Brother Sun, Sister Moon (1972) 1080p YIFY Movie

Brother Sun, Sister Moon (1972) 1080p

Fratello sole, sorella luna is a movie starring Graham Faulkner, Judi Bowker, and Leigh Lawson. This is a dramatization of events in the life of St. Francis of Assisi from before his conversion experience through his audience with...

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The Synopsis for Brother Sun, Sister Moon (1972) 1080p

This is a dramatization of events in the life of St. Francis of Assisi from before his conversion experience through his audience with the pope, including his friendship with St. Clare.

The Director and Players for Brother Sun, Sister Moon (1972) 1080p

[Director]Franco Zeffirelli
[Role:]Graham Faulkner
[Role:]Judi Bowker
[Role:]Leigh Lawson
[Role:]Kenneth Cranham

The Reviews for Brother Sun, Sister Moon (1972) 1080p

Reviewed by[email protected]Vote: 10/10/10

Upon seeing this movie in my young 20s, I fell in love (metaphoricallyspeaking) with St. Francis of Assisi and the simple message of lifethat he practiced. Though many of the absolute facts were stretched,like in most "historic" films, the movie was completely on the markabout his simplicity and his love of nature and mankind. In addition,it gave a very plausible and probable glimpse of the love relationshiphe had with St. Clare, all in contrast with the idea of love andsexuality which we have in these times.

Though the Italian version soundtrack was not by Donovan, the Englishlanguage songs he sang gave the movie great focus and support. I oftenwondered why it was only issued on vinyl in Italy, which is how Idiscovered Donovan's songs were not present. The music is sensitive andwonderful.

Both young actors, Bowker & Faulkner, fill their roles with perfection.Bowker is one of the most beautiful and sensitive young actresses ofthat period, so it is with wonder that she was not more utilized orpopular.

Yes, the film does have the allegorical connection with the hippiemovement, but that does not diminish the story nor the impact. In fact,rather, it parallels our times and served to connect me with the timesof Francis, if that is possible.

Finally, Zeffirelli deserves a thanks for tackling this saint withcompelling zeal, passion, sensitivity, and panache. As another reviewerhere noted, the scenery will blow you away. And as a child of the 50swho grew up in the late 60s, this movie offset the idea of love havingto be of a sexual nature, and elevated love to a plane where it becomestranscendent and transforming. Isn't that what love is supposed to doin our lives? I have had my own 2 sons watch it with me more than onceas they were growing up, and they are mid-20s now.

It will be a hard film to find, but is viewable for any age withoutreservations and is well worth the search. (It is now available on DVDfor around $10 or less.)

Franco Zeffirelli is a Genius!Reviewed byBloodfordraculaVote: 10/10

Franco Zeffirelli is responsible for three of the greatest films ever made: 'Romeo and Juliet', 'Jesus of Nazareth' and 'Brother Sun, Sister Moon'. This film displays Zeffirelli's genius at it's clearest and is a perfect amalgamation of his other two films, 'Romeo and Juliet' and 'Jesus of Narareth'. Ennio Guarnieri's photography is amazing. Any single frame is this movie is a work of art that could be framed and hung up on a wall. Like in his previous film 'Romeo and Juliet', Zeffirelli brings a a sense of urgency to this film. Donovan's music is beautiful even though he only wrote four of the songs. The rest of the songs, including 'Brother Sun, Sister Moon' were written by Italian composer Riz Ortolani. If you love 'Romeo and Juliet' or 'Jesus of Nazareth' you'll love this film.

Inspires to rise up to the love of GodReviewed bymgn-3Vote: 10/10

This film captures a life that responds to the corruption and evil of this world with love and an embrase of life, creation and the giver of all good things.

It shows that becoming a saint involves working through what it means to be human. It shows the real interaction of men who aspire to go beyond the limits of their flesh and blood onto a realm where the Spirit is their guide.

The film shows how architecture and serving the poor can build together. How sensitivity to God brings us to intimacy with his creation and compassion for people.

This is a classic film. Do not miss it.


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