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Bright Victory (2022)

In North Africa during World War II, Sergeant Larry Nevins is blinded by a German sniper's bullet. Rehabilitation at the military hospital presents many challenges, but accepting his disability also proves to be difficult for others.

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The Synopsis for Bright Victory (2022) 720p

In North Africa during World War II, Sergeant Larry Nevins is blinded by a German sniper's bullet. Rehabilitation at the military hospital presents many challenges, but accepting his disability also proves to be difficult for others.

The Director and Players for Bright Victory (2022) 720p

[Director]Mark Robson
[Role:]Arthur Kennedy
[Role:]Peggy Dow
[Role:]Julie Adams

The Reviews for Bright Victory (2022) 720p

An all-time classic. It outranks "The Best Years of Our Lives."Reviewed byfmalmstromVote: 10/10

"Bright Victory" is as fresh and meaningful as when it was released in 1951. It has something for everyone: action, romance, tragedy, and a powerful plot. There's not a bad performance anywhere,including fine supporting actors (who were not yet stars) including Will Geer, James Edwards, Murray Hamilton, Richard Egan, Peggy Dow, Julia Adams, and even a bit part by Rock Hudson. And don't overlook the fine film score by Frank Skinner. I believe this movie outranks the great "The Best Years of Our Lives." The versatile Arthur Kennedy received his well-deserved Academy Award nomination for portraying (while wearing opaque contact lenses) Sgt. Larry Nevins, a blind veteran. "Bright Victory" has never been released on DVD or VHS, but every now and then it gets an airing on Veterans Day. Meanwhile, I'm reduced to watching my bootleg TCM copy. I've never grown tired of this film.

Simply terrific!Reviewed byplanktonrulesVote: 7/10

I am surprised that "Bright Victor" isn't a more famous film, as it's simply wonderful--well written, poignant and about the best thing Arthur Kennedy ever did. In many ways, it's a lot like "The Men" and "The Best Years of Our Lives", though instead of focusing on a group of men and their working through their lives post-war, this is the story of one guy and his struggle to find himself a place in life following a terrible battle injury.

When the film begins, three American soldiers* are attacked by German snipers. One is killed and another, Larry Nevins (Kennedy), is shot in the temple. He miraculously survived but awakens in a hospital...blinded by the bullet. It seems his optic nerves were destroyed and there's no chance of his regaining his vision. So it's up to Larry to work through rehab...learning to adapt to life as a blind man. Additionally, Larry learns that his blindness has a serious impact on the folks around him and he's no longer the man he once was...and in some ways, that's a blessing.

What I loved about this film is that a simple story idea is handled so well and brings in so many important considerations. First, that his being blind brings out the worst in some folks. Second, and very profound, is that Larry learns that he's not much of a guy as well. I loved the portion of the film where blinded Larry becomes best friends with a fellow blind soldier (James Edwards)...and when he later learns that the friend is black it destroys this relationship. But, even better, this causes Larry to question himself and encourages growth. While racism is only handled briefly in the film, it turns out to be perhaps the strongest message in this film that is anything but heavy-handed. Overall, an amazingly well made film that will grab your emotions and shake them for all they're worth...but in a good way!! Well worth seeing and one of the better movies of the good, I considered giving it a 10. But, unlike some reviewers, I rarely give 10s and save it only for the most extraordinary pictures.

A blind man has his eyes openedReviewed byblanche-2Vote: 8/10

Arthur Kennedy is Larry, a man blinded in WW II battle in "Bright Victory," a 1951 film that also stars Peggy Dow, Julia Adams, James Edwards, Will Geer, Jim Backus, and Larry Keating. Kennedy plays a southern racist whose life plan of marrying his high school sweetheart (Adams) and joining her wealthy father's business comes into doubt when he is shot and his optic nerve shattered during combat.

The film takes the viewer through Larry's training with other blind soldiers as he learns to adjust to a sightless life. One of the men, Joe (Edwards) is black and is his best buddy until Larry makes a bigoted remark (and uses the n word for extra emphasis). A fellow soldier points out to him that from now on, he probably won't want to ask someone's race and religion before deciding if they pass muster. This sets Larry thinking. He meets a sympathetic young woman, Judy (Dow), who falls for him but has to let him go home to the life he has there. But when Larry returns to his family, he finds that because he's changed, the world around him has changed, too.

This looks to be a B movie but Kennedy received an Oscar nomination for Best Actor, and the acting in the film is A quality, as is the script and direction. Kennedy is excellent and does one thing, I believe intentionally, that is remarkable. At least to these ears, he has no southern accent in the beginning of the film. When he returns home, you start to hear a southern accent in his voice. Now, some might say that Kennedy's southern accent was in and out - I don't believe that was the case. He did what a lot of people with an 'acute ear' do - he picked up the accent of those around him. As a blind man, of course, his ear would even be more acute, and in several scenes, he is shown to have a unique "radar" ability for "feeling" when he is near a building, which is considered by the Army to be a unique gift not shared by many. It would then be in character for him to easily fall in and speak with the same intonation as the accents around him. Kennedy, of course, went on to have a strong career as a character actor (and receive more Oscar nominations) while one of the bit players in the film, Rock Hudson, who is fairly bad even with a couple of lines, hit the superstardom jackpot. Fortunately, Hudson improved greatly before being handed leads.

Julia Adams is lovely (and strongly resembles actress Connie Selleca) as Larry's frustrated girlfriend, and Dow is sympathetic as the girl left behind. After a few more movies, the very pretty Dow quit her film career to marry and subsequently raised five children. Will Geer, Larry Keating, and Jim Backus, three strong character actors, appear in this film as well.

"Bright Victory" is an excellent movie and well worth watching, particularly for the complicated personality created by Arthur Kennedy.

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