animator (1990) 1080p

More blood and guts from the nice people who brought us Re-Animator!Reviewed byThe_VoidVote: 8/10

If Stuart Gordon's original Re-Animator was a world away from what H.P. Lovecraft intended when he wrote 'Herbert West - Re-Animator', then this sequel is a million miles further on from that world. Many sequels' titles start with the words 'Return of' or 'Revenge of', but Brian Yuzna, producer of the first film and director of this one has opted for the far more campy, and more classic, 'Bride of'. Lovecraft may be spinning in his grave - but in this sequel we see the insane doctor building himself a bride from the parts of various other women! Cue lots of bloodthirsty gore and a rather skewed sense of humour and we're on course for another splatter flick in the style of the first film! Both the leads have been re-recruited for this sequel, and so both Dan Cain and Herbert West are involved in this new set of experiments. In the aftermath of the events of the first film, West finds the heart of Cain's now deceased girlfriend. Meg, along with the head of Dr Carl Hill; the villainous doctor from the first film. West convinces Cain to help him build a new woman, with Meg's heart at the centre...meanwhile, Dr Hill plans his revenge; and the fact that he hasn't got a body isn't stopping him...

Going into a film called 'Bride of Re-Animator', you cant expect anything resembling high quality - and it's a good job, because this film is anything but. The film has a real 'made for TV' feel to it (even though it wasn't) and the low quality cinematography blends well with the silly story, questionable acting, childish effects and buckets of blood and gore. In true sequel style, everything is done with more gore this time around, and in true Brian Yuzna style - it's all very disgusting. The bride itself is of particular note for being sickness inducing, while the rest of the effects aren't very nice either. Jeffrey Combs returns in the role that made him the cult star that he is, and he once again does well with it. Bruce Abbott stars opposite him, and the pair do basically what they did in the first film. David Gale also returns to the series, and he does well as a severed head. Having a severed head as the main villain is a very amusing idea, and the film really does make the best of it. Every moment that the head is on screen is funny, and it certainly sets it apart from most other horror movies! Overall, if you didn't like the first one; this is unlikely to do anything for you; but it's great fun for fans of the original!

A Fine Boy Gives Girl Life FlickReviewed bySkeeter700Vote: 7/10

This reworking of The Bride Of Frankenstein does not match the original Re-Animator, however it is still a very watchable film. Director Brian Yukuza gathered together most of the cast of the original to make this more gory sequel. The film, to its credit, has several storylines including Dan Cain's attempts to revive his old-girlfriend and Herbert West's desire to fuse body parts into new grotesque combinations. Both continue to use West's glowing green slime. Furthermore, a renegade cop is after this dynamic duo; suspecting them of the hospital massacre at the end of the first film. Oh ya, Dr. Hill is back too... he - predictably - wants revenge. Unfortunately the film's juggling of these various plots results in several shotgun blast sized plot holes. Oh well, the final 30 min. is really good, although the conclusion is somewhat weak. In the years following two similar themed, though better, films have been made: Frankenhooker & The Bride Of Chucky. Skeeter says check them out - and gives Bride of the Re-Animator 7 for 10. Oh ya, by the way, in this one there is no head giving head.

A not-so-bad sequelReviewed bymylimboVote: 7/10

Dr Herbert West and Dr Dean Cain are back to their old ways. West isn't trying to bring back life now- but actually trying to create life from spare body parts. But along the way they have a police inspector snooping around and Dr. Hill is back.

This is a reasonably stylish, but crazy sequel to the very good original. Keeping with the tradition of the original it sticks to the black, campy humour we loved and also being soaked in blood & gore.

The story is pretty much the same as the original with West's freaks of nature causing havoc again. Though just like the title implies, it parodies the film 'Bride of Frankenstein'- but the repetitiveness' this time really shows throughout the film. It has some plot holes that aren't explained on from that of the first film- but it didn't fault the story, the humour or pace of the film.

The director this time around was the producer from the original, Brian Yuzna- he brings some nice added touches and a morbid sense to the film, though it might have been much better if Stuart Gordon held the realm.

The performances are good, with the ever-reliable Jeffrey Combs delivering the eccentrically insane Herbert West, Bruce Abbott as the sympathetic Dean Cain, Claude Earl Jones as the mischievous police detective, Fabiana Udenio as Cain's concerned girlfriend Francesca Danelli and finally David Gale as Dr West's Nemesis the deviously evil head (Yep, that's right) of Dr. Carl Hill.

The atmosphere is truly stunning- from the dark basement filled with enthusiastic experiments and West's bizarre creations to the coldness of the eerie mortuary and hospital. The cheese ball performances, along with the witty script and dazzling special effects add up to equal a lot of fun.


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