Burn Notice: The Fall of Sam Axe (2011) 720p YIFY Movie

Burn Notice: The Fall of Sam Axe (2011)

Follows Sam Axe on a mission in Latin America and gives us a glimpse into his military past.

IMDB: 7.23 Likes

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The Synopsis for Burn Notice: The Fall of Sam Axe (2011) 720p

As informal punishment for an unwitting affair with admiral Gregory Maitland's adulterous wife, Sam Axe, a US Navy Commander, was sent to Colombia to observe the suspected rebel movement Espada Ardiente ('Burning Sword'). Now he's under investigation for allegedly consorting with those alleged terrorists. He explains how he discovered that his Colombian army liaison Comandante Veracruz was the real drug dealers cahoot, who pailed on framing Axe and presumably innocent farmers for the bombing of an American-run Andes clinic. Sam escaped and tried to help the civilians and forces CIA observers to demand urgent help. He even found a trump card to avoid conviction for his illegal methods and a favorable discharge.

The Director and Players for Burn Notice: The Fall of Sam Axe (2011) 720p

[Role:]RonReaco Lee
[Role:Director]Jeffrey Donovan
[Role:]Bruce Campbell
[Role:]Kiele Sanchez

The Reviews for Burn Notice: The Fall of Sam Axe (2011) 720p

my notesReviewed byFeastModeVote: 4/10

Eh. couldn't keep my interest. not on the same level as the show (about 2 viewings)

Burn Notice The Fall of Sam Axe: Very enjoyable spinoffReviewed byPlatypuschowVote: 8/10

I'm a big Burn Notice fan, and I deem Bruce Campbell a god among men. This was tailor made for me, right?

The Fall of Sam Axe tells the origin story of our titular hero, his early antics and adventures in the deep jungles of Columbia.

It sets itself apart from the show well and doesn't really utilize the other cast much. It does however still feel like Burn Notice, what with the familiar beloved character, story development style and narration.

I was concerned whether it would work but as Campbell has proven time and time again he works just fine as a leading man. Combine that with a surprisingly great supporting cast including Pedro "Game of Thrones" Pascal and the roster is a solid one.

Maintaining that perfect balance of seriousness and comedic elements this spinoff movie is really enjoyable, heartfelt and a very worthy addition to the Burn Notice franchise.

Burn Notice with even more Bruce Campbell? Yes please!

The Good:

Great cast

That Burn Notice charm

Beautiful scenery

The Bad:

Nothing springs to mind

The Relatively Comfortable Non-Fall of Sam AxeReviewed byNDHFilmsVote: 7/10

The Fall of Sam Axe was quite disappointing. In its best episodes, Burn Notice is tightly written, entertaining, and has a chemistry between the actors. Little of that was present in this two-hour prequel. The story goes two years before the Burn Notice timeline, but what surprised me was how little it added to the overall narrative.

The movie follows Sam Axe, a supporting character in the show who supplies many of the laughs. As played by b-movie icon Bruce Campbell, he's a laid-back Lothario who knows a thing or two about combat. Here, we see Sam before a military tribunal, explaining what went wrong in his final Navy SEALS mission.

The mission into Colombia involves all the usual intrigue of corrupt military officials and freedom fighters that herd goats. As Sam defies orders to save the rebels, he's joined by two doctors, played by Kiele Sanches and RonReaco Lee. Both are chronic whiners throughout the movie and offer no real substance to the plot. In fact, the only passionate performance comes from Ilza Rosario, playing the young rebel Beatriz in a debut role.

Bruce Campbell has always been one of the great pleasures to watching Burn Notice. Here, as usual, he plays on the cult films of his past, at one point hurling a chainsaw in a nod to the Evil Dead trilogy. His appeal on the show was his devilish charm, a guy who doesn't mind name-dropping his connections. Ultimately, though, he's a Miami retiree with a good heart, and by setting this film before that, much of this is lost. Seeing him as an overweight soldier just feels off, and I wanted the Sam Axe we're familiar with.

The movie was directed by Jeffery Donovan, who plays the protagonist Michael Westen on the show proper. This makes his feature-film directing debut, and in the end the debut is weak. It feels too much like an episode stretched out over two hours, with no added urgency to justify the extra running time. The high mountains of Colombia (or an adequate fake) are cloudy and gray, a far cry from the colorful, populated streets of Miami. But even Donovan doesn't deserve all the blame: series creator Matt Nix wrote the screenplay and co-wrote the story. His pilot for the show won awards, deservedly so, for creating a fast-paced and fun atmosphere for his spies and rogue agents to play in. All of that is lacking here.

The best scene comes early on with a cameo by Donovan. His character Westen was still the CIA's top agent at this point, and the camaraderie between the him and Axe was sorely missed as the film progressed. Burn Notice is most at home with its leads and pushing them into ever-tighter corners, so The Fall of Sam Axe lacks all the advantages while making poor use of the show's breakout character. Bruce Campbell is an eminent crowd-pleaser, but the movie here is certainly not.

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