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Broken Vows (2016)

A charming yet troubled man spirals into a rage after being rejected by the woman he initially seduced.

IMDB: 3.911 Likes

  • Genre: Thriller |
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  • Language: English
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  • IMDB Rating: 3.9/10 
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  • Peers/Seeds: 1 / 5

The Synopsis for Broken Vows (2016) 720p

A charming yet troubled man spirals into a rage after being rejected by the woman he initially seduced.

The Director and Players for Broken Vows (2016) 720p

[Director]Bram Coppens
[Role:]Jaimie Alexander
[Role:]Cam Gigandet
[Role:]Wes Bentley

The Reviews for Broken Vows (2016) 720p

For Wes Bentley fans ONLYReviewed bysloppy_tunaVote: 7/10

IF you aren't a Wes Bentley fan there is LITERALLY no reason to watch this film. He is the ONLY redeeming quality the film has to offer. He is great in pretty much everything he's in, so other than casting him in the psycho lead, there was nothing else to redeem it; this movie was awful on every level. They either paid Wes Bentley a ridiculous amount of money to act with the rest of the clown car full of so called "actors & actresses" in this horrible pile of drek, or he owed someone a HUGE favor. The kind of favor that involves saving someone's life, or the kind of favor that involves someone keeping a horrible secret you don't want another living soul to know about. Either way, he is the single solitary reason to waste an Hour and a Half of your life you'll never get back.

Great story but not quite edgy...Reviewed bycahidiVote: 5/10

The story line and the idea of this movie is very common, but great nevertheless. Although a few actresses didn't perform really good, but Wes Bentley was great. Typical thriller scent is exuded really well along this movie. Although there's a major setback with the audio. The thing that this movie's lacking is good background music. I felt that every time thrilling scenes came, there's not enough supporting music to heighten the tension. Thus damaging the movie quite bad. Usually movies like this requires theatrical orchestra for better result. I don't know was it because of budget problems or was it poor decision making, but I think background music is the key ingredient that is missing from this flick. Other than that, this movie is pretty good to watch. I recommend this one to anyone with no stomach for thriller movies. This one can give you a good exercise before you deal with the really scary ones.

Really solid movieReviewed byfrankieescandon-69059Vote: 8/10

Films like these are usually cliche and quite predictable. With the same concept and a similar plot. But this film does something special and it actually becomes a decent movie. The director does something that grabbed my attention for the whole movie and that's tell a story with good character development that wastes no time giving me a decent film for my movie night.

The stalker guy was given a back ground story as to why his obsession and how his obsession with women escalated. And that paved the way for how this film was going to turn out. That right there made this movie a must watch. And a gripping thriller that is pretty fun.

The acting in this movie fits in rather nicely with the plot of the movie. Both the first and the second half of the movie does it's job. I give this film a B+.

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